The best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus cases and covers

The best Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus cases to keep your titanic phone safe

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus is here. Samsung’s newest phablet is big, it’s beautiful, and it’s one of the most powerful mobile devices on the planet. But it absolutely won’t cope well with an encounter with a sidewalk, should you drop your $840 beauty. Some might see it as a sin to obscure the elegant style of a phone like the Galaxy S9 Plus, but we see it as a necessity, vital to making sure that your phone stays unharmed when it comes up against the bumps, drops, and scrapes that are all too common in everyday life.

Because we value your phone’s beauty, we’ve put together a list of the best Galaxy S9 Plus cases that you can currently grab, from clear gel cases that showcase your phone’s style, to protective cases that represent the best protection you can get. If you haven’t picked up your Galaxy S9 Plus yet, then check out our S9 Plus buying guide, and find out everything you need to know with our S9 Plus news.

KerfCase Wood Case ($69+)

best samsung galaxy s9 plus cases kerfcase

Wood isn’t a material you see often in phone cases, likely because it tends to be bulkier than TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) or polycarbonate. Still, there’s a real charm to a genuine wood case, and KerfCase creates some of the best wood cases you can find. Handmade in Pittsburgh from sustainable wood, KerfCase offers buyers eight different types of wood, with wooden buttons and an inner lining of Ultra Suede to keep your S9 Plus snug and protected. The cases don’t interfere with the wireless charging capabilities of the S9 Plus, and if you’re looking to make this a gift, you can have a custom message or image engraved on your chosen case. They’re certainly expensive — they start from $70 and go all the way up to $260 for the extremely premium Figured Walnut model — but they’re utterly gorgeous and perfect for adding a natural feel to your device.

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Mujjo Leather Wallet Case ($65)

best samsung galaxy s9 plus cases mujjo

Leather really is a gorgeous and most luxurious material, so why wouldn’t you want to wrap your phone in it? This leather case is part of Mujjo’s first-ever foray into cases outside of iOS devices and it’s a  stunner. Mujjo’s leather wallet case isn’t a wallet case in the traditional sense, forgoing the more usual cover in favor of a stitched wallet pocket attached backpack-style to the rear of the case. It’s unlikely to fully replace your wallet, but it has room enough to carry a couple of credit card-sized items. It’s also made of the most premium of materials, with full grain leather that ages gracefully and an inner lining of Japanese microfiber that holds your phone safely. It’s sleek and understated. Granted, it’s expensive — but you don’t get quality like this unless you pay for it.

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Obliq Slim Meta ($18)

best samsung galaxy s9 plus cases obliq

Obliq specializesstylish protection and the Slim Meta is a fine example of that design ethos. This case uses a dual-layer construction of TPU for absorbency and hard PC for resistance to ensure that your device has good all-around protection against a variety of threats. This design also helps to keep the case slim and easy to slip into a pocket — something especially important with a phone as large as the S9 Plus. The hard PC shell has been finished with a brushed metallic effect that gives it a visible sheen and provides an exceptional level of style. Lips along the edges of the case keep the camera and screen from touching surfaces, and there’s even a place to attach a lanyard.

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Obliq Walmart

Ted Baker Hider Inlay Shell ($35)

best samsung galaxy s9 plus cases ted baker

Looking for a top name in style? Look no further than this case from Ted Baker. One of the finest names in luxury style, Ted Baker’s commitment to quality is reflected in this case. The case has been precisely molded from polycarbonate, and includes all the protection you’d expect from a shell case. While it won’t protect as well as a bigger case, PC provides good protection against minor drops and falls. The back panel includes a uniquely designed cross-hatched surface that looks good while also providing a tactile surface for extra grip. There’s a brushed metal plate with the Ted Baker name on the back, just enough to quietly cpnvey the quality of the case, while the subdued color choices mean it’s stylish without being overt.

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Proporta Mobile Fun

Zizo Bolt Series ($35)

best samsung galaxy s9 plus cases zizo

The Bolt series from Zizo isn’t just a great protective option with a multiple-layer construction and military-grade 810.1-G drop certification. It’s also a case that adds a large amount of utility. The back of the case’s polycarbonate shell comes with a handy kickstand for easy media viewing, an optional holster clips onto the front of the phone, and there’s a free screen protector for all-around protection. It’s definitely one of the more unique looking cases on this list, and part of your decision will hinge on whether you like the looks or not. However, if you do take the plunge, it’s covered by Zizo’s device lifetime guarantee.

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Amazon Mobile Fun Zizo

Olixar Super-Thin Gel Case ($10)

If you’re worried about putting a bulky case between a world of admiring eyeballs and your smartphone’s gorgeous design, then you can’t really go wrong with a slim gel case. Absorbent TPU material is fantastic for resisting shocks and bumps, while also being thin and adding some much needed grip to your slippery glass smartphone. Cutouts make it easier for your finger to find the fingerprint sensor when needed, and the thin material is resistant to dirt and grit that would otherwise mar your phone. A great choice if you want protection without compromising on the phone’s style.

