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This deal gets you an Apple Watch for $149, but it’s selling fast

A person wears an Apple Watch SE displaying its apps.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Looking for sweet and cheap Apple Watch deals? We’ll be amazed if you can find an Apple Watch cheaper than this deal at Walmart. Today, you can buy the Apple Watch SE for $149 instead of $279. A substantial saving of $130, it’s worth remembering this isn’t the latest Apple Watch SE — it’s the first generation model — but there’s still plenty to like here if you don’t want to spend too much on smartwatch deals. Here’s everything else you need to know about it but be quick. It’s proving popular and given this is an older model, stock levels are likely to be low.

Why you should buy the Apple Watch SE

Previously the best Apple Watch for most people, the Apple Watch SE is still a good bet if you’re tempted by an Apple Watch but don’t want to spend too much. Of course, you’ll need an iPhone to use it. From there, you can easily track all your daily activities and see your trends develop. This includes steps, calories burned, flights of stairs taken, and simply how often you’ve stood up throughout the day. Regular challenges and awards entice you into doing better each day so it’s great encouragement for a healthier lifestyle.

You can also track specific workouts and rely on a built-in compass and real-time elevation readings, while an Emergency SOS could save you in a dangerous situation. Like with the other best smartwatches, it’s also possible to receive phone notifications to it, take calls, and sync music and podcasts to it. It also monitors your heart rate so if it detects an irregular rhythm or spots a high or low heart rate, you’ll receive a warning so you’re aware of what’s happening.

The Apple Watch SE (1st gen) may be older tech but it still provides many of the benefits that come with newer Apple Watches, only a little slower due to an older processor. Typically priced at $279, it’s down to $149 at Walmart right now. If you’re keen to dip your toe into the smartwatch world, this is an affordable option. Check it out now before the deal ends.

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