Microsoft Build 2018: Complete Coverage

Microsoft Build, the company’s developer conference, will again take place in Seattle, Washington. The company is playing its cards close to its chest this year, as there’s no hotly anticipated hardware expected in coming months, and the Windows 10 April Update was just released. Microsoft will likely use Build to tease the next generation of Windows and fill in developers on high-tech initiatives such as ambient computing and quantum programming.

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Microsoft Build and Google I/O are over. Which came out on top?

Google and Microsoft both leveraged AI in their I/O and Build to demo digital assistants, accessibility and healthcare, and the Internet of Things. Google's more impressive Duplex technology may score it an early win.
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You talkin’ to me? Google Duplex tech takes A.I. chatbots to the next level

Robocalls are going to be a lot more convincing in the near future, Cortana and Alexa will be friends - for now, Apple trims back some weeds int he walled App Store garden.

As Windows moves beyond the window, it’s going to get even better

Microsoft didn't talk much about Windows at Build 2018, but it did talk about two specific features -- Timeline, and Sets. They build upon 'activities,' a new form of multi-tasking that will change how you use the operating system.

Don’t get too comfortable! At Build 2018, Microsoft showed plans to change Windows

Microsoft's second Build 2018 keynote took a deep-dive into plans to improve not just Windows, but also Office, and how the two work together.

From evil empire to role model, Microsoft builds its claim to the high ground

Microsoft was once known as the evil empire. Today, it's become a role model, innovating in numerous areas while steering wide of privacy and data security scandals that plague many rivals. Build 2018 championed that success.

Microsoft wants Cortana and Alexa to be friends. Is that cool or just awkward?

To fight Google Assistant, Microsoft showed how Cortana will work with Alexa to be even more useful. However, on a smartphone, it may still be easier for users to default back to Siri, Bixby, or Google Assistant.

There’s a whole world outside Windows, and Microsoft finally gets it

Microsoft 365 is a new cloud-based initiative at Microsoft to bring its platforms to as many devices as possible, regardless of what company makes it. The good news? That's always a good thing for us.
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Apple hands out new handsets in face of iPhone X FaceID failures

Lots of developers, a lot less sweat Microsoft’s big annual developers conference, Microsoft Build, is upon us once again, but if you think some crazy new hardware is about to be revealed, you might be disappointed. While Apple often…

Microsoft’s $25 million ‘A.I. for Accessibility’ seeks to amplify humanity

Microsoft kicked off its annual developer conference, Build 2018, with the announcement of a new program designed to invest in accessibility technologies built using artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Here’s how to watch the Microsoft Build 2018 day two keynote

Microsoft's annual developer conference, Build 2018, is finally upon us. The keynote speech, delivered by CEO Satya Nadella, was yesterday, but day two will start up again at 8:30 a.m. PT today, Tuesday May 8. Here's how you can catch the…

What to expect from Microsoft Build 2018: Less Windows, more cloud

Microsoft's Build 2018 is about to begin. The annual developer conference has a bent towards business and productivity. That means more Azure, less Windows, and it's unlikely that we'll see any new Surface devices debut.

You can now track your fitness goals on Fitbit via Cortana

Microsoft is opening up Cortana's capabilities to other developers in the form of Skills, including a recent Fitbit integration. With Cortana's new Fitbit skill, users can now stay up-to-date on their health and fitness goals.

Close to the Metal Ep. 43: If you build it, will they come?

On this week's Close to the Metal, we take a look back at Build and decide whether anything coming out of it is worth holding your breath for, or whether it's a lot of hot air.

Keep dreaming. Microsoft’s ‘mixed reality’ visions remain out of reach

Microsoft showed off Mixed Reality again at Build 2017, this time with new motion controllers. No release date was provided, and no hardware was shown. Microsoft is yet again pairing an awesome vision with a hesitant plan to executive it.

Windows Insiders get their hands on Microsoft's new photo remix app in latest build

Even with Build 2017 in fullswing, Microsoft took the time to roll out an important Windows Insider preview update ahead of the upcoming Fall Creators Update, introducing Windows 10 users to the brand-new Story Remix app.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update will let you time travel and copy-paste anywhere

Microsoft provided details on the next major Windows 10 update on the second day of its Build 2017 developers conference. Previously code-named Redstone 3, the next version has now been revealed as Windows 10 Fall Creators Update.

Pigs are flying as Apple iTunes, Ubuntu Linux head to the Windows Store

During the second Build 2017 keynote, Terry Myerson talked about Windows Store, and what the Fall Creators Update feature upgrade will bring. New apps coming to the Store include Apple iTunes, Ubuntu Linux, Spotify, and more.
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Microsoft’s mixed reality headsets are finally here, and you can pre-order Acer’s

Microsoft had major announcements about Mixed Reality lined up for its second keynote. In addition to pre-orders for Acer and HP headsets, it revealed new motion controllers that don't require external sensors.