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2020 rad power bikes radrunner build it your way 2  1

2020 Rad Power Bikes RadRunner: Build it your way

Rad Power Bikes' retro moped-style RadRunner exemplifies the company's vision for e-bikes more than any previous models. When Rad designed the RadRunner, every decision, including features to add and those to leave out, was based on two principles: value and utility.
spincitis amsterdam e bike offers speed and range at an affordable price spinciti 1

Spinciti’s Amsterdam e-bike offers speed and range at an affordable price

Spinciti makes a splashy entry into the competitive e-bike market by introducing the Amsterdam, a model that offers three electric motor options, a high level of comfort, and a solid 50-mile range -- all at an affordable price that starts at $999. The Amsterdam is expected to ship in March 2020.
lyft to return its electric bikes san francisco after battery fires

Lyft to return its electric bikes to San Francisco after battery fires

Lyft is about to return its electric bikes to San Francisco after two battery fires in July 2019 forced it to take them off the street. The company said it plans to deploy 4,000 new e-bikes over the next six months in the Bay Area, adding hundreds each week starting in mid-December.
gazelle ultimate t10 electric bike review 5

Gazelle Ultimate T10 review: The best commuter ebike

Gazelle's Ultimate T10 is a practical commuting bike, yet it ups the ante with excellent design that races ahead of its boring competitors. Read our Gazelle Ultimate T10 electric bike review to decide if this is the commuter ebike for you.
2019 juiced bikes cityscrambler review 2  1

2019 Juiced Bikes CityScrambler review: Fast fat tire fun

Urban commuter e-bikes, e-mountain bikes, performance track bikes, cargo bikes, and folding e-bikes - we've tested them all. Now it's time for a fun e-bike. Enter Juiced Bikes' CityScrambler. Our review puts this fun fat tire bike to the ultimate test.
schwinn monroe 250 review schwinnmonroe250disc ry 4

Schwinn Monroe 250 review: Making me a fan

Schwinn has been a household name for as long as anyone can remember, but it's not one often associated with electric bikes. The Monroe 250 looks to change that, providing ample range and excellent rideability while making compromises that may not matter to the everyday commuter.
Vintage Shelby Electric e-bike 5

Vintage Electric honors Shelby with limited-edition e-bike for Cobra fans

Vintage Electric announced a new limited edition, high-performance e-bike just ahead of the November 15, 2019, theater release of Ford v Ferrari. The Vintage Electric Shelby is a 36-mph e-bike with paint, finishes, and design details closely fashioned after the auto builder's personal 289 Cobra.
rayvolts x one e bike is a rolling work of tech mobility art rayvolt xone 6

Rayvolt’s X One e-bike is a rolling work of tech mobility art

E-bike styles run the gamut from the most utilitarian to highly engineered performance bikes for track or mountain trails. Rayvolt's X One e-bike, currently in an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, combines futuristic design with new technologies in a highly stylized ride.
2020 ducati electric bicycle mountain bike range detailed mig s 3

Trail, road, or both? Ducati’s newly expanded e-bike range lets you choose

For Ducati, making bicycles isn't as random as it might seem -- the company started out building mopeds. Its 2020 range of e-bikes run on electricity, and the new lineup includes two mountain bikes, as well as a city bike. They're all headed for American showrooms in 2020.
Propella 3.0 electric bike

Propella 3.0 ebike review: Cheap thrills

The Propella 3.0 ebike is an evolutionary upgrade to an affordable ebike designed for urban commuters. The bike retains its signature styling and exceptoinal price, while upgrading its front fork for a smoother ride. Other changes include a new battery pack, LCD screen, and an optional suspension seat.
specialized turbo como 4 review 15

Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 Review: Comfortably quick

Specialized's Turbo Como 4.0 is a quick and comfortable ride that's perfect for your commute. It's more agile, and much faster, than you'd expect a commuter bike to be. It lacks the tech wizardry you might want from an ebike, but Specialized's 45 years of experience building bikes is obvious here.
GoCycle GX review

2019 Gocycle GX review: Carry me

Sleek, sophisticated, foldable, and portable urban transportation, that's the Gocycle GX. The GX is a Class 2 e-bike designed for people who live and work in the city. The essence of the GX goes beyond function to innovation, form, and style.
compact swytch kit converts any bike to an e for sustainable transport 6

