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3 rom-coms on Netflix you need to watch in March

Belmont Cameli and Emma Pasarow in Along for the Ride.
Netflix / Netflix

Sometimes, you need a feel-good movie to brighten your day. Rom-coms are the ideal films to watch if you’re looking for stories with love, friendship, and happy endings. Some of the best romantic comedies are streaming on Netflix. From teen romances and coming-of-age adventures to romantic dramas and heartfelt movies, there’s something for all fans on Netflix.

We narrowed down the list to make your decision easier. These are the three rom-coms on Netflix you need to watch in March. Our picks include a new rom-com from Trish Sie, a sports romance from 2000, and a charming teen love story.

Players (2024)

Four people stand and smile in Players.

To quote Coi Leray, “Girls is players, too.” In the new rom-com Players, Mack (Gina Rodriguez), a sports journalist, calls her best plays off the field. As a mastermind for hookups, Mack devises schemes for herself and her friends to use to score one-night stands. Mack only uses her rules for hookups, refusing to use her plays for a relationship.

That all changes with the arrival of Nick (Tom Ellis), a likable war correspondent. For the first time, Mack sees the endgame, and her target is Nick. Is this player capable of settling down? Mack needs her best friend, Adam (Damon Wayans Jr.), and the rest of their crew to execute one final game plan to win the biggest prize: love.

Stream Players on Netflix.

Love & Basketball (2000)

A guy holds a ball away from a girl on the basketball court.
New Line Cinema

Love & Basketball is the perfect fusion of sports and romance, aka a great movie for couples who can’t decide what to watch. With basketball drama, an endearing romance, and great chemistry between the two leads, what more could you want? Directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood (The Old Guard), this love story between Monica (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy (Omar Epps) is told in four quarters: childhood, high school, college, and post-college.

Monica and Quincy both aspire to play basketball professionally. Monica loves basketball, even though her mother doesn’t see it as a career. For Quincy, basketball runs in the family. Monica and Quincy drift apart, reconnect, fall in love, and break up before they reach their 20s. Despite their basketball careers taking them down different paths, they always seem to find each other.

Stream Love & Basketball on Netflix.

Along for the Ride (2022)

Eli and Auden talk in a bike shop in Along for the Ride.

Recent high school graduate Auden West (Emma Pasarow) elects to spend the summer with her father, Robert (Dermot Mulroney), in a small beach town. Auden has been a quiet introvert most of her life, so she sees this summer as an opportunity to escape her shell. However, Auden struggles to make friends upon arrival. Due to her insomnia, Auden elects to walk the streets at night when the town is dead.

One night, she meets Eli (Belmont Cameli), a BMXer with a mysterious past. Eli invites Auden on secret nightly adventures, and over time, she begins to open up and make up for the things she never did in high school. Along for the Ride is a sweet, endearing coming-of-age story about a journey of self-discovery with a satisfying ending.

Stream Along for the Ride on Netflix.

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