New Online "Scrapblogging" Service Debuts

A new offering from Miami, Florida based Scrapblog, LLC is being billed by the company as the Internet’s first online scrapbooking service. Officially launched earlier this week, Scrapblog is available now for free access after registration.

Scrapblog, said its developer, “goes beyond the status quo of online photo-sharing sites to incorporate the tradition and storytelling capability of scrapbooking and the power of blogging”. Users start with a blank page and then can select a theme or mix-and-match elements from several themes to create their online scrapbook. Features will allow users to upload, move, rotate and resize images, group and decorate photos and pages to create online scrapbooks for individual events, tag photos by using keywords for easier finding and sharing and create blogs so visitors can post comments for others to see.

Each Scrapblog has a unique URL, which users can share through Real Simple Syndication (RSS) and email notifications, or keep private for viewing by invitation only. Scrapbloggers can also contribute creative content for other users or borrow designs from other users for their own use.

“We’ve created a service which breaks through the limitations of current photo-sharing Web sites,” said Carlos Garcia, Scrapblog, LLC CEO, in a statement. “Scrapblog enables people to personalize and categorize their digital photos to creatively tell the stories of their lives, bridging the distance between people by making it possible to share important memories with more emotion than photo-sharing sites and blogs can convey.”

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