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These are the best LG V40 ThinQ cases to stop unsightly damage

LG V40 ThinQ Review
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There’s never been a better time to upgrade to one of LG’s phones. The new LG V40 ThinQ has been revealed and it’s a powerful beast with five camera lenses, a huge 6.4-inch OLED display, and some really strong entertainment credentials. As a modern flagship phone, it’s also fully embraced the introduction of glass as a premium material and that means the V40 feels and looks great.

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But as anyone who played ball games near a window knows, glass is fragile and no amount of PVA can make it look normal again after the worst happens. So instead of glumly staring at a network of spiderweb cracks where your beautiful glass back used to be, why not take steps to prevent that from happening? Here are some of the best LG V40 ThinQ cases to keep your phone safe.

Spigen Liquid Crystal ($20)

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Protection doesn’t have to mean shutting your phone away from admiring eyes. The V40 is beautiful, and it’s rocking the latest mobile style trends — why wouldn’t you want to show that off? This case from Spigen is completely clear, so your V40’s design shines through. It’s made from flexible but durable TPU, and the soft surface should aid grip, while the shock-absorbent material should also provide great protection against bumps and minor drops. If you’re looking for a case that will take more punishment then you might want to look at some larger rugged cases, but if it’s just daily wear and tear you need to worry about, Spigen’s Liquid Crystal case is a great choice.

Tech21 Evo Check ($40)

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Style and protection don’t always go together, but Tech21’s Evo Check case bucks that trend, offering a clear case with a distinctive style, that is also extremely protective. It’s made from TPU and incorporates FlexShock, a material Tech21 claims enhances the protective qualities of a gel case immeasurably — to the point where the Evo Check case can allegedly cope with drops from up to 12 feet. It’s adorned with a series of check marks that sit over the clear case back, and add a new style and appeal to your phone. It’s also extremely thin, adding barely any additional weight or thickness. On the minus side, it’s expensive but if you can afford it, it’s a great case.

Speck Presidio Grip ($45)

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Looking for something a bit tougher? Speck is one of the biggest names in protection, and it has been providing quality cases for years — so it’s good to see the Presidio Grip for the LG V40 ThinQ. It’s made from a combination of TPU and polycarbonate (PC), and together they offer a fantastic blend of softer, shock-absorption backed up by a strong and rigid backbone. It’s not a bad looker either, with distinctive ridges that serve as great decoration as well as boosting grip. It also comes with raised outer edges that protect the screen, ports, and camera lenses from resting on surfaces. The only issue is that it’s expensive but if you want some great protection you need to fork out.

VRS Designs Damda Glide ($35)

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Wallet cases have gone through an evolution in the last few years and the Damda Glide is a great blend of rugged protection with the utility of a wallet case. It’s a dual- layer case made from TPU and PC for a blend of shock-absorption and rigid strength, so it should provide great protection. It’s got a slight hump on the back, but that’s because of its backpack system — slide open the back cover and you will find room to stash a couple of credit cards or some spare cash. It’s a great case to grab when you don’t want to take your wallet or purse. Despite this additional backpack, it’s still not overly large, and we think it provides excellent value for money.

Otterbox Defender ($60)

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Alright, how about some serious protection? Otterbox is well-known for making solid protective cases and the Defender case for the V40 is no different. The Defender uses three layers of polycarbonate and silicone to keep your phone safe from the worst drops, bangs, and scrapes. Otterbox’s Drop+ Protection means the Defender case has been proofed against more than 24 different tests over 238 hours. There are even port covers to stop dust and other particles from entering your phone’s most vulnerable areas. It’s rather expensive, but if you need the best possible protection for your phone while out and about, then look no further.

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