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Buccaneers vs Eagles live stream: Can you watch for free?

Wild Card Weekend is here, with one of the more exciting matches pitting the Philadelphia Eagles versus the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Eagles are on a bit of a cold streak coming into this game, with an initial record of 10-1 now sitting at 11-6 after a string of defeats. The Buccaneers, on the other hand, are looking pretty strong coming off a win against the Carolina Panthers. The big question is, who will win this Wild Card game? It’s anyone’s guess, but certainly, the best way to watch is going to be live.

Eagles vs Buccaneers is in one hour, at 8:00 p.m. ET today, January 15. If you’re curious how you can watch the Buccaneers vs Eagles live stream, and where to tune in, this guide is your goal post. Moreover, we may even have a lead on how you can watch the Buccaneers vs Eagles live stream for free.

The best way to watch the Buccaneers vs Eagles

Sling TV app icon on Apple TV.
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Since the Buccaneers vs Eagles game will be broadcast on ABC and ESPN, that limits your options a little. It depends on what services support these channels. The good news is that ESPN is fairly common. Of course, one of the best ways to watch is with Sling TV, an online streaming service that mimics the cable TV broadcast setup. You can fully cut the cord but still tune in to your favorite channels, which is a win-win. Save some money, but still watch what you want and when. Sling offers two plans, Sling Blue and Sling Orange, but the one you’ll want is Orange with ESPN and over 30 additional channels. Sling Blue does include ABC in select markets if you’d rather go that route. Both plans are $40 per month, with no annual contracts. You can get your first month for just $15. Sling Orange allows you to stream on one device at a time, while Blue allows up to three devices at a time. Or, you can add both for $55 per month to enjoy all 46 Orange and Blue channels, along with 22 extras for good measure.

Perfect for watching NFL, NBA, and more, you can score 50% off your first month of live TV with Sling TV.

Is there a free Buccaneers vs Eagles live stream?

World Series on FuboTV.

As you already know the broadcast channels — ESPN and ABC — there is another way to watch the Buccaneers vs Eagles live stream, and that’s through Fubo TV, now just called Fubo. Typically, Fubo costs $80 per month for 121 channels, including ABC and ESPN, but there’s a neat little trick you can use to watch free. Are you ready for this? Fubo has a free trial, so you can watch for up to seven days or a full week without paying a dime. As long as you sign up before this Wild Card game, you’ll be able to tune in totally free. You don’t need to pay upfront, either. Just sign up, install the app on the devices where you want to watch, and off you go. If you don’t cancel before the trial is over, that $80 per month subscription will kick in, however.

How to watch the Buccaneers vs Eagles live stream from anywhere

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If you’ve ever tried to stream from American services while abroad, then you already know it’s not possible, at least with most of them. This is because they geo-restrict or block access through your current IP. When you connect to the internet from an IP outside your home country, they can see this. One way to circumvent this problem is with a virtual private network or VPN, which assigns you a remote IP. Our top recommendation for this is NordVPN, which is currently offering some great deals. You can get up to 67% off select plans, which puts the middle tier or Plus plan at just over $4 per month. For the first two years, that would normally be $254, but with this deal, it’s heavily discounted to $105.

With NordVPN, you can circumvent those restrictions and watch Fubo, Sling TV, and even Netflix and other services while abroad. But also, you benefit from increased privacy and anonymity, as your regular IP is masked, with a lot of digital and online tracking thrown off your trail.

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