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Walmart slashes prices on all original Google Nest Home devices

When Google introduced new Nest Home devices last week, it was inevitable that some of the existing models would go on sale. Rather than waiting for Black Friday, Walmart slashed the prices on the original Google Home smart home devices, most of which are identical to the newer models that new add “Nest” to their product names.

We track smart home devices and systems, especially those that are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. We found the best discounts on Google Nest Home devices on Walmart and put them all in one place. Whether you’re just beginning to set up a smart home or adding to an existing system, these six deals can help you save up to $100.

Google Home Mini — $10 off

The Google Home Mini is the entry-level smart speaker for Google Assistant-compatible smart homes. If you only want to ask questions and request music, the Home Mini acts like a voice-driven search device. When you add additional devices, such as a Google Assistant-compatible video doorbell, security cameras, lights, door locks, or smart thermostats, the Google Home Mini can control and manage your entire smart home.

Normally priced at $49, the Google Home Mini is just $39 during this sale. If you want a voice-driven search engine or an entry-level smart home component this is a great opportunity to take advantage of this discounted awesome price.

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Google Home Mini, 2-Pack — $41 off

The Google Home Mini 2-Pack is a chance to save even more on Google Home Minis, reducing the price to just $29 each. Usually $99, the Google Home Mini 2-Pack is just $58 for this sale. If you’re looking for a way to save on more than one Home Mini, this is it.

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Google Home – Smart Speaker & Google Assistant — $30 off

The Google Home was the first smart speaker with Google Assistant. The Google Home has the same functionality as the Home Mini, but the reason to spend more for this model is sound. The Google Home has a high-excursion speaker, which refers to the distance a speaker moves while producing sounds. In general, the greater the excursion, the better mid and low-frequency sound: which means better-sounding vocals and bass. If audio quality doesn’t matter that much to you, the Google Home Mini is a better choice, but if you prefer higher-quality audio, the Google Home is a significant improvement over the Mini.

Regularly priced $129, the Google Home smart speaker is $99 for this sale. If you’re shopping for a smart speaker with decent audio quality for background or casual listening, this could be the time to snap up this deal.

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Google Nest Hub — $20 off

The Google Nest Hub is the entry-level Smart Display for the Google Assistant smart home platform. The Nest Hub has a 7-inch diagonal color touchscreen plus a full-range speaker. In addition to voice interactions as with the Google Home and Google Home Mini, above, the Nest Hub adds graphical, image, and video content. You can use the Nest Hub to view step-by-step recipe instructions, watch streaming video content sources like Netflix and YouTube, and livestream from security cameras in your smart home configuration. You can also receive one-way video calls, but this device doesn’t have a camera, and some prefer that for the sake of privacy. You can also configure the Nest Hub to display your digital photos.

Ordinarily $149, the Google Nest Hub is just $129 during this sale. If you want video and image content with a Google Nest smart home, take advantage of this discount.

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Google Home Max — $100 off

The Google Home Max is Google’s high-end smart speaker, and in this case, according to user reviews, you need to keep the volume under control because you could shake your neighbor’s windows if you live in an apartment building. The Home Max has two 4.5-inch woofers to handle bass sounds and two tweeters for high frequencies. There are also two choices of equalizer settings: Room EQ adjusts for the room and Media EQ tunes the speaker for the specific media.

Instead of the usual $399 price, Walmart cut the Google Home Max to just $299 for this sale. If you want a Google Assistant smart speaker capable of filling the party with sound, now could be the time to click the buy button.

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Google Wi-Fi Mesh Router — $30 off

Smart homes function best with fast and consistent Wi-Fi signals. The Google Wi-Fi Mesh Router replaces your existing router and manages multiple wireless devices in your home. The Mesh Router also has two Gigabit Ethernet ports for devices that only work or work better when plugged in. Google’s TX Beamforming technology helps with signal consistency by focusing wireless signals directly toward your devices.

Normally priced at $129, the Google Wi-Fi Mesh Router is just $99 during this sale. If you want better in-home Wi-Fi, with or without a smart home setup, this is a great opportunity to buy this mesh router at an excellent price.

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