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Protect your new phone with one of best Huawei P20 cases

There are plenty of reasons to pick the Huawei P20 as your next phone, but the 5.8-inch screen and gorgeous glass back need to be taken care of or you’re going to end up with scrapes, scratches, or even cracks. The smart play is to invest in one of the best Huawei P20 cases and we’re here to help you choose the right one for you. Picking a case is always a balancing act as you weigh protection against style and try to find something that ticks all your boxes. Let’s get started.

Tech21 Pure Clear Case ($40)

Tech21 Pure Clear Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you want to be able to see the beautiful finish on your Huawei P20, but you need drop protection that you can really trust, then this case could be the one. There’s a crystal clear back with a shock absorbing frame that takes the sting out of any impact and enhances your grip at the same time. This case has been rigorously tested and offers protection from falls of up to 10 feet. All the cutouts you need for the camera and ports are there, and the button covers are well-defined.

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case ($12)

Spigen Liquid Crystal Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Here’s another clear case designed to allow your Huawei P20’s style to shine through. It’s slim and fairly minimal, though there is a Spigen logo etched into the side. There are slim button covers and accurate cutouts for everything you need access to. Spigen does include air pockets in the corners to try and reduce the risk of drop damage, but this isn’t as protective as something like the Tech21 case we just looked at.

Huawei Smart View Flip Case ($24)

Huawei Smart View Flip Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This official case from Huawei features a synthetic leather cover with a translucent portion that shows the time, date, incoming calls and messages, and charging status. It’s a stylish way to protect your Huawei P20 from every angle. The shell itself is pretty minimal, offering easy access to all of your phone’s functions. As you’d expect from a case made by Huawei, the fit is perfect. You can pick up this case in blue, pink, or black.

Kugi TPU Case ($9)

Kugi Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

This soft TPU case has a few things going for it, not least the low price. The sides are ridged for extra grip, the cutouts are accurate, and the button covers work well. The flexible TPU should guard your P20 against minor drops and bumps, though this case isn’t going to deliver strong drop protection. It comes in red, gray, black, or navy with a patch on the back that sports a leather-look finish. There’s also a lanyard hole in case you like to attach your phone to a wrist strap.

Kugi TPU Case

Olixar ArmourDillo Case ($12)

Olixar ArmourDillo Case
Image used with permission by copyright holder

It’s not much of a looker, but this chunky case combines a flexible inner layer of TPU with a hard outer shell to give you decent drop protection. There’s extra reinforcement in the corners where you need it most and an extended rim around the screen and camera lens to keep them safe from harm. The textured back and sides enhance grip and there’s also a handy pop-out kickstand on the back to make it easy to prop your P20 in landscape view.

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