Say hello to The Wolf Pack in new trailer for Orphan Black Season 3

As if Sarah and her clone sisters didn’t have enough trouble, now the boys are back in town. And we’re not talking about the Thin Lizzy track.

BBC America has debuted a new trailer for the upcoming third season of Orphan Black, the hit series about a woman who discovers she’s far from being one of a kind.

Titled “The Wolf Pack,” the preview of the new season puts the focus on Project: Castor, the [SPOILER ALERT] counterpart to the cloning experiment that produced Sarah and the rest of her fellow clones. The only difference? These clones were all male and raised in a military institution, fully aware of each other’s existence and trained to work together.

And now they’re hunting their sisters.

Ari Millen plays the “brothers” of Project: Castor, whose personalities are just as varied as those of Sarah and her sister clones, and possibly more dangerous.

For those who have yet to enter the rabbit hole that is Orphan Black, now is as good a time as any to dive into the series from the starting point. Both of the first two seasons are available on Amazon’s Instant Video platform, and though you’ve now been let in on the secret, it’s still a brilliant ride that’s as addictive as any other thriller you’ll find online or otherwise.

Now entering its third season, many have pointed to the critically praised series’ lack of Primetime Emmy Award nominations — particularly for Maslany — one of the most conspicuous snubs from award committee the last two years.

The third season of Orphan Black premieres Saturday, April 18, at 9pm ET on BBC America.