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Amazon Mobile Fun Olixar

Moment Photo Case ($24)

The Galaxy S9 Plus is equipped with the first dual-lens camera system on a Galaxy S-range phone, and it would be a shame not to take advantage of that. If you’re a smartphone photographer, Moment’s Photo case case is designed to make your life easier, with a durable and tough exterior that should help ward off damage and increase grip on your phone. There’s also a spot for a lanyard attachment, further decreasing the chance you’ll drop your phone. Best of all, you can also attach any one of Moment’s premium lenses to the case, giving your phone the ability to take wide-angle, macro, or fish-eye shots.

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Official Samsung Hyperknit Case ($35)

Your new phone is from Samsung, so why not get your protection from Samsung too? The case is made from a knitted nylon material that is unlike any case we’ve seen before. It won’t be the most protective case out there, but it has good corner protection and it should stop any scratches or bumps from damaging the exterior of your phone. The case’s textured surface also gives your phone extra grip, and the phone itself is thin and lightweight, and matches your phone’s style like no other.

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Mobile Fun Samsung

Tech21 EvoMax Light Protective Case ($50)

Now we’re on to the big boys of protective tech — Tech21 has brought a good few of its celebrated protective options to the Galaxy S9 Plus, and we’ve chosen to spotlight the Evo Max as a great option for you. Like all Tech21 cases, the Evo Max is super-protective, with a unique three-layer construction that uses a material called “FlexShock” to direct shocks away from your phone and into the case, giving the Evo Max drop protection of up to 14 feet. Despite all that protection, it’s also super-thin and light, adding barely any bulk onto your phone and ensuring you can still easily slip it into your pocket or into your bag.

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Incipio Funny Bunny Design Series ($25)

We wouldn’t usually highlight one of the sillier fashion cases, but this case from Incipio is just too cute to pass up. The “Funny Bunny” is well named, and the style should suit anyone who’s looking for a cute way to complement their new phone. It won’t be all style with no substance either — since this case carries Incipio’s name, it also carries Incipio’s fantastic record of smartphone protection. While this ultra-thin TPU case won’t offer the sort of protection you’d get from a larger and bulkier case, it will still shield your precious device from minor bumps and scrapes.

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Amazon Incipio

Noreve Tradition Leather Flip Case ($54+)

From one of the more whimsical cases, we turn to one of the more luxurious. Noreve has a solid reputation for quality leatherwork. While you can buy one of Noreve’s beautifully handcrafted real leather cases from a retailer, it’s much more fun and personal to buy from Noreve’s highly customizable store. With hundreds of different choices and color options available, Noreve makes your case truly unique to your phone. Noreve’s cases can be expensive, but if you can afford luxury, then take a look at Noreve’s leather cases.

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Noreve Mobile Fun

Spigen Slim Armor CS Case ($19)

We’re not going to lie — Spigen‘s range boasts some of our favorite cases. This Slim Armor CS combines protection with utility, and delivers it all in a slim and stylish package. The dual-layer design uses absorbent TPU and hard polycarbonate (PC) to deliver the best combination of materials to resist drops and damage, and the back slides open to reveal a small compartment that perfectly fits two credit cards. With this case, you can choose to leave your wallet at home. Spigen’s case is protective, stylish, and really handy.

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Amazon Spigen

VRS Damda Folder V-Pro ($20+)

You don’t want to be worrying about your phone when you’re out and about — and that goes doubly for a phone as beautiful as the S9 Plus. VRS Design‘s Damda Folder V-Pro might be on the bulky side for a case, but it delivers fantastic protection against all sorts of hazards, including drops, bumps, and scratches. On the back, there’s a spring-loaded compartment that has room for five credit card-sized cards, and is also perfect for cash, SD cards, or other small items. It’s all finished with a sandstone-style design, giving the case a cool mineral look that’s complemented by the soft-touch TPU areas that provide additional grip. It’s a great case for travelers and busy people alike.

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Amazon Mobile Fun VRS Designs

Griffin Survivor Clear ($20)

While it’s certainly not as thin as some gel cases,the Survivor Clear case is extremely protective, offering Griffin’s legendary military-standard 810G protection from drops of 4 feet. The case is made from hard PC, with edging made from anti-yellow rubber that should help the case stay looking new for longer. It’s thin for a protective case, looks good — and most importantly — still lets you show off your S9 Plus’ style.

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Ghostek Nautical Series Waterproof Case ($40)

Ghostek is something of an up-and-comer in the accessory world, offering great protective cases at good prices, as well as quality that lasts. The Nautical series in particular is pretty special even within Ghostek’s brand, because these cases are waterproof. Tested for up to 20 meters underwater for a full hour, the Nautical series’ waterproofing surpasses even the S9 Plus’s IP68-rating, offering fantastic protection in case the worst does happen. It’s not just about underwater either — the case boasts rubberized drop-resistant corners, an included screen protector, and a dual-layer build that screams “secure.” If you need peace of mind and don’t mind extra bulk, then check out Ghostek’s cases.

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