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The best Spanish series available on Amazon Prime Video

The diversification of Amazon and the high financial leverage has led the streaming company to be a leader (along with Netflix and others) in broadcasting and producing diverse content for all ages and tastes. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month 2020, we bring you the best Spanish-language series available on Amazon Prime Video for you to enjoy on these dates.

Like other listings, we will be feeding this article with new content so that you can find an interesting production, without having to activate the subtitles.

Bread and Circus

In addition to being the producer, Mexican actor Diego Luna hosts a series of talks with different social actors to discuss all kinds of issues, such as gender violence, the environment, legalization of abortion, racism, and identity, and the war on drugs. Besides, the discussion table features a variety of dishes prepared by renowned chefs. In its first season, Bread and Circus has an exposure of more than 200 countries and territories where Prime Video is present.

The Pack

Directed by the acclaimed Lucía Puenzo (XXY), along with Nicolás Puenzo, Marialy Rivas and Sergio Castro, Amazon’s original Chilean series addresses the disappearance of a young girl in a Catholic school, which becomes the center of a police investigation that exposes a deadly online game, as it recruits men to commit acts of violence against women. Exclusively for Prime Video users in Spain and Latin America, the production has among its main cast Daniela Vega (A Fantastic Woman-Una mujer fantástica), Antonia Zegers (The Dogs-Los perros), and Maria Gracia Omegna (Young and Crazy-Joven y alocada)

Hispanic Heritage Month 2020
To celebrate the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the cultural, historical, and technological achievements of the United States, Digital Trends has put together this collection of exclusive features and in-depth reporting from our industry-leading Digital Trends Español team — translated for your convenience, of course. SEE MORE
Hispanic Heritage Month

The President

The real game is off the field. That is the premise that sustains this series based on real facts, mainly what has to do with the so-called FIFA Gate, the corruption scandal in which the maximum entity of international soccer was involved. The president focuses on Sergio Jadue, a director of a humble club in Chile who soon becomes a key player in the scandal. The main cast consists of Andrés Parra, Paulina Gaitán, and Karla Souza.


Although the opposite is portrayed on the various social networks, no one can have a perfect life, even for film and television actors. In the fictional series based on her life, the Mexican Ana de la Reguera touches on themes such as sexuality, loneliness, the pursuit for stability of a woman about to reach her forties, and the longed-for universe of Hollywood, from a point of view that allows her to laugh at herself. In addition to starring in this installment, De la Reguera also serves as director, producer, and writer.

Small Coincidences

This is the first original Spanish series of Prime Video, a comedy. The story follows Marta, a wedding dresses designer, and Javi, a food critic, who both enjoy their bachelorhood, each with their unique style, but do not rule out the fact of meeting their better half. It also seems that both agree on not to have children… well, at least in the beginning. Two seasons are available on the platform, and the third and final one is expected in 2021.

The Game of the Keys

Life as a couple can sometimes get a little monotonous, so it’s always worth trying new experiences. This seems to be the premise behind The Game of the Keys. In the story, a quartet of young heterosexual couples, who friends of each other, enter into a seemingly innocent sexual game. However, in the process some “secrets” are discovered that had been kept hidden for some time, mainly to maintain the happiness of its members. For the enjoyment of those who saw the first season, Prime Video has already renewed the series for two more seasons.

Sergio Ramos’ heart

This docu-series could have been made for Real Madrid fans and for those who admire the captain of the white team: Sergio Ramos. The camera goes into the player’s house to show what he is passionate about off the soccer field, so there are also views of his family and his hobbies, such as music and horses. The production is set in the 2018-2019 season of La Liga.

Guardian Devil

Based on the book of the same name written by Mexican Xavier Velasco, with which he won the Alfaguara Prize in 2003, Guardian Devil is a story that follows Violetta, a young woman who flees to New York after stealing thousands of dollars from her parents. Her journey will not be easy, or at least she does not want it to be so, as she soon falls into the clutches of “Nefas”, her executioner. At the other end, her protector is “Pig”, a writer obsessed with finding a story to tell. The streaming video platform has two seasons of this series.


This Spanish television production is based on the life of Queen Isabella I of Castile, also known as Isabella the Catholic. The first season, with 13 episodes, spans from 1461 to 1474; it tells part of the character’s childhood, her marriage to Ferdinand the Catholic, and her difficult journey to the throne of Castile. Prime Video also includes the other two seasons of this series, which has received favorable reviews internationally and has been exported to more than 80 countries. Michelle Jenner stands out in the role of the queen.


Likewise, for those who love series based on historical facts, there is Hernán, a production that planned its premiere (2019) as part of the 500th anniversary of the fall of Tenochtitlan. The story spans from the arrival of Hernán Cortés to the Mexican coast to the defeat suffered by the Mexicas. However, each of the episodes is narrated from the perspective of each of the main characters. Hernán was renewed for a second season.

LOL: Last One Laughing

To close this list, Eugenio Derbez confronts 10 Mexican comedians gathered in a house; the objective is to eliminate the others by making them laugh. The prize for those who resist until the end is $1 million pesos. Some of the participating comedians are Álex Fernández, Michelle Rodríguez, Daniel Sosa, Carlos Ballarta, Álex Montiel, and “La Chupitos”. Prime Video has two seasons of LOL: Last One Laughing.

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