Compact Swytch Kit converts any bike to an e-bike for sustainable transport

Swytch switched. Following up on its successful 2017 crowd-funded e-bike conversion kit launch, London-based Swytch Technology introduced a new model that is 50% lighter and 70% smaller than the original. CTO Dmitro Khroma says the team has created the "smallest and lightest e-Bike system that is possible."
tempo e bikes designed to replace cars as primary transportation carmel lifestyle  1

Tempo builds its e-bikes to replace cars as primary transportation

Is it practical or even possible to use an e-bike as your primary mode of transportation? According to Tempo Bicycles founder and CEO Van Nguyen, e-bikes can definitely take the place of cars for urban commuting and errands. Tempo e-bikes have mid-drive motors, carbon drive belts, and hydraulic disc brakes.
Rad Power Bikes RadMini

Rad Power Bikes RadMini review: Fat bike

If you're itching to buy an e-bike but overwhelmed by the types, brands, and price ranges, we have an easy solution: Buy the 2019 Rad Power Bikes RadMini fat tire folding e-bike. This e-bike is an incredible value at $1,499 including shipping.
juiced bikes scorpion moped style e bike packs performance safety and comfort two

Juiced Bikes Scorpion, a moped-style e-bike, packs performance, safety, comfort

Juiced Bikes announced the Scorpion, a retro moped-style e-bike with a 28 mph top speed and a riding range of 45 to 75 miles. Equipped with front and rear suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, and puncture-resistant 20 x 4-inch fat street tires, the Scorpion is available for pre-order starting today.
the karmic oslo looks like an eibike apple would design and build 3

The Karmic Oslo looks like an eibike Apple would design and build

Just launched on Kickstarter, the Karmic Oslo is an ebike/scooter hybrid that features very distinctive design elements that make it look like something Apple would build. The bike features a 250-watt motor, a 480 watt-hour battery, a range of 20 miles, integrated headlights and taillights, and other tech components.
swagtron eb12 review 1

Swagtron EB12 electric bike review: The bare necessities

Can you buy a good electric bike for $1,000? If you'd asked in 2017, the answer would've been no, but bikes like the Swagtron EB12 have pushed entry-level ebikes to new heights. Swagtron's bike isn't without sacrifices, but most of what's cut won't be missed.
gocycles new gxi electric bike can fold away in a mere 10 seconds gocycle 1

Gocycle’s new GXi electric bike can fold away in a mere 10 seconds

Gocycle's new GXi electric bike features a clean, sturdy design and can be folded into a compact package in just 10 seconds. Designed by a guy who used to work at supercar maker McLaren, the two-wheeler will be officially unveiled this week though won't go on sale until next year.
interior secretary bernhardt orders ebike access on federally owned land trail gettyimages 847807198

Interior Secretary Bernhardt orders ebike access on federally owned land

Department of the Interior Secretary David Bernhardt signed an order that allows ebike access on federal land. Effective immediately, ebike riders can travel anywhere conventional bicycles are allowed on federally managed public lands.
walmart slashes prices on electric bikes and razor e scooters for labor day 36 volt ecosmart metro scooter  1

Walmart slashes prices on electric bikes and Razor escooters for Labor Day

Whether used for commuting, beach cruising, trail riding, or just tooling around the neighborhood, ebike and escooter prices range from a few hundred dollars to almost $10,000. Walmart slashed prices on two Hyper E-Ride ebikes and three electric Razor scooters as part of its Labor Day sale.
bulls e stream evo fs 2 27 5 plus review feature

Bulls E-Stream EVO FS 2 27.5 Plus Review: Conquer tarmac and dirt with equal ease

Bulls E-Stream EVO FS 2 27.5 is a solid electric mountain bike, but its easy-going manners and pavement-friendly features make it a jack of all trades. Can this electric mountain bike also rule everyday riding?
first look at harley davidson ebike group shot

Here’s your first look at Harley-Davidson’s new line of ebikes

Harley-Davidson introduced a new line of prototype electric bicycles, giving us our first look at the iconic motorcycle company's ideas for the world of ebikes. While described as future concepts, the images are an intriguing preview of where the company could be going with its ebike design. 
versatile radrunner electric utility bike can carry a passenger or cargo 02

