Arrested Development Vets Reunite in Viral Ad Series

arrested development vets reunite in viral ad series tv show image jason bateman will arnett 01

Although it isn’t the Arrested Development reunion fans have been clamoring for, this mat be the next best thing until the movie (supposedly) comes out next year. Bateman and Arnett have created the company DumbDumb, and teamed up to create a series of viral advertisements, the first is for Wrigley’s Orbit gum brand.

The video is number one of three proposed viral videos called “Dirty Shorts”. The first is entitled “The Prom Date”, and the next two videos are expected later this month.

Although things are still a bit up in the air, an Arrested Development movie has been announced for 2011. In an interview with MTV, Michael Cera said that the movie might begin shooting later this year, but so far no firm details have been announced.