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New Kickstarter campaign has smart door locks, deadbolts, and padlocks

open sesame unlock door wave hand quicklock keyless smart lock
Anyone who’s been locked out of their house has probably wished for the ability to get inside by waving a hand over the door lock and saying, “Open Sesame.” RPH Engineering’s Quicklock System makes this Ali Baba scenario a reality, though saying the magical phrase is optional.

There are keyless locks on the market that use Bluetooth technology to unlock via smartphones, while others rely on fobs to transmit a signal. The nice thing about the Quicklock is it uses both. Homeowners can use their iPhones or Android device to open their doors, while passing off the fob or NFC (near-field communication) label to their phoneless kids. The labels can adhere to wallet-sized cards, or you can stick it on the phone itself, in case the battery dies.

Need to let the dog walker in? Using the Quicklock app, you can create and share a code for friends and family to use via Bluetooth. The locks store up to 50 NFC codes, allowing you to grant access to the whole neighborhood, if you want.

The hand waving comes in with Quicklock’s stainless steel ring. Slide the custom-fitted jewelry onto a finger, and keyless entry is only a hand motion away.

Kwikset, Apigy, and Yale all have similar products, some with more advanced features. For example, Apigy’s Lockitron will alert users if someone knocks on the door. Still, the Quicklock goes beyond just home protection with padlocks, which they hope buyers can use for everything from bikes (as added security on a traditional bike lock) to toolboxes to the gate protecting your sprawling estate. The padlocks come with the same options as the door locks and deadbolts: the unit plus key fob or two NFC labels. The locks run on four AAA batteries, which should last up to two years, according to Quicklock.

The Quicklock system launched a campaign on Kickstarter Monday. Right now, the padlock is selling for $59, whether you get the fob or labels; the deadbolt and door lock each cost $95 with either NFC option. If you want the power of the ring, it costs $55 and comes with an extra fob and label. Quicklock expects to ship the locks in March 2015.

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