Versatile, affordable RadRunner electric bike can carry a passenger and cargo

Rad Power has launched a new ebike. The RadRunner is a combination of a two-seater moped and an electric cargo bike. It's meant to introduce more people to ebikes via an attractive price point and versatility. The RadRunner is the most adaptable ebike in the company's 12-year history.
vintage electric readies roadster speed merchant souped up ebike elpl6397  1

Vintage Electric readies the Roadster Speed Merchant, a souped-up ebike

Vintage Electric introduced the latest in its line of retro-styled premium performance ebikes for fall 2019. The Vintage Roadster gets its styling cues from classic board track racing motorcycles and its power from a 1,123-watt battery. With the optional Race Mode key, the Roadster has a top speed of 36 mph.
dominos launches e bike pizza delivery domino s

Domino’s swerves around traffic by expanding its ebike pizza delivery service

Your Domino’s pizza could now be delivered to you via ebike, according to an announcement from the pizza company. Through a partnership with Rad Power Bikes, Domino’s is hoping to solve the problems of traffic congestion and the difficulty of finding parking for those delivering pizza in a car.
former harley davidson engineer erik buells fuell fluid long range e bike 03  1

The Fuell Fluid is a long-range ebike fueled by its Harley-Davidson heritage

Fuell's Fluid performance urban mobility ebike is unique due to its heritage. Fuell's CTO is American Motorcycle Association Hall of Fame member Erik Buell, and its ebike is a product of Buell's dedication to speed, reliability, and style, designed to go farther and faster than its premium competitors.
specialized turbo ebikes creo 6

Specialized’s new road ebike will cure your range anxiety for good

Specialized Bikes has released a new line of ebikes that are lightweight, fast, and have an extended range of as much as 120 miles, eliminating range anxiety for riders who fear running out of battery on a long ride. Best of all, those batteries can recharge in as little as 2.5 hours, getting you on the road sooner.
bird cruiser ebike coming this summer 3

Bird Cruiser ebike, coming this summer, adds to urban micro-mobility alternatives

Bird, the Santa Monica-based micro-mobility escooter sharing company, has announced a new ride. Beginning in a few as-yet-unidentified cities this summer, Bird will add the Bird Cruiser ebike to its vehicle fleet. The Cruiser is an exclusive ebike designed and engineered by an unnamed California firm.
walmart slashes prices on hyper e ride electric hybrid bikes blue bike 700c wheels 2

Walmart slashes prices on electric hybrid bicycles for National Bike Month

Electric bikes can be economical, convenient, and fun. Heading into summer, Walmart slashed the prices for two pedal-assist Hyper E-ride Mountain Electric Hybrid Bikes by 40%. Pedal-assist and electric-only bikes and scooters come in many styles, sizes, and price ranges. We found a variety of e-rides for under $1,000.
Propella 2.2 ebike review

Propella 2.2 eBike Review

Propella’s ebike is an affordable entry-level model that is lightweight be electric bike standards. It offers pedal assist up to 18 miles per hour, has a range of 20-40 miles depending on the mode you select, and a unique design that helps it stand out from the crowd. Perhaps most importantly however is that it rides much more like a traditional bike than most electric models, even with the rear-hub drive turned off.
coleen ebike available for pre order 01

Coleen ebike bridges functional performance and luxury design at a premium price

Coleen, a startup French ebike manufacturer, originally unveiled its unisex luxury design ebike at CES 2019 in January. Today Coleen announced it is accepting pre-orders for two editions: Mariniere for maritime-inspired city dwellers and Opale for people who prefer a design that mixes wilderness and urban centers.
electra cafe moto go ebike 28 mph with carbon belt drive 1160x648

Café racer-inspired ebike hits 28 mph quickly and quietly with carbon belt drive

Ebike manufacturer Electra launched the Café Moto Go, an advanced ebike. The Café Moto Go's step-over frame was inspired by café racer motorcycles. The Café Moto Go is a premium performance ebike built to run smoothly and extra quietly with a carbon belt drive system and a continuously variable hub.
Yamaha Wabash gravel ebike

Yamaha’s Wabash ebike takes on gravel, single track, and more

With its new Wabash ebike, Yamaha has catered to the two fastest growing segments of the cycling industry: Electric and gravel bikes. The do-anything, go-anywhere Wabash is built to take on pavement, gravel, mud, single track, sand, and more. It's 500-watt battery and motor has plenty of range for all-day adventures.