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Get the Google Nest Thermostat for $100 at Best Buy today

Woman adjusting a Google Nest Smart Programmable Wifi Thermostat.

If you’re on the hunt for some smart home tech, or some Nest Thermostat deals in particular, look no further than Best Buy, which is staying true to its name in discounting the Google Nest Thermostat down to $100 today. That’s a $30 savings from its regular price of $130, and it even includes three free months of YouTube Premium. Free next-day shipping is available to most areas and in-store pickup is available in most locations as well. So click over to Best Buy, grab a new Nest Thermostat, and be up and running before the day is out.

All of the best thermostats are a combination of style, convenience, and connectivity, and the Google Nest Thermostat is absolutely one of the best. It allows control of your smart home from anywhere, allowing you to change the temperature, adjust your schedule, and do even more from the free Google Home app. The Google Nest Thermostat is able to monitor your home heating and cooling systems and alert you if something doesn’t seem right, and can even notify you with helpful reminders for things like replacing your filter.

Perhaps the Google Nest Thermostat’s best feature of all is its general ease of use. It comes with an intuitive interface and connects easily to your home Wi-Fi. It’s designed for you to install yourself in under 30 minutes, but if it’s still an intimidating task, we’ve got you covered on how to install a Nest Thermostat. And when it comes to style, the Google Nest Thermostat sports a minimalist, modern look. It’s available in four different color options. It’s designed with recycled materials to reduce waste, and is Energy Star certified, making it a great piece of smart home tech for anyone looking to bring their home into the modern age.

Whether you’re looking for something to make interacting with your home a little more of a breeze or looking for a cool, fun piece of tech to update your smart home with, Best Buy has the deal of the day in marking the Google Nest Thermostat down to $100. That’s a $30 savings from its regular price of $130, and included with purchase is three free months of YouTube Premium as well as free, fast shipping. Grab yours now by clicking over to Best Buy.

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