Handy new iOS 10 tips and tricks to try out

Make the most of iOS 10 with these killer tips and tricks

Released in September, the latest update to Apple’s mobile platform is a little bit special. It’s chock-full of new features, app updates, fresh functionality, and small tweaks that were designed to help refine the iOS experience when using an iPhone or iPad. Even if you’re familiar with Apple’s mobile operating system, however, it’s going take you some time to feel your way through these improvements and unlock their hidden gems. We’re here to help with some handy iOS 10 tips and tricks.

How to get a quick look at notifications

Apple iOS 10 Beta 1

With iOS 10, you don’t need to press any buttons to get a look at your notifications — you can simply pick up your iPhone and the screen will come to life. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness and toggle on Raise to Wake.

How to use the new Control Center

iOS 10 Control Center

Apple has made small tweaks to control center in iOS 10. Access it by swiping up from the bottom of the screen. Previously, control center was just one page showing icons and sliders for everything you could enable, adjust or open, but with iOS 10 it has grown to two pages. Page one shows the screen brightness slider, AirPlay, Airdrop, and shortcuts to apps like the Camera and Clock. If you swipe from right to left, you’ll go to a second page that contains all of the music controls. You can turn on Control Center on your lock screen via Settings > Control Center > Access on Lock Screen.

How to quickly open the Camera app from the lock screen

iOS 10 Camera

You no longer need to tap and slide up from the transparent camera icon in the bottom right corner of the lock screen. Now, it’s simply a matter of swiping from right to left anywhere on the screen.

How to unlock phone without pressing the Home button

Apple iOS 10 Beta 1

Apple changed the way you unlock your iPhone via the lock screen with the release of iOS 10. You can no longer swipe to unlock it, which will surely take long-time iPhone users a while to get used to. There is another way to unlock the screen, however, and it involves Touch ID. Provided you’ve already set the feature up — which you can do by going to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and toggling iPhone Unlock to on  go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Home Button and toggle Rest Finger to Open to on. Now, you can unlock you iPhone by placing your finger on the Home button.

How to animate your live wallpaper and live photos


Live wallpapers are special wallpapers that can animate for a brief amount of time when interacted with. Live photos have the same functionality, and can be set as live wallpapers, thereby adding a new level of personality to your device. After setting your live wallpaper, simply press down on it while on the lock screen to activate the feature. If you set a live photo, you’ll be able to briefly relive the moment you captured it.

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