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Ordering a beautiful Galaxy S6? We’ve got 30 cases you may want

Galaxy S6 Moshi iGlaze
Samsung really went to town with the design of the flagship Galaxy S6. A reflective glass back, a metal frame brushed to within an inch of its life, and a glorious 5-inch display. But the striking looks and the delicate feel come at a price. This is not a rugged phone. (Durability did not factor in the design process.) And if you want to keep those gorgeous looks, you’re going to have to do something to safeguard them. To help, we’ve gathered some of the best Samsung Galaxy S6 cases on the market.

Griffin Survivor Core Case ($30)

Griffin Survivor Core Case

No need to worry about a broken Galaxy S6 when you have this case on, because it can survive falls of up to 2 meters onto concrete. The reinforced TPE corners and textured frame are designed to dissipate impact shock and make it easier to grip the phone. There’s a shatter resistant polycarbonate back panel that’s transparent. You can get the bumper surround in black or purple, and there’s also a version with a translucent purple back panel. The only concern with this case is that the back panel might get scratched over time.

Mophie Juice Pack ($46+)

Mophie Juice Pack

The Galaxy S6 has battery issues. If you’re sick of running out of juice, then you might want to check out this battery case from Mophie. It has a 3,300mAh battery inside, so you can double your Galaxy S6’s battery life. There’s a four LED array on the back to display remaining power, and you can charge the phone with the case on, but it does add some bulk, particularly at the bottom. Mophie includes a headphone adapter, which you’ll need. This case is also protective with cushioning on the edges and corners to absorb the shock of any impact. You can get it in black, white, or gold.

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case ($13+)

Ballistic Tough Jacket Case

You notice the reinforced corners in this case straight away, and they ensure that your Galaxy S6 will survive a fall from up to 6 feet. They also prevent the body or screen of your phone from coming into contact with surfaces. The button covers are well-defined and the cut-outs are precise. This case adds grip, but the rubbery corners can attract lint if you slide it into your pocket. Overall, it’s a good solution for anyone seeking rugged drop protection without spending a lot of money.

Verus Crucial Bumper ($10+)

Verus Crucial Bumper

This dual layer design consists of a shock absorbent, textured TPU inner, and a tough polycarbonate bumper in contrasting colors. It’s a snug fit, with precise openings for the ports and camera, and responsive button covers. The raised bezel helps to safeguard your screen. It’s fairly slim and should offer decent protection from bumps. Unfortunately, the textured back doesn’t really add grip because the bumper is smooth. It’s worth a look at the discounted price.

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case ($10)

Cruzerlite Bugdroid Circuit Case

Here’s a simple, cheap TPU case that will provide some basic protection for your Galaxy S6. It’s flexible, so it’s easy to fit, and it’s comfortable to hold, adding a little grip. There are accurate cut-outs for all of your ports, buttons, sensors, and the camera. It’s slightly translucent and comes in a wide variety of colors. Each case has the Android mascot and a circuit design on the back. There is also a slight lip on the front to help protect the screen of your phone if it should land face down.

Trianium Atomic S Charging Case ($35)

Trianium’s Atomic case is trying to alleviate a major drawback to the Galaxy S6 — battery life. The battery case is rated at 3,500mAh, so you can expect your phone to last least twice as long as usual. You can charge the phone with the case on, and you can use NFC for contactless payments. The smooth, black finish adds to the case’s profile, which is particularly svelte for a battery case. It also comes with a four-LED display that indicates the remaining power.

Burkely Wallet Case ($30)

Burkely Walletcase

Here’s an attractive option if you like the leather look. These genuine leather cases are handmade, neatly stitched, and offered in a variety of different finishes. Open the distinctive, diagonal magnetic closure, and you’ll find a tough black, plastic shell to hold your Galaxy S6 securely in place. The cover has three slots for credit cards and ID, with a larger pocket behind. It can also be folded back to create a landscape stand. There are cut-outs for the controls, ports, and camera, so you don’t need to take the case off.

