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If you like Samsung phones, you need to be ready for July 10

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Fold 4, and Galaxy Z Flip 5 resting on a table.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Although Samsung hasn’t officially announced the date, we’ve gotten more indications about when the next Samsung Unpacked Event will be held.

According to The Chosun Daily, it’s going to be Wednesday, July 10, in Paris. The date has long been rumored, so this latest news is unsurprising. Still, it’s good to get confirmation from another source on the same date. At this point, it’s all but set in stone that July 10 is the day to look forward to.

Like previous summer events, the next Samsung Unpacked event will likely focus on the company’s foldable smartphones; this year, that’s the Galaxy Z Flip 6 and  Galaxy Z Fold 6. The long-rumored Galaxy Watch 7 should also make an appearance, as should Samsung’s new Galaxy Ring.

Samsung typically announces new products in August, but doing it earlier on the calendar and in Paris this year makes sense. Paris is the location of this year’s Summer Olympic Games, which kick off July 26. The Olympics are a prime time for companies to advertise new products, and Samsung is no exception.

Leaked render of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6.
Galaxy Z Flip 6 render SmartPrix and OnLeaks

The overall look of the Galaxy Z Flip 6 is likely to be similar to the current Galaxy Z Flip 5, though some improvements will be made to its durability. Although it’s entirely possible Samsung will stick with a 3.9-inch cover display on the new Galaxy Z Flip, at least one rumor says it could be bigger.

Things could get most interesting with the Galaxy Z Fold 6. For the first time, Samsung is expected to announce two Galaxy Z Fold models this year: a regular one and an “Ultra” version. Both models could launch with larger display sizes and improved cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra square dial leaked render.
Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra render OnLeaks & SmartPrix

The upcoming Galaxy Watch 7 series may also introduce an Ultra version. The Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra is expected to replace the Classic version and feature a squarish design, significantly departing from previous models.

If the Unpacked event is on July 10, we can anticipate Samsung releasing all the new products before the end of July or by the beginning of August at the latest. Typically, the company releases new products just weeks after they are announced. If you’re a Samsung fan, it’s almost your time to shine.

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