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The best Xperia XZ1 cases to keep your Sony phone shiny and intact

best xperia xz1 cases
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Keeping a phone clean and protected can be tough. Our smartphones are with us through most of our daily lives; they accompany us to work, to the bathroom, and when we go shopping. Keeping your stalwart companion safe can be difficult when you whip it out multiple times a day, but it’s not impossible. Having a protective layer between your phone and the elements is one of the easiest ways you can protect it and keep it clean. That’s why we’ve rounded up some of the best Xperia XZ1 cases that you can buy, so you can keep your new Sony Xperia XZ1 safe, clean, and as gorgeous as the day you bought it.

Olixar Ultra-Thin Gel Case ($8)

olixar best xperia xz1 cases

If you’re not too worried about heavy-duty drop protection, or don’t like the look of the some of the bulkier cases, then a clear gel case might be your bag. This gel case from newcomer Olixar is thin, adding barely any bulk to your phone, and protects against dirt and grit that would otherwise damage vulnerable areas. The shock-absorbing TPU is easy-to-clean, and has been treated with a non-slip coating, helping you to keep your grip on your fragile device. Inside the case is a series of dots that help to prevent inner moisture and the appearance of bubbles. A raised bezel helps to protect areas like the camera and display.

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Mobile Fun

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case ($15)

spigen best xperia xz1 cases

Clear cases are among the most popular types of case — they offer protection against immediate bumps and scrapes, defend against dust and dirt, and they don’t obscure the view of your phone, or add any bulk to it. The Ultra Hybrid from veteran case-maker Spigen fulfils all of those needs, adding only 0.3 inches in width, and boasting raised edges that lift the camera and screen away from surfaces (and away from dirt and grit). A combination of TPU and polycarbonate (PC) defends your phone from drops and damage. The blend between hard and soft provides great protection. The extra grip it affords helps keep your phone in your hand, and Spigen’s usual high quality means that the price is a steal.

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Niilkin Nonslip Case ($9)

niilkin best xperia xz1 cases

There’s something to be said for the simple and stylish look of Niilkin’s nonslip case. Made from hard polycarbonate that clips onto the edges of your phone, it’s tough and protective, while also being slim and lightweight. A nonslip matte coating helps to keep your phone in your hand and away from the floor, and provides fingerprint, dust, and dirt resistance. It also looks good, with an understated and sleek style that’s perfect for any occasion.

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Ringke Fusion Bumper Case ($11)

ringke best xperia xz1 cases

We’ve long been fans of Ringke’s stylish yet protective cases, and the Fusion case for the Xperia XZ1 is no exception. Like the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, the Fusion case is made of two layers that work together — a shock-absorbent TPU bumper is paired with a transparent polycarbonate shell that protects the device’s back. Ringke has stepped up this protection with MIL-STD 810G – 516.6 Certified Military Grade Drop Protection. Raised bezels protect your phone’s screen and camera, and it comes with dust covers for all of your ports, keeping those areas clean. We chose the rose gold option because it looks great, but you could also get the clear or smoke black options.

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Roxfit Standing Touch Book Case ($30)

roxfit best xperia xz1 cases

Folding folio cases offer double the protection of normal cases, thanks to the cover that folds around the front of your phone when not in use to protect your screen. It’s most useful when you don’t have a screen protector, but you can’t use your phone while it’s covered, right? This folio case from Roxfit actually does just that by using touch-sensitive material to allow you to use your phone through the front cover of the case. You can answer calls and texts, and browse the internet with the case still fully covering your phone. It also folds into a horizontal stand when uncovered — perfect for media viewing on the go — and it comes in colors that match your Xperia XZ1.

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stilgut best xperia xz1 cases

Nothing feels quite as luxurious and sumptuous as real leather. StilGut’s folio case is made from a fine-grain cow leather that’s durable and long-lasting. If well maintained, this case will age with your device, gaining a new beauty as it ages. A plastic shell holds your XZ1 inside the case, while an inner lining of microfiber protects it against dirt and scratches. Handmade in Germany by master crasftmen, this case is slim, light, utterly gorgeous, and adds a ton of elegant protection to your device. It’s expensive, but if you want a really luxurious case for your Xperia XZ1, then look no further.

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Taitou Mirror Shell Case ($5)

taitou best xperia xz1 cases

This is something a little different. Made from hard and durable PC, this case has been polished to the point where it can be used as a mirror. It’s perfect for anyone who needs to check their hair at a moment’s notice, or who appreciates the reflective shine. This case is also slim, light, and the tough polycarbonate should keep your device protected against all but the worst drops. With a raised lip to protect the vulnerable areas of the device, it’s a bargain at this price.

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Noreve Vertical Leather Flip Case ($65)

noreve best xperia xz1 cases

After something truly unique? Noreve’s cases tend to be on the expensive side, but its massive range of customization options ensures that you’re getting the perfect case for your needs. Do you want real leather, or a synthetic PU leather? Nubuck leather or Saffiano leather? How about adding a belt clip for extra utility? The choice is yours. These cases are amazingly luxurious, come in a huge range of different colors, will protect your device while looking really good doing it. Even if you don’t fancy buying one, playing with the case builder is fun in itself.

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MoKo Dinosaur Case ($10)

moko best xperia xz1 cases

It might not have the major protective qualities of some of the other cases on this list, and it might not be as luxurious as a genuine leather case, but we just couldn’t say no to that adorable little dinosaur. If none of the other cases have tickled your fancy, and you have a flair for the cute, then this case might be right up your alley. It’s still protective — raised edges keep your phone from potentially hazardous surfaces, and the tough acrylic will keep it safe from bumps, scrapes, and drops — just not to the degree of some other options on this list.

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