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How to watch Fury Files online: stream the new Marvel show for free

Perhaps the most impressive power of a superhero film is getting audiences to continually flock to theaters. Marvel Studios’ contributions play a huge role in keeping box offices healthy and alive. But with the physical movie-going option temporarily on hold — and Marvel’s next slated large-screen offering, Black Widow, having been pushed to the fall — it has released a new animated show to scratch our itch for superhero action: Fury Files.

Blending animation and motion comic art, and said to employ recycled bits from the shows The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, and X-Men: The Animated Series, Fury Files relates details taken from Fury’s top-secret dossiers, starting with reports on kung-fu-wielding hero Iron Fist and ending with Hulk villain The Leader. Chi McBride provides the voice of Fury, a character popularly embodied by Samuel L. Jackson in the movies.

Here’s how to watch Fury Files online.

How To Watch Fury Files Online In The U.S.

Fury Files is available exclusively on Disney+. New customers wanting to get their mitts on Fury’s top-secret dossiers don’t need to part with any cash: There’s a one-week Disney+ free trial on offer. Just keep in mind that this will turn into a $7-per-month subscription when the taster comes to an end.

Access through the free trial isn’t restricted to Fury Files, though. It offers unlimited access to Disney+ for a week. That’s right — you’ll be able to watch The Simpsons online, as well as all the best-loved movies in Disney’s collection like Iron Man and Toy Story without having to hand over a dime.

Those after a little more — something with live sports and entertainment to boot — ought to turn their attention to the Disney+ Bundle once their trial is up. This sees both ESPN+ and Hulu added to their subscription for only $13 per month. That’s $3 less than it costs to subscribe to the trio individually.

Archival show vs new content?

Many reports have alluded to Fury Files as a “new” series, while others say that it in fact from the archives, initially airing on Disney+’s VOD precursor Disney XD in 2012-2013, and having been for a period available on Marvel’s YouTube channel. Details have all been strangely unclear, and Disney’s press materials themselves shed no real light.

It’s also unclear if all episodes will be immediately available or rolled out over time. (There were a total of 21 episodes over two seasons in 2012- 2013.) But this mystery—as well as the one of whether this series is a blast from the past or if Disney is offering a nice surprise of having created additional seasons, perhaps with extended episodes—can now be solved. And if any disappointments arise, at least some certified new content will arrive shortly thereafter, when season 2 of Marvel’s Future Avengers debuts on May 22.

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