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6 of the best Huawei Mate 10 Pro cases to protect your device

best huawei mate 10 pro cases
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After recently announcing that it had overtaken Apple to become the world’s second-largest phone manufacturer, Huawei is hoping to follow that success with the Mate 10 Pro. Loaded with the latest and greatest technological advances that Huawei can muster, the Mate 10 Pro has the artificial intelligence-tuned Kirin 970 processor, a gorgeous 18:9 screen, and a truly incredible camera. A curved glass body completes the experience, giving the Mate 10 Pro style and substance.

Huawei’s newest phone looks good and feels good — but good looks can be a double-edged sword. How do you keep your new smartphone safe from harm? Well, a protective case is a very good start. We’ve put together a list of the best Huawei Mate 10 Pro cases that you can buy to keep your phone safe and stylish.

Gosento Clear TPU Case ($8)

gosento clear best huawei mate 10 pro cases
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Simple and effective, clear TPU cases are the choice of many when it comes to device protection. While lacking in some of the more protective elements that heavier-duty cases offer, this clear gel case from Gosento protects your phone from scratches, and the soft TPU material provides extra grip and some impact resistance. Thin and completely clear, this case offers a full view of your phone at all times, and thanks to the precise cut-outs for all of your Mate 10 Pro’s features, ports, and buttons, you can happily forget it’s even there. An excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t want to obscure their phone.

MYLB Carbon Fiber-Style Protective Case ($6)

mylb best huawei mate 10 pro cases
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If you’re looking for a bit more protection, but don’t want a bulky case, you could look at this case from MYLB. Made from flexible and durable TPU, this case has a futuristic carbon fiber-style design that helps you to keep a firm grip on your phone, and also resists shocks and drops with a series of internal spider web patterns and reinforced corners. A raised edge on the front and rear of the case help to keep your screen and camera lenses elevated from surfaces and safe from dirt and grit. The TPU extends to cover the buttons of the device and also has openings for all the ports and functions.

KuGi Premium Hybrid Case ($5)

kugi best huawei mate 10 pro cases
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If you’re looking for something that is a bit more off the beaten path, then KuGi’s premium hybrid case might be to your taste. The outer layer of TPU allows your phone to simply slip into the comfortable confines of the case, giving scratch protection and impact resistance. Slanted lines down the sides of the case add grip to your phone, and the button covers also help to protect those vulnerable parts of the phone. The real star here, though, is the integrated back panel of PU leather. Color-matched to the case (we chose the navy option, though black, gray, and red are also available), this PU leather is soft and comfortable, and adds even more grip to the back of phone — so it doesn’t slide off anything when placed down. The edges of the screen and camera lenses are also raised, elevating those areas from potential dirt and grit and keeping them from harm.

Riffue Denim-Style Wallet Case ($10)

riffue denim best huawei mate 10 pro cases
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If you’re looking for something a little more stylish for your Mate 10 Pro, then you might be interested in this case from Riffue. Styled in a two-tone denim effect, the PU leather on the case is soft to the touch and durable enough to take daily life’s knocks and bashes. It’s also easy to maintain and keep clean. Inside, a silicone shell keeps your device within the case’s embrace and offers extra protection. Opposite your device, you will find a single card slot within a cover that protects your screen when not in use. The cover also doubles as a kickstand, folding around the back when you need to set it down and watch some quality YouTube cat videos. It’s thin, barely adding any extra bulk to your slim phone, and comes in a variety of colors to match your personal style.

TopAce Super Slim Hard Case ($10)

topace best huawei mate 10 pro cases
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Want a super-slim case, but not a fan of silicone? There is still a case for you. TopAce released its new polycarbonate case for the Mate 10 Pro, giving silicone-phobes an option for minimal protection and maximum style. Adding just 0.33mm of thickness, raised edges around the camera keep those vulnerable lenses safe and clear of surfaces. While the hard material won’t offer as much shock-resistance as TPU, it will hold up even better against scratches and similar accidents. It’s finished with a matte paint that helps you to keep your phone in your grip, as well as a coating that resists fingerprints and is easy to keep clean.

Riffue PU Leather Wallet Case ($10)

riffue best huawei mate 10 pro cases
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If you’re looking for a more traditional wallet case for your Mate 10 Pro, then Riffue has you covered. This PU leather wallet case comes in a variety of colors, including the staples of black and brown, but also includes more radical blue and purple options. The PU leather itself is soft, but durable and easy to maintain, and comes with an inner silicone case that snaps onto your phone, keeping it snug within the confines of the wallet. The front cover folds around the front of your device when not in use, protecting the screen, and can also be folded into a kickstand for media viewing. The inner lining of the case also comes with a number of card slots, as well as space for cash.

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