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Watch the teaser for HBO's new stoner comedy 'High Maintenance'

Fans of the popular Vimeo web series High Maintenance have long known that it is headed to HBO, and it finally feels like we’re getting closer to its premiere. No official date has yet been announced since the premium network picked up the pot-centric indie comedy over a year ago, but HBO did recently confirm it will debut this fall. On top of that, the network has finally released the first teaser, in all its blazing glory.

The short preview offers a glimpse at the show’s characters, an assorted group of people living the high life (in at least one sense) in New York City. Aside from dwelling in the same metropolitan area, they are all connected by the fact that they share the same cannabis dealer. Through their friendly “weed guy,” known simply as “The Guy” (played by Ben Sinclair), viewers get a look at the eccentric characters, their lives, and of course their neuroses.

With HBO on board, High Maintenance episodes will now be longer — 30 minutes, to fit a common network format — during its upcoming six-episode season. The added time allows more characters to be involved, as Rolling Stone points out. The show’s budget has likely increased as well, which would explain the teaser’s more sophisticated look.

In the preview, we see The Guy’s busy delivery operation. He is shown biking around the city at various times of day, making stops at the homes of people from all walks of live, from young adults to senior citizens. It is clear that his goods are in high demand and that he plays an interesting role in his clients’ lives, setting up compelling and often comical storylines.

The comedy is written by its creators, the husband-and-wife duo of Sinclair and Katja Blichfeld. Both also executive produce alongside Russel Gregory.

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