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15 great Moto X Style Pure Edition cases and covers

best moto x style cases poetic affinity series header
Color us impressed with the great value of the Moto X Style Pure Edition. This smartphone offers an impressive set of specs for the price, along with the welcome ability to customize its look using Moto Maker. The smartphone is also water-resistant, even if it’s not built to withstand a fall. If you have butterfingers, then you might want to take some additional steps to protect your device. These are the best Moto X Style cases and covers we’ve found so far.

I-Blason Armorbox Dual Layer Case ($18+)

i-Blason Armorbox

If your main reason for purchasing a case is to give your Moto X Pure Edition as much protection as possible, I-Blason’s Armorbox case will get the job done. It provides drop, shock, and scratch protection thanks to its hard, polycarbonate shell, and the front cover comes equipped with a built-in screen protector, which does away with the need to seek out a suitable one on your own. This lightweight case also features a distinctive look that comes in either black or light blue variants, and retains easy access to your smartphone’s buttons, ports, sensors, speakers, and camera. You’ll be able to use your phone with ease without having to worry about damaging it.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series Hybrid Case ($14+)

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Series

Supcase’s offering is great for those who want more of a sporty design, but still need some decent protection for their phone. The Unicorn Beetle case is a snap-on accessory, which makes it easy to put on while allowing it to retain easy access to all your phone’s features. The thermoplastic polyurethane and polycarbonate materials used to make the case also provide a solid defense against unexpected drops, and the different color options — black-black, frost-black, and frost-blue —  will ensure that your phone and case still look great after impact.

Poetic Affinity Series [X-FORM] Case ($13)

POETIC Affinity Series [X-FORM]

If you want to maintain the original look of your Moto X Pure Edition, go with this Affinity case from Poetic. This translucent case is designed with added grip to help prevent accidental drops from occurring, but in the event that does happen, the case features a design meant to absorb and dissipate shock. The raised bezel also helps protect the front of your display. Protection isn’t the main goal of this particular case, though, as it’s intended to showcase the best assets of the Moto X Pure. Still, it delivers proper protection in the spots where it’s needed most.

Diztronic Full Matte Slim-Fit Case ($10)

Diztronic Full Matte Slim-Fit

What Diztronic’s case lacks in overall protection, it makes up for in size and weight. Coming in at less than 1 ounce and measuring a mere 1.6-millimeters thick, this matte TPU case is one of the more flexible cases around, but remains strong enough to provide excellent shock absorption and scratch resistance. Its “lay-on-the-table” design will also protect the front of your  Moto X Pure when placed face down, and thanks to the aforementioned flexibility, it’s incredibly easy to apply and remove. The cutouts in the case leave enough space for your ports, too, so that you won’t have to fight the design in order to plug in your headphones or charging cable. If you just need a cheap, simple case, Diztronic is there for you.

Pleson Crystal Clear Case ($8)

PLESON Crystal Clear Case

You’re getting lightweight and affordable protection that’s also smudge-resistant when you opt for one of Pleson’s crystal-clear cases. Aside from offering basic protection, these cases are transparent and easy to use. The dotted texture ensures it not only works to prevent smudges, but protects against watermarks and unwanted bubbles that might form on the back of the case. As far as damage protection goes, it’s shock-absorbent, features a raised edge to protect your display, and is designed to provide you with more grip on your phone. Covers and cutouts also keep the buttons out of danger and the camera safe from scratches. The transparent design also means that you’ll retain your phone’s original look, but then again, the Moto X Pure Edition was never unappealing to begin with.

Incipio Octane Case ($22+)

Incipio Octane Case

If you got a taste for choosing your own design, then the Octane case from Incipio could tempt you. Pick a light or dark translucent back plate, and a colored bumper. The back plate is polycarbonate, and it lets your design shine through. The bumper is flexible and designed to dissipate shock impact to keep your Moto X Pure Edition in perfect condition. There’s a nice honeycomb pattern on the bumper that really adds grip, the cut-outs are accurate, and this case isn’t too bulky. If you want to go as thin as possible, check out the matte black Incipio Feather case.


Otterbox Defender Series Case ($41+)

Otterbox Defender Series Case

For people who work outdoors, or anyone prone to fumbling their phone, this rugged Otterbox case offers some serious protection. The Defender Series is as tough as they come, offering drop protection and all-round coverage. There’s a rubber layer, a tough polycarbonate shell, and a built-in screen protector. Nothing is getting through to damage your Moto X Pure Edition if it’s wearing this case. The button covers work well, and they’re easy to use without looking. There are also port covers to keep dust and debris out. Furthermore, the case comes with a holster that you can attach to your belt. It’s bulky and only offered in black right now, but it will certainly keep your phone safe.

