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Best wireless chargers of IFA 2018

Wireless charging has been steadily gaining ground over the last few years, but Apple’s adoption of the Qi standard in its iPhone range took things to a whole new level. Purveyors of smartphone accessories have been devising a wide range of new products capable of top wireless charging speeds for Apple and Samsung phones, and we’re seeing a growing trend toward trying to make them stylish so they blend in with your office or home.

We have a best wireless chargers roundup at Digital Trends, but we saw several great new candidates for the list here in Berlin at IFA 2018. These are our top picks.

Anker PowerWave 15

We’re big fans of Anker products because they’re unfussy, they tend to work well, they last the distance, and they’re always reasonably priced. Its PowerWave wireless charging pads have been out for a while, but they have a somewhat utilitarian look. Anker is keen to add a slightly more stylish and premium feel and so the latest version combines a black, soft-touch pad with a sturdy, dark gray, aluminum frame.

There are rubber feet on the bottom to stop it sliding around and a blue light on the front to show it’s powered. We’re not sure about the price just yet, but this charger will support fast wireless charging for iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones and it should be available very soon.

Moshi Porto Q

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

With a hugely popular range of stylish bags and phone cases Moshi is a strong brand in mobile accessories and it has just unveiled a new range of wireless charging accessories. Our top pick is the Porto Q which is an attractive pad covered in gray fabric with a 5,000mAh battery inside. That means you can take it with you wherever you go and charge up throughout the day. It also sports a USB-A port for charging any devices that lack Qi functionality, and there’s a USB-C port to charge it up.

The Moshi Porto Q will go on sale in the next couple of months and will cost you $80, but Moshi also has a simpler puck charger without the battery inside for $40.

Nomad Base Station

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

For a touch of class, you can’t beat the stylish leather accessories turned out by Nomad. Their cases are fantastic and now they’re branching out into wireless charging pads. Since people typically have multiple devices that work with Qi wireless charging their first release will be the Base Station which can accommodate two smartphones at once. It will wirelessly charge your phone at maximum speed, whether it’s an iPhone, a Galaxy, or something else.

Finished in black leather, this pad is going to blend in with any environment. It also features a USB-A port for any older devices that may lack Qi support and a USB-C port for newer devices without wireless charging capability. It will be coming out soon and will set you back $100.

Ventev Wireless Chargepad+

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

Gray fabric is a bit of a trend in the new wireless charging pads we’re seeing and this one from Ventev has an aluminum base with rubber feet on the bottom to keep it from sliding around. It’s capable of fast wireless charging and it comes with a cable and the right adapter to deliver maximum power. There’s a simple blue light on the front to show that it’s working. You can buy this one at Amazon right now for $50.

Aircharge Dual Charger

Here’s a dual wireless charging pad that can charge up two phones simultaneously or a phone and something else, like perhaps a PS4 gamepad if you have the Aircharge PS4 DualShock Smart Adapter. Aircharge is planning to sell a bundle that includes an unobtrusive attachment for a PS4 controller and allows you to place it on the pad to recharge.

It supports charging at maximum speeds and it’s finished in black. You can get the pad itself for $40 and the PS4 attachment will cost you $20, but Aircharge is likely to offer the pair as a bundle when it comes out. The company also has a nice new line of puck-style chargers finished in wood, leather, and Gorilla Glass.

Zens Dual and Watch

Simon Hill/Digital Trends

This slim aluminum charging pad also includes room for an Apple Watch. Two smartphones can be charged swiftly with up to 10W being delivered to both pads simultaneously for a total of 20W maximum. It’s a very sturdy construction with a nonslip finish and it’s both MFi and Qi certified. There’s a tiny white LED on each pad to show it’s working.

With the ability to charge two phones and the watch at once this could be the ideal solution for the nightstand to meet all your wireless charging needs. You can buy it for $100 and it should be available in Best Buy from September 15.

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