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An iPhone with apps from Black developers downloaded on it.

Our 5 favorite iPhone and Android apps by Black developers

As Black History Month comes to a close, here are five of some of the most thought-provoking apps made by Black developers in the U.S.
The bottom of an iPhone 14, showing its speaker grille and Lightning port.

The iPhone 15’s USB-C port might come with a big catch

Apple's next iPhones could come with USB-C, but you'll still need to pay the company money to make the most of it.
mujjo full leather wallet case deal february 2023 iphone 14 lifestyle

One of our favorite iPhone 14 cases is on sale right now

The Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case for iPhone 14 looks great while keeping your phone safe. It's on sale right now at Mujjo.
Samsung Galaxy S23 and iPhone 14.

Samsung Galaxy S23 vs. iPhone 14: Apple’s grip is starting to slip

The Galaxy S23 is here, but how does Samsung's latest entry-level flagship compare with Apple's more established iPhone 14?
Erasing items in Magic Eraser.

The Pixel 7’s best camera trick is coming to the iPhone and all Android phones

Do you wish you had Magic Eraser on your non-Pixel Android phone or even your iPhone? Now you can, if you subscribe to Google One.
A render of the iPhone 15 from 9to5Mac showing off the dynamic island, bigger display.

First iPhone 15 renders reveal a surprising display upgrade

The first concrete iPhone 15 renders have dropped. They reveal that the Dynamic Island is coming, as is an unexpected display upgrade.
Green dot on an iPhone 14 Pro.

Green and orange dots on your iPhone? Here’s what they really mean

Many iPhone users are noticing green and orange dots appearing on the top of their screens. Luckily, understanding what they mean is very straightforward.
The screen of the MacBook Air M2.

Apple just made a huge move to power up your next MacBook

Apple has reportedly bought up the entire supply of TSMC’s 3-nanometer chips, potentially giving your next iPhone or Mac a massive boost versus rival devices.
OtterBox OtterGrip case on an iPhone 14 Pro on a Walt Disney Studios phone holder with an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit nuiMos dressed up

I used OtterBox’s new OtterGrip iPhone case — and I’m in love

OtterBox's new OtterGrip case has an integrated phone grip that doesn't interfere with your iPhone's MagSafe compatibility, and it's amazing.
An original 2007 iPhone sealed in its original box.

Someone just paid over $60,000 for this ultra-rare iPhone

Well-kept, historically significant Apple devices sell for a lot of money at auction — and this rare iPhone set a new record with its selling price.
Dynamic Island Spotify Chaiyya Chaiyya song.

5 months later, the iPhone 14 Pro’s Dynamic Island isn’t what I expected

About five months ago, Apple introduced us to the Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro. And since then, it hasn't gone at all how I expected.
Folding iPhone concept from iOS Beta News.

iPhone Flip: what we know about Apple’s first foldable phone

When will Apple release a foldable iPhone and what will it look like? Here's everything we know about the mythic iPhone Flip.
Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra vs. iPhone 14 Pro Max: Apple better watch out

Samsung has unveiled the top-of-the-line Galaxy S23 Ultra. How does it stack up against Apple's flagship iPhone 14 Pro Max?
iPhone 14 Pro with custom home screen on Mickey Mouse phone holder next to flowers

I review phones for a living — here are the 10 apps I can’t live without

My job is all about mobile phones, but what are the must-have apps I need to download first on a new device? Let's find out!
iPhone 15 Pro CAD render

This could be the iPhone 15 Pro, and you won’t believe the camera

Here's a first look at what the iPhone 15 Pro could look like, based on an early CAD model rendering.
Sample of new emoji coming in iOS 16.4

Apple’s iOS 16.4 beta brings new emoji, web app notifications, and more

Apple just released the first iOS 16.4 beta to developers and public testers. It includes a lot of new features.
iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 16 notifications compared to Google Pixel 7 with Android 13 notifications

Using an Android phone showed me just how bad iOS notifications really are

iOS has never been great at notifications, but after using Android devices, I can't get over just how bad they really are.
iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 16 with custom home screen

Ranking all 16 iOS versions, from worst to best

We've gone through 16 versions of iOS so far. But ever wonder which was the worst and which is the best? We've ranked all 16 iOS versions here.
Apple AirPods Pro 2 inside their charging case, sitting on back of an iPhone 14.

