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Someone using the Moto G Stylus 5G (2024).

What is 5G? Speeds, coverage, comparisons, and more

Is there really a big difference between 5G and 4G mobile data? We’ll answer that question and many others in this all-you-need-to-know 5G guide.
mediatek rick tsai interview 5g soc notepad

MediaTek hikes 4G chipset prices by 15% as supply chain woes continue

mobvoi ticwatch pro 4glte review 4g lte 20

Mobvoi’s new TicWatch Pro 4G/LTE smartwatch lasts 2 to 30 days with a catch

best tiny houses

Will 5G fix America’s rural broadband woes? We asked the experts


5G’s promises are real, but like 4G LTE the full rollout will take time

garmin vivoactive 3 music verizon 4g lte ces 2019 lifestyle

Garmin’s updated Vivoactive 3 adds Verizon 4G LTE for always-on connectivity

A stylus on the Samsung Chromebook Plus.

Enjoy the internet anywhere with LTE on the new Samsung Chromebook Plus v2

4G/5G cellular tower against blue sky.

U.S. stays in fifth in global 4G availability rankings, increases in 4G speed

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 Review front full

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 review

virtual reality

5G to reach a billion people by 2023, with VR and AR firing up development


Keep an eye on your pet or child with Fynd, the 4G LTE tracking device

duraxv lte

The DuraXV LTE is a sturdy flip phone bound for Verizon’s airwaves

Surface Pro 2017

Leak at Ignite 2017 suggests when the Surface Pro 2017 LTE model will land

During Microsoft's Ignite 2017 conference, a representative said the LTE version of the Surface Pro 2017 2-in-1 will be made available soon.
Switching Center server lockers

When disaster strikes, this secret Verizon bunker keeps your phone working

Verizon's ultra-secure switching center in Yonkers, New York handles 300 million data connections every day. We took a tour to learn more.
T-Mobile storefront with corporate signage.

T-Mobile launched its 600MHz network, but no phone can take advantage of it

T-Mobile announced the rollout of its 600MHz network in early August. When fully deployed, it'll cover more than 321 million people.
Woman using phone on 4G speeds

Unlimited data plans are slowing down AT&T and Verizon 4G speeds

In the latest OpenSignal report, Verizon and AT&T have experienced a decline in 4G speeds after reintroducing unlimited plans.
4G/5G cellular tower against blue sky.

U.S. snags the fourth spot in global 4G availability rankings

The U.S. is ranked fourth in 4G availability, according to the latest OpenSignal report, bringing the nation six spots higher than last year.
duraxv lte

Verizon’s SmartHub packs 4G LTE and support for smart home devices

Need a hub to manage your automated devices and a 4G LTE router? Look no further than Verizon's new SmartHub.

Sprint's Magic Box is a tiny indoor cell tower that improves coverage

Suffering from spotty reception? Sprint has the solution: A tiny indoor cell tower that extends coverage up to 30,000 square feet.
qualcomm snapdragon wear 1200 android ces 2015 s booth 2 resized

Qualcomm 205 gives feature phones high-speed 3G LTE

Qualcomm's new Qualcomm 205 platform, which the company announced at a launch event in March, brings 4G LTE connectivity to low-end phones.
sprint ericsson gigabit mwc 2017 store headquarters hq building sign logo

Sprint will demonstrate super-fast wireless at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Sprint's teaming up with Ericsson to demonstrate a gigabit-speed wireless network. It's a precursor for the carrier's 5G ambitions.
uk drug enforcement phone shutdown smartune antenna tuners

Telstra’s superfast 1Gbps network lets you download an HD movie in three minutes

Australian carrier Telstra has taken the wraps off its 1Gbps network in Australia. It's fast enough to deliver an HD movie in minutes.
Smartphone-Future-0001 how to reduce your data usage

Following Cricket, U.S. Cellular's prepaid plans offer more data for the same prices

U.S. Cellular announced improvements to its prepaid plans that boost its high-speed data allotment for the same prices as before.
cricket switcher credit rsz 1cricket store  side view

Cricket customers now get more data for the same low price

The AT&T-owned prepaid carrier has announced it is increasing data allowances for several of its plans, without raising prices.
verizon drone 4g connectivity

Verizon will begin using drones to bring 4G connectivity in emergency areas

Verizon announced it will be using drones to test new ways to bring 4G connectivity to emergency areas.
5 ways Sprint can move on

Sprint's Unlimited Freedom nets you unlimited talk, text, data on 2 lines for $100

Sprint has unveiled a new data plan -- Unlimited Freedom. You can get two lines with unlimited talk, text, and data for $100 a month.
chevrolet 4glte more affordable with price cut chevy volt 4lte

Chevrolet cuts 4G LTE plan prices in half but still requires an active OnStar plan to qualify

Chevrolet cuts in-vehicle 4G LTE plans in half in a bid to make connected car plans more reasonable. However, does not increase data limits.
A sign outside of T Mobile headquarters.

T-Mobile’s Tourist Plan is an affordable, three-week data plan for visitors to the US

T-Mobile's Tourist Plan offers up to 2GB of 4G LTE data, 1,000 minutes of domestic calling, and unlimited texting to over 140 countries.

T-Mobile announces 4G LTE tower inside a router, available for Simple Choice customers

T-Mobile has announced a new way to expand 4G LTE in your home or business, removing the spotty connection from cell towers to your phone indoors.
The Microsoft Surface 3 with its blue keyboard.

Need 4G LTE on your tablet? Surface 3 has you covered

Microsoft has launched a new version of the Surface 3 tablet with support for 4G LTE networks, making it more versatile than ever before.
The Microsoft Surface 3 with its blue keyboard.

Update: 4G LTE-powered Microsoft Surface 3 launch imminent

Microsoft has announced that a mobile broadband-enabled Surface 3 will soon hit the market, beginning with availability to businesses and sales groups.
ee rook 4g smartphone news desk

