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Google Glass goes glam with new designer frames

google glass designer frames 1

As if Google Glass wasn’t already high-class enough, now the most loved and hated wearable on Earth is adding designer frames and shades to the mix. Big-name designers such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Luxottica, Ray-Ban, and Oakley are lining up to design frames for Google Glass. The first designer frames come from Furstenberg and they really are something.

Google will now sell five new frames and eight sets of shades from the DVF collection via Net-a-Porter and the Glass store. These classy frames will be available for purchase starting June 23 and they most certainly won’t come cheap. DVF-branded shades cost about $100 more than your standard pair of Google Glass, at a pricey $1,620. 

So far, Google has only posted three images of the new frames for Glass  from the DVF collection. One of the shade options looks quite manly in all black. These shades are in the old-school aviator style and look pretty classy.

The other two look much more feminine, especially the normal glasses frames with the pink hue Furstenberg calls “Shiny Elderberry.” The third pair are shades with a mirrored look that reflect shades of blue, pink, and purple.

 Google is hell-bent on making Glass cool and fashionable. The four different prescription frames the company offers are actually really gorgeous and in keeping with current eyewear trends. The standard Glass kit without lens-filled frames is slightly less attractive looking. Not to encourage an influx of hipsters, but it’s almost worth it to get the frames even if you don’t need a prescription. That way you won’t stick out like a sore thumb while wearing Glass.

“We’re thrilled to collaborate with DVF once more to further transform eyeglasses – the oldest wearable technology in human history – into something modern and fashionable,” said Isabelle Olsson, Lead Designer for Glass in a statement.

“I have always been fascinated by technology and as a brand, DVF embraces technology,” Diane von Furstenberg said in the statement. “It is a very natural fit for us and we are delighted to be on the forefront with Glass.”

These new frames from DVF and other designers are a step in the right direction for Google Glass, that is, if the company wants to come off as a bit elitist.

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