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Swann beefs up its home security offerings with 4K recording and DVR/NVR

Swann wants to change the way you approach home security. You might know the company for any one of its many products, like an imitation security camera or a driveway alert kit. Now Swann has once more set its sights on the world of smart home security with the announcement of indoor and outdoor security cameras, as well as the new “Swann Security Digital Ecosystem.”

Swann Wi-Fi Alert Indoor Security Camera

Swann’s first new addition is the Swann Wi-Fi Alert Indoor Security Camera. This 1080p camera will alert users of activity through push notifications and allow easy access to a live stream from the cloud. It also has two-way audio so homeowners can speak directly to someone in their home — perfect for keeping tabs on the maintenance guy or warning off a porch pirate.

Swann Wi-Fi Spotlight Outdoor Camera

The next announcement is the Swann Wi-Fi Spotlight Outdoor Camera. Like the indoor camera, this device live streams and captures video at 1080p, but it has a few features that make it a great fit for the outdoors; namely, a powerful siren and spotlights that will light up the yard in front of it. It also has two-way audio to let you hear and respond to whatever is happening outside.

Swann Day/Night 4K Sensor Warning Light Camera With Siren

The Swann Day/Night 4K Sensor Warning Light Camera With Siren is a wired security option that connects to a DVR recorder. This camera provides 4K resolution with digital zoom. You can also choose the option with night vision up to 40 meters away when the lights are activated, or infrared night vision up to 30 meters.

Swann Day/Night 4K Spotlight NVR Camera

If DVR isn’t your speed, Swann also has the Swann Day/Night 4K Spotlight NVR Camera. Think of it as a more powerful version of the Wi-Fi Spotlight Outdoor Camera. The Spotlight NVR Camera can record 4K video, boasts a loud siren, and two-way audio. The device can also send alerts to your mobile device. The most impressive feature, however, is the motion-activated 300-lumen spotlight.

To help users manage all of these security devices, Swann also released the Swann Security app that can control multiple wired systems, Wi-Fi cameras, and much more. The app brings all of your notifications and live streams into one place for easy accessibility. It also provides powerful analytics to give you an overhead look at your home security, such as facial recognition, intrusion counts, Line Crossing, and Static Object Detection.

Swann’s suite of home security devices and software will be available for purchase soon.

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