Skech Crystal Case ($8)

Skech Crystal Case

Show off that Galaxy S6 design and stay protected with this transparent case from Skech. The back panel is UV and scratch-resistant polycarbonate, and it has been paired with a shock absorbent frame. The openings for ports and the camera are generous and precise. The button covers are easy to find and use. The only real detail to speak of is a subtle Skech logo near the bottom of the right spine. There’s also a slightly raised lip on the front to help safeguard the screen. This case provides basic protection with minimal impact on the aesthetic.

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Zagg Cocoon Case ($18)

Zagg Cocoon Case

A classic two layer protective case at a reasonable price, the Coccon by Zagg meets military drop test standard 810G. There’s a flexible TPU inner layer with button covers, and a hard polycarbonate shell that snaps on top. The opening for the camera works well, and the bottom edge of the S6 is left open, so there’s no trouble plugging in cables. The inner layer, which comes in black, pink, or red, also extends at the front to protect the screen. The outer shell has a soft touch finish and a pattern of crossed lines that adds a little grip and visual style.

Lifeproof Fre Case ($30)

Lifeproof Fre Case

If you like to take your Galaxy S6 on outdoors adventures with you, then you might want to consider some truly rugged protection. The Fre case from Lifeproof is designed to ensure all-round protection from falls and from the elements. It’s waterproof, and it offers solid protection from drops. You won’t have to worry about dirt, snow, or rain with this case on, either. You still have access to all buttons, ports, and the camera, as well as features like the fingerprint and heart rate sensors. It does add bulk, which impacts on responsiveness and volume, but that’s the price you pay for this level of protection.

Cover-Up WoodBack Case ($26)

Cover-Up WoodBack Case

These slim cases feature hand-crafted, natural wood set in minimalist, black polycarbonate shells that snap onto your Galaxy S6. There are openings in the sides for the buttons, and the case curves just round the corners, leaving the top and bottom edges almost entirely exposed. A small lip prevents the screen from coming into contact with a surface when placed face down. These are very minimal cases, so don’t expect major drop protection. The extensive choice of wood includes bamboo, cedar, blackened ash, cherry, elm, maple, and more. Every one is slightly different because of the natural wood grain, but they all feel and look lovely.

Seidio Dilex Pro Case ($27+)

Seidio Dilex Pro Case

You get the full works with the Dilex Pro package, including a two layer case that combines shock absorbing TPU, with a tough outer shell, finished in soft touch, matte black. The outer shell sports a handy, and durable, magnetic kickstand. There’s also a felt-lined holster with belt clip attachment that you can slide your Galaxy S6 into. The cut-outs are precise, and the button covers work well. This case offers solid protection and some handy extras. The black looks best, but you can often pick up the color versions a bit cheaper.

Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper ($20+)

Rhino Shield Crash Guard Bumper

If you don’t like covering up that gorgeous Galaxy S6, then perhaps a bumper will tempt you. Rhino Shield promises that its special polymer blend will protect your S6 in falls of up to 11.5 feet. Unless you’re very tall indeed, that should be enough protection for most situations. The bumper is soft, it adds grip, and it protrudes to protect the screen and the back. The button covers are easy to find without looking, and they work well. The openings are exact, and generous enough for most accessories. You can get a version of this with front and back protectors, or combine it with your own, for full coverage.

Tmbr Wood Case ($24+)

Tmbr Wood Case

They may have run out vowels, but Tmbr’s cases certainly have bags of style. They’re all wooden designs in rosewood, walnut, and wenge. You can even get a couple with tree designs on the back. The thin, wood veneer is set in tough polycarbonate, and there’s a black surround that’s slightly raised on the front to protect the screen. The sides are also textured for added grip, leaving the button covers smooth. The cut-outs are correct, and it’s a thin case, so there shouldn’t be any problems with jacks, or camera operation. These cases aren’t going offer rugged drop protection, but if you’re careful with your S6 they’ll be enough for you.