Case-Mate Naked Tough Case ($30+)

Case-Mate Naked Tough Case

You’ll find this option from Case-Mate is a great pick if you want a transparent case that still offers good protection. It has a typical dual-material design, with a polycarbonate back panel and a flexible bumper designed to take the sting out of any bump or impact. The button covers are chrome, which provides a wee highlight in an otherwise understated case and makes them easy to find and press. The cut-outs are generous, and this is a pretty svelte case, so it’s a good choice if you want to make sure your chosen Moto X Pure design can still be shown off. Case-Mate is also offering the Tough Frame case, which is a bumper for $20.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case ($10)

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

This is a basic, flexible TPU case that’s easy to fit. It’s slightly translucent and comes in a choice of eight different colors. You’ll find accurate openings for the camera and ports, along with easy-to-press covers for the buttons. There’s also a slight lip around the screen to prevent it from touching surfaces when placed face down. It’s not going to offer rugged drop protection, but it should cope with average daily wear and tear. The case even features a circuit design with the Android mascot housed in the middle. It’s a decent case for the price.

Cimo TPU Case ($8+)

Cimo TPU Case

If your budget is limited, then this slim cover will provide a little protection on the cheap. It’s made from flexible TPU — so it fits easy and will absorb a bit of shock — though, it’s too thin to rely on for real drop protection. You can get the basic case in four different colors, each with a matte-finish back and a glossy exterior. The button covers are okay, the openings are located in the right places, and there is even a beveled edge designed to protect your screen. You can also get the Wave variety, which features a glossy wave pattern that cuts into the matte back. Basically, it’s about what you’d expect for the money.

Vena RETAIN Clear Case ($11)

Vena’s clear case is perfect if your Moto X Style has custom accents or an engraving adorning the back that you want everyone to see. If you’ve used a clear case before with other smartphones, you know what to expect with this one. It’s slim, lightweight, and scratch-resistant, so it shouldn’t scuff up as easily as some clear cases. It also offers additional grip and has raised edges around the screen to keep it away from surfaces when face down. There are cutouts for the speakers, ports, and camera, and covers to protect the side buttons.

Aomax VLS Armor Case ($9)

The VLS armor is one part flexible TPU interior, another part hard polycarbonate exterior shell. The two materials make a case that’s incredibly durable –protecting against most drops, shocks, and scratches. The variety of colors and brushed metal texture gives it a quality look and feel. You won’t get much additional grip from this case, but it won’t easily slip out of your hands either. Just be prepared for the little extra weight the case adds. The button covers are useful, but the covers can make it hard to tell which button is being pressed if you’re not familiar with the phone just yet. Overall, the case is simple to apply, fits tightly, and gives the phone a nice, clean look.

Harryshell Slim Case ($7)

Harryshell’s case is small, compact, and will defend your phone against the smaller, more insignificant bumps, drops, and scratches. Its main appeal is that you can customize the case with various designs, ranging from flowers to dream catchers and simple messages. The designs are colorful, unique, and will draw attention from those around you. If you don’t think you’re clumsy and want to give your Moto X Style even more style and personality, getting one of Harryshell’s cases wouldn’t be a bad decision.

Tudia Full-Matte ARCH Case ($9)

Everything you really need to know about this particular case comes from its own name. It’s a case that features a slightly rounded back and a matte finish instead of a smoother, glossier one. As such, it will give you a better grip on your phone. Raised edges keep the display from getting scratched or shattering when face down, cutouts give you full access to all ports and buttons, and the TPU and silicone materials used to make the case will keep it from sliding across surfaces, potentially causing more unwanted damage.

JOTO Hybrid Armor Case ($9+)

JOTO’s case is more focused on protection over style and appearance, though it does come in several different colors. The biggest benefits you’ll receive when using this case are better grip, a tough back plate, and buttons covers that extend from the side of the case, making it easier than ever to identify which button you’re using. The back of the case is curved, but it still maintains its slim profile, and applying it to your phone is simple and straightforward. Some have said that it can be difficult to remove, but since all ports are accessible, you shouldn’t need to remove it too frequently, or at all.

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