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Things get strange in Prime Video’s first Paper Girls teaser

For nearly three years, Amazon Prime Video has been developing the Paper Girls comic book as a live-action series. Now, Prime Video has quietly dropped the first teaser from the adaptation of Brian K. Vaughan and artist Cliff Chiang’s original story. And if the visuals and Synthwave music give you Stranger Things vibes, then it’s not a coincidence. This is a sci-fi show that starts off fairly grounded in the late ’80s. From there, things will get very strange indeed.

The teaser video is very short, and it only offers the briefest of glimpses of the four main characters. First is Camryn Jones’ Tiffany Quilkin, a young woman who takes her paper route seriously and only treats it as a job, not a calling. After Tiffany, we see Fina Strazza’s KJ Brandman, and she can’t hide her bitterness about the way her life has turned out. Sofia Rosinsky’s Mac Coyle is the third girl in the video, and she seems to be disturbed by her capacity for violence. Finally, Riley Lai Nelet’s Erin Tieng insists that she isn’t like the other girls. She has people who count on her.

Get ready. @PaperGirlsPV goes from page to screen on @PrimeVideo soon. #PaperGirls

— Prime Video (@PrimeVideo) May 7, 2022

These perfectly ordinary girls get caught up in the adventure of a lifetime on November 1, 1988, when their paper route puts them in the crosshairs of a time war. From there, the girls will travel through time to the past, present, and future. They will even meet themselves and discover how their lives turned out. But they may not like what they find when they see beyond tomorrow.

Vaughan and Chiang are executive producing the Paper Girls series alongside Christopher Cantwell, Christopher C. Rogers, and Dede Gardner. Brad Pitt is also an executive producer on the show through his production company, Plan B Entertainment.

Amazon Prime Video hasn’t set a date for Paper Girls‘ premiere. But the very existence of the teaser suggests that the show may be only a few months away.

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