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Hispanic Heritage Month


To celebrate the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the cultural, historical, and technological achievements of the United States, Digital Trends has put together this collection of exclusive features and in-depth reporting from our industry-leading Digital Trends Español team  — translated for your convenience, of course.

Characters hugging each other in the 2018 film Roma.

5 movies to watch for Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month goes from September 15 to October 15, so here are five incredible, thoughtful, and thought-provoking movies you can watch to celebrate.
Tenoch Huerta Mejía holds a spear as Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Namor makes his debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but was he worth the wait?

Diego Luna looks behind him while walking down a street in a scene from Andor.

With the Star Wars series Andor, Diego Luna finally steps into the spotlight

hands holding a Nubank card

The 5 most successful Hispanic tech startups in the world

Hispanic Heritage Month

10 Hispanic and Latino creators you should follow immediately

a stylized version of the nasa logo

Meet the bold and brilliant Latinos of NASA

Aztech Video Game

10 Hispanic game studios you need to know

Happy couple buying a new car during the pandemic

Test drives and cell phone shopping make or break car sales for U.S. Hispanics

Costa Rican astronaut and physicist Franklin Chang explains the evolution of his plasma engine project, which would allow future missions to Mars, at his company Ad Astra Rocket

The best tech inventions developed by Latinos

WhatsApp messaging app

How WhatsApp became the go-to messaging app for U.S. Latinos

2020 Toyota RAV4 TRD Off-Road

These are the favorite cars of Hispanic Americans

illustration of hands using tablets and smartphones

Meet the most influential Hispanic people in the world of tech

Hispanic Heritage Month

Why do we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

Here's why we celebrate the contributions and influence of Hispanic Americans to the cultural, historical, and technological achievements of the United States.
canela tv streaming service for hispanics isabel rafferty canelatv 2 720x720

How Canela.TV, the streaming service for Hispanics, was born

Canela Media seeks to help Latinos discover or remember their roots and feel very proud of them. The platform reaches more than 20 million Hispanics.
best podcasts in spanish tomas va a morir 2 720x720

The best podcasts in Spanish you can listen to right now

From humor to psychology, including journalism, current affairs, feminism, film, and lifestyle, some of the best podcasts are in Spanish -- and there is plenty of material to cull from!
how to watch mr robot online amazon prime video

The best Spanish series available on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has an extensive list of productions in Spanish. In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month 2020, we bring you the best Spanish-language series available on Amazon Prime Video for you to enjoy.
netflix in spanish ya no estoy aqui pelicula 1280x801

Netflix in Spanish: The best movies and series now available

In this Hispanic Heritage Month 2020, we bring you the best Spanish language series and movies available on your favorite platform, Netflix. So take a seat on your favorite couch and enjoy it.
amazon kindle apple ipad mini0sony wh xb900n noise canceling headphones deals back to school sales 2020 2019 review feat 3 72

Best free Kindle books in Spanish

These are the best free books for Kindle, the most popular ebook reader on the market, with thousands of titles on Amazon, Google Play and other sources.
how to unlock your iphone use with another carrier t mobile hq sign feat 720x720

T-Mobile joins the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration

T‑Mobile announced a series of initiatives to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month, which is celebrated annually in the U.S. from September 15 to October 15.
colombia allbreaker augmented reality imagen 3 720x720

Allbreaker, the Colombian firm that’s redefining augmented reality

Allbreaker CEO Omar Vanegas says the firm was born of the need to innovate and find new tools for AR. Can he help this nascent technology to truly explode?
vhista iphone app juan david cruz background 1

Engineer’s Vhista app helps blind people to move around the world

From Silicon Valley, Colombian Juan David Cruz tells us why he created the Vhista App, a tool that gives vision to the blind via the iPhone.
most influential hispanics in tech lilian rincon v2 768x768

Hispanic Heritage Month: Most influential Latinas in tech

Each year, Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated in the United States, beginning on September 15 and ending on October 15. Established in 1968, the celebration seeks to recognize the contributions and achievements of the Latin American community in this country.
most influential hispanic americans in hollywood 77th annual golden globe awards arrivals 2 1024x683

Most influential Hispanic Americans in Hollywood’s film industry

As part of the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, we introduce you to these celebrities who have stood out in the film industry, adding flavor to Hollywood, and making the Hispanic American community around the world proud.
siri alexa feminist reboot amazon

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Alexa

Beginning on September 15 and lasting a full month, Alexa celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month and recognizes the contributions of this vibrant community in the United States, as well as the influence of their ancestors from Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and Spain.
comcast hispanic heritage month 2020 digital flag 720x720

Hispanic Heritage Month: Here’s how Comcast is celebrating

To honor Hispanic Heritage Month, Comcast is offering thousands of hours of programming and a unique virtual experience.
most influential hispanics in tech latinxwomenandmenintech

The most influential Hispanic leaders in technology

As part of our ongoing coverage of Hispanic Heritage Month 2020, Digital Trends compiles a list every year of the most influential Hispanic leaders in the technology industry.
HBO Max logo on a tv screen.

Hispanic Heritage Month: HBO Max celebrates Latinos

To celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States, broadcasting network HBO Max will have a special schedule in which Latino artists will stand out.
why celebrate hispanic heritage month por que celebramos mes herencia hispana feat 720x720

Why do we celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month?

In 1968, Congress authorized Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson to proclaim National Hispanic Heritage Week -- but what does it mean to U.S. Hispanics today?
plex unveils lineup hispanic heritage month 2020 span live tv 3 720x720

Hispanic Heritage Month on Plex: More Spanish-language channels debuting

To increase the Latino presence on its platform, Plex just added more Spanish-language channels to its program schedule during Hispanic Heritage Month.
netflix hispanic heritage month lineup 2020 selena the series feat 768x768

Hispanic Heritage Month on Netflix: All the alternatives

Netflix has announced a sturdy program schedule to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month in the United States.