Got a spare six seconds? Vine is now out on Windows Phone


One of Windows Phone’s great problems lies inside the Windows Phone Store, or rather, doesn’t lie in the store, as several big-name apps popular on iOS and Android simply aren’t available for Microsoft’s mobile operating system. It’s an issue which is slowly being resolved, and today another void has been filled, as Twitter has released its fun short video app Vine for the OS.

While the app has been given that familiar Windows Phone look, its features and operation remain almost unchanged over its sister apps. You still get to tap and hold the screen to shoot your footage, while releasing your finger stops the recording. You can use either the rear or the forward facing camera, and you’ve got six seconds to create your masterpiece.

It wouldn’t be a fully fledged Windows Phone app if it didn’t have Live Tile support, and sure enough, you can pin a fast access tile to your Start screen, along with shortcuts to your favorite Vine users. Windows Phone’s standard camera app will get a “connect to Vine” feature, and all the usual sharing options are ready to use so you can annoy everyone on your Twitter feed. The new editing feature doesn’t seem to be included though.

Vine’s arrival on Windows Phone isn’t a surprise, as it was one of the new apps announced during Nokia World at the end of October, along with Flipboard, Temple Run 2, FIFA 14, and of course, Instagram. We have a feeling Twitter must be pleased to have got in before the Facebook-owned Instagram app finally shows up.

The app is free to download, and you’ll either need a Twitter account or your email address to sign-in. Here’s a link to Vine in the Windows Phone Store, to save some precious seconds searching for it, which could be better used making a video.