The iPhone 15 may finally get reverse wireless charging — but I don’t want it

Apple continues to drag its feet when it comes to reverse wireless charging, but at this point, I'm not even sure I care anymore.
Apple AirPlay 2 control center.

Apple AirPlay 2: the wireless audio and video streaming tech fully explained

Airplay 2 is available on a growing list of devices. We explain what it is, how it's different from its predecessor, and how to take advantage of it.
Lock screen widget for iOS 16.

iOS 16.3.1 fixes major bugs for your iPhone — and introduces a new one

Apple just released iOS 16.3.1 to fix some major security vulnerabilities and bugs, but in the process, it introduced a brand new problem.
A modded iPhone with a Lightning and USB-C port on the bottom.

This may be the strangest iPhone mod we’ve ever seen

Watch this engineer build an iPhone 12 Mini with both a lightning and a USB-C port ahead of Apple's iPhone 15 launch.
Someone holding a purple iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iOS 16 has ruined the best thing about my iPhone, and I hate it

The iPhone 14 Pro Max has never been the battery champ that the iPhone 13 Pro Max was. But recent iOS 16 updates have only made it worse.
Someone holding the OnePlus 11 and iPhone 14 Pro side-by-side.

I can’t believe how our OnePlus 11 vs. iPhone 14 Pro camera test turned out

The iPhone 14 Pro is one of the best camera phones in 2023. How does the $699 OnePlus 11 stack up to it? A lot better than you might think!
A concept of an iPhone 15 Ultra by Jonas Daehnert on Twitter

I love (and hate) this stunning iPhone 15 Ultra concept

One Twitter user has come up with a cool concept for the rumored iPhone 15 Ultra, and if it looks anything like this, I'd definitely buy it!
The iPhone 14 Pro Max standing against a tree outside.

Apple hints at cunning plan to make you spend even more on an iPhone

Wallets at the ready? Apple's Tim Cook may have just signaled that an upcoming, even more expensive iPhone model will launch in the future.
A person holding the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

This Galaxy S23 Ultra case gives Samsung users a huge iPhone 14 feature

Galaxy S23 Ultra cases are already in full swing, and this one brings one of the best iPhone 14 features to Samsung users: MagSafe.
Holding the green Samsung Galaxy S23.

How the Galaxy S23 copies the iPhone, and why it’s great

With yesterday's Galaxy S23 announcement, Samsung showed yet another way it's copying Apple's iPhone — and we love it.
A Crash Detection alert on the iPhone 14.

iPhone’s Crash Detection is still firing off false calls

The Crash Detection feature on the iPhone 14 and newer Apple Watches is continuing to cause issues for first responders based in ski resorts and elsewhere.
best iphone car mounts

The best iPhone car mounts in 2023: top 10 best ones you can buy

The ideal iPhone car mount can securely hold your device and keep it in sight without blocking your view of the road. These are the best options for everyone.
The iPhone 14 Pro's camera module.

My iPhone 14 Pro camera is ruined, and it’s all Apple’s fault

I love my iPhone 14 Pro, but the camera is something I fight with every day. And Apple is the one to blame.
An iPhone 14 Pro Max with the display turned on. We see the Home Screen and Pixel Pals running in the Dynamic Island.

Trading in your iPhone with Apple? You’ll get less than yesterday

For the second time in two months, Apple has reduced the trade-in values of many of its iPhone, along with a number of other products.
iPhone 14 Pro with Widgy and Siri Suggested apps widget on a home screen

This Apple leaker just revealed tons of changes for iOS 17 and iPhone 15

iOS 17 and the iPhone 15 will be here before you know. Now, an Apple leaker has confirmed a few key details about them both.
The Unity 2023 wallpaper on an iPhone.

How to get Apple’s Black History Month 2023 wallpapers for your iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple's iOS 16.3 and watch OS 9.3 are here with new wallpapers to celebrate Black History Month. Here's how to get them!