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Microsoft Teams


Microsoft Teams is a collaborative communication platform developed by Microsoft that allows users to chat, vide call, share files, and collaborate on projects. It was first released in 2017 and has since become one of the leading communication and collaboration tools used by businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Microsoft Teams

Hackers are sending malware through seemingly innocent Microsoft Teams messages

Microsoft Teams is subject to a new phishing malware that disguises itself as a convincing notice about company vacation time. 
A close-up of someone using Microsoft Teams on a laptop for a videoconference.

The most common Microsoft Teams problems, and how to fix them

man having work chat from home office with colleagues on screen.

Mobile-first: Empower virtual workers with Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams

microsoft teams communities update builds on easy collaboration

Microsoft Teams is getting new AI tools — and they’re free

microsoft brings mesh to teams as gateway metaverse for grid

You can now try out avatars and virtual spaces in Microsoft Teams

Man uses Microsoft Teams on a laptop in order to video chat.

How to keep your Microsoft Teams status active

Microsoft said that Teams has received a ground-up redesign, which will “empower customers to navigate the challenges of the evolving modern workplace.”

Microsoft Teams is about to get faster and much easier to use

Laptop sitting on a desk showing Windows 11's built-in Microsoft Teams experience

Finally, you’ll soon be able to use 3D avatars on Teams calls

A graphic showing airglass working on a laptop screen.

Forget VR. Airglass made me actually enjoy video calls

OpenAI and MIcrosoft logos appear over a computer generated background.

Microsoft continues its unabashed embrace of ChatGPT and AI

Three women in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Microsoft Teams Premium uses AI to automatically recap your meetings

The Microsoft Teams Communities features is now available for Microsoft 365 Personal and Family.

How to use the new communities feature in Microsoft Teams

4 screenshots of the games Solitaire, Wordament, Minesweeper, and IceBreakers sit next to each other. Little circles with people's faces are dotted across the image, showing that they are playing the games together.

You can now play Minesweeper (and more games) in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has launched a new Work for Games app that lets Microsoft Teams users play games like Minesweeper and Solitaire in meetings.
how to change your background in microsoft teams

How to use Microsoft Teams

Looking for a one-stop shop for your team's communication, file-sharing, and videoconferencing needs? Learn more about Microsoft Teams' free accounts today!
The Microsoft Audio dock with cable being connected.

Microsoft’s new audio dock is part speaker, part USB hub

Amidst the buzz of the Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Pro 9 created at today's Surface launch event, Microsoft launched a few Microsoft Teams-centric accessories.
A video call in Microsoft Teams is displayed on a laptop.

How to record a Microsoft Teams meeting

Knowing how to record a Microsoft Teams meeting can be super useful if you want to go back over what you've talked about. Here's how to do it.
Example of Teams chat.

How to create a new team in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams allows you to organize your group based on different teams for different projects. Here's how to create and customize those Teams quickly!
Microsoft Teams in Together mode on a laptop.

How to leave a team on Microsoft Teams

Is it time for you to leave Microsoft Teams or switch to a new team due to changes? Here's how you can quickly leave an old team and what happens to your info.
Three women in a Microsoft Teams meeting.

How to join a Microsoft Teams meeting

If you have an important call coming up, we're here to tell you how to join a Microsoft Teams meeting in four easy ways.
A video call in Microsoft Teams is displayed on a laptop.

This Microsoft Teams exploit could leave your account vulnerable

Security analysts spotted a huge vulnerability in Microsoft Teams, but Microsoft has decided not to address the problem. Here's how to stay safe.
A video call in progress on Microsoft Teams.

Hackers can now sneak malware into the GIFs you share

This new attack uses Microsoft Teams and GIFs to mount phishing attacks on your computer.
A computer on a desk with the Microsoft Teams program open.

How to delete or hide chats in Microsoft Teams

Sending messages by mistake or with typos is familiar to those who use Microsoft Teams. Here's a guide on how to delete chats on Microsoft Teams.
The Welsh public ministers attend a Microsoft Teams meeting.

Microsoft Teams will now translate your calls — with a catch

Microsoft Teams just added a feature that will make remote work easier -- human language translation that lets you pick the language you're listening to.
A close-up of someone using Microsoft Teams on a laptop for a videoconference.

This new Microsoft Teams feature is like Snapchat for your office chats

Announced at Inspire 2022, Microsoft Teams is getting new features, including Video Clip, which lets you send short videos to your colleagues.
Microsoft Teams on a Windows desktop.

Upcoming Microsoft Teams update could finally make chatting easier

Microsoft continues to plan updates for its Teams app, continuing its 2022 productivity initiative with new features that could make chatting much easier.
Microsoft Teams in Together mode on a laptop.

Microsoft Teams may liven up meetings with casual game integration

Microsoft is working to bring casual games over to Microsoft Teams, including classics like Solitaire and Wordament.
A new Microsoft Teams Feature

Your Microsoft Teams video calls will soon be powered by AI and machine learning

Microsoft Teams will soon receive several AI and machine learning updates to improve its video and audio experience.
Microsoft Teams in Together mode on a laptop.

New Live Share feature for Teams is like screen sharing 2.0

Microsoft Teams is getting a new Live Share feature, which is designed to make you interact with Teams apps in fun new ways.
microsoft build 2018 what to expect header getty

Microsoft Build 2022: What to expect for Teams, Edge, and Windows

Microsoft's annual developer conference is here and the show is expected to have a ton of news around Windows, Office, Teams, and Microsoft's other products.
Windows 11 device sitting on a stool.

Windows 11 may launch tabbed File Explorer, smarter Clipboard

Microsoft is holding a Windows event on April 5, and several new Windows 11 features could be announced.
Microsoft Teams on a Windows desktop.

Slack vs. Microsoft Teams

Which collaboration tool is best for your needs? Our comparison of these two great workspaces addresses pricing, features, app integration, storage, and more.
A 3D emoji of a thumbs up in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams now has 3D emoji and live interpretation

Microsoft Teams is getting 800 new 3D Emojis, so you can be more expressive at work. Also coming are other new features for Whiteboard, Outlook, PowerPoint.
A computer on a desk with the Microsoft Teams program open.

Hackers are spreading Trojan malware in Teams chats

A new malware threat is spreading through a malicious file in Microsoft Teams. Here's what you need to know and how to protect yourself and your data.
Microsoft Teams walkie talkie.

Microsoft Teams walkie-talkie comes to Android and iOS

Microsoft Teams' walkie-talkie feature, which ensured easier communication for emergency workers during the pandemic, is now on Android and iOS.

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