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Skinit Customized Cargo Case ($30)

Skinit Customized Cargo Case

You can choose from all kinds of designs for these Skinit cases, but what makes this manufacturer really stand out is the option to customize your own case with a favorite image or photo. It’s an easy process to upload your image and tweak your case design, and you’ll get a preview of what it will look like before you buy. The cases are a classic blend of TPU and polycarbonate, with accurate cut-outs, and tactile button covers that work as they should. If you pick a design, you’ll get a case for $5 or $10 less. As the name suggests, Skinit also offer adhesive skins for your Galaxy S6 (at $15 to $20), which cover front and back, and can also be customized.

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Moshi iGlaze Case ($35)

Moshi iGlaze Case

If you prefer thin cases, then Moshi’s basic iGlaze case is worth checking out. It’s made from TPU, but treated with a hard coating on the outside. That means it snaps on and offers rigid protection, but also has enough give to absorb small impacts. You can choose from black or pink for the glazed back, which has an almost ceramic look. The inner part of the frame, and the button covers, are matte plastic, and on the pink version they provide a contrasting gray. The cut-outs are exact, and there’s no splashback on the flash.

Trident Kraken AMS Series Case ($15)

Trident Kraken AMS Series Case

Anyone who works outdoors will appreciate the rugged protection afforded by the Trident Kraken. This is a really tough case, that covers every angle of your Galaxy S6, and shields it from harm. The military standard 810F means you don’t need to worry about falls, dust, dirt, or rain. There are buttons covers, reinforced corners, plugs for the ports, and a built-in screen protector. There’s also a tough kickstand on the back, and a belt clip attachment. It is bulky and angular, but that’s price you pay for peace of mind.

Olixar Leather Wallet Case ($21)

Olixar Leather Wallet Case

This is an impressively low price for a genuine leather, wallet-style case. Your Galaxy S6 slots into a hard plastic shell that’s open top and bottom, and has cut-outs either side for access to buttons. The whole thing is wrapped in padded leather, but there is an opening for the camera on the back. The closure is a magnetic flap. Inside, there are three slots for cards and ID, and a bigger money pocket behind them. You can also prop your S6 in landscape view when the case is open. The stitching is neat and the quality seems good for the price.

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Mobile Fun

Obliq Skyline Advance Case ($23)

Obliq Skyline Advance Case

The two-tone look of this case isn’t just aesthetic, because it’s a classic blend of tough polycarbonate and shock absorbing TPU. It’s actually quite slim, though the manufacturer promises good drop protection. The openings are precise and large, so there’s no problem using your Galaxy S6 with the case on, and the button covers work too. There’s also a lip on the front to protect the screen. There is a kickstand on this case, but it’s disappointingly weak, and we wouldn’t advise buying it specifically for that feature.

Noreve Tradition Leather Case ($37+)

Noreve Tradition Leather Case

As a classy piece of tech, you might be willing to push the boat out a bit, to snag a case that can live up to your Galaxy S6 on style and quality. French design flair and top notch materials, make the Noreve range quite eye-catching. This vertical flip case is our favorite. You can choose from a wide variety of different colors and different textures, for the exact exterior you want. You’ll find that the phone is perfectly usable with the case on. It’s a bit more expensive than some other leather cases, but you’ll feel the difference, and the customization options are a unique extra that you won’t find elsewhere.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Clear View Case ($7+)

Samsung Galaxy S6 Clear View Case

Samsung partnered with various brands and designers for its new line of Galaxy S6 cases, but we especially like the translucent folio-style case. It combines a slim, clip-on shell that covers the corners of your phone with a front cover that protects the screen. The clever part is that the semi-transparent cover allows you to see things like the time and incoming calls without you having to open it. You can even interact with the touchscreen through the case. The fit is perfect, as you’d expect with an official Samsung product, and it’s the most affordable it has ever been.

BodyGlove ShockSuit Case ($20)

BodyGlove ShockSuit Case

You’ll enjoy complete coverage for real protection with this rugged case, but it will cramp your Galaxy S6’s style somewhat. The case is tough with reinforced corners, in fact it meets military drop test standards, so you don’t need to worry too much about falls. It’s also designed to improve your grip, so there’s less chance of dropping your phone in the first place. There’s a frame and built-in screen protector to cover the front of your phone, port covers, and tactile button covers. And you’ll find a generous cut-out for that camera on the back. The black and charcoal combination is our pick, but it comes in raspberry and white, or plum and lavender too.

