Amazon Prime is being offered at an aggressive discount in India

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Amazon Prime, which includes Amazon Prime Video, is about to give Netflix a run for its money. Quite literally.

As per recent reports, Amazon is looking to make headway in India, and it’s doing so by offering some of its lowest prices ever. In fact, as an introductory offer, Amazon is giving Indian subscribers a chance to buy a year-long subscription to Prime (which will include Prime Video) for just 499 rupees, or $7.50. Compare that to what customers in the U.S. and U.K. pay, which is $9 a month for Prime Video, or alternatively, $11 a month for Amazon Prime as a whole. Consumers in India, on the other hand, are getting the on-demand streaming service for what is effectively a few cents a month.

While the video service is not yet available in India, it’s expected that the launch is imminent. As per various reports and content partnership announcements from Amazon India, we can expect a rollout within the next few weeks.

But if you’re in the U.S. or U.K., don’t feel like you’re getting too ripped off. After all, users in these two markets enjoy a whole host of benefits, like free two-day shipping, music streaming service, unlimited books on Kindle, and free unlimited storage. Those in India, however, are only able to access one-day and two-day package delivery, and early notice regarding online deals. It’s still unclear as to what other membership perks those in India will enjoy.

Also unclear is how long the $7.50 a year introductory offer will last, or even what content will be offered, but it’s certainly significantly cheaper than Netflix in the country, where the service sets users back $7.50 … a month.

So get ready, India. Netflix and Amazon Prime will likely start their battle to win your loyalty very, very soon, and you’re the ones who stand to benefit.

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