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Spigen Slim Armor with Kickstand ($17+)

This case has plenty to offer, including a durable blend of TPU and polycarbonate. There’s a handy kickstand on the back that’s perfect for viewing movies on your Galaxy S6 while in landscape mode. There are also good button covers, and your phone’s screen, camera, speaker, and ports are all left open thanks to a host of precise cut-outs. It’s a relatively tough case, one that will improve the odds of your S6 maintaining its goods looks.

Caseology Wavelength Case ($15+)

Caseology Wavelength Case

One of the most eye-catching Galaxy S6 case ranges around belongs to South Korean manufacturer Caseology. Some of the materials and color combos are a bit garish for our tastes, but the Wavelength series is good-looking and practical. These are TPU cases, so they’re easy to fit. There’s a textured wave pattern on the back that adds grip and prevents the case from slipping off surfaces. All the cut-outs you need are present and correct, but the buttons are covered. This isn’t a really rugged case, but it will provide basic protection.

Rearth Ringke Slim Case ($9+)

Rearth Ringke Fusion Case

Sometimes simplicity is best. With a design as gorgeous as the Galaxy S6, you may balk at the idea of covering it up with plastic. Rearth finds a kind of compromise by offering a clear shell that’s very slim, lightweight, and allows you to enjoy Samsung’s design. There are button covers and openings for the ports and camera, and you get a screen protector in the pack. You can also get an opaque version of this case in black or gold. We wouldn’t advise drop testing it, but it should save your S6 from scratches and minor bumps, and it’s a budget friendly option.

Speck CandyShell Grip ($18+)

Speck CandyShell Grip

If there’s a better looking case than this out there then we’d love to know about it. The CandyShell Grip is an excellent mixture of substance and style with a dose of fun stirred into the mix. The black and white is our favorite because it evokes memories of stormtroopers and a galaxy far, far away, but all six of the available color combinations work really well. Diving beneath the surface, you’ll find military grade drop protection thanks to the dual-layer design, and those ridges really add some valuable grip on the back and sides.

Best Buy

Incipio Octane Pure ($6+)

Incipio Octane Pure

When you see a phone as beautifully designed as the Galaxy S6 you could be forgiven for turning your nose up at the idea of covering that brushed metal and glass with plastic, but it needs to be protected. The answer might be to opt for a transparent case like the Octane Pure. It combines a TPU bumper for absorbing shock, with a tough polycarbonate panel on the back. The cut-outs are precise and there’s a generous opening for the powerful camera. This case strikes a great balance between style and protection.


Urban Armor Gear Outland Case ($25)

Urban Armor Gear Outland

The futuristic, industrial design of the Urban Armor Gear range is quite masculine and these cases are every bit as tough as they look, though they are much lighter than you might expect. You’ll find the usual blend of soft core for shock absorption combined with a tough polycarbonate skeleton, and there are extra grippable rubber pads at the corners to prevent your S6 slipping off surfaces and protect it during falls. The openings are accurate and there are malleable button covers too. You can get this case in a variety of different colors and there’s a translucent version.

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Urban Armor Gear

OtterBox Commuter Series Case ($11+)

Otterbox Commuter Case

The OtterBox brand is built on rugged protection, but the Commuter Series isn’t quite as chunky and protective as the top of the range Defender. You can choose from a variety of different colors for the inner layer and the outer cover and mix and match to get the combination you want. You’ll find that buttons and ports are covered because this is a dust-proof case, and there’s a screen protector included to make sure every facet of your Galaxy S6 is safe from harm. This case offers tough drop and scratch protection too.

Case-Mate Leather Wallet Case ($30)

Case-Mate Wallet Case

This is a premium leather case that’s designed as a wallet replacement. It’s hand-crafted and the stitching on the exterior is neat and precise. Open it up and you’ll find a phone-hugging shell and opposite there’s a range of slots for your ID and credit cards, and a larger pocket for cash. It has a classy look and a quality construction which is reflected in the price. There is also a good camera cut-out on the back so there’s no need to remove the S6 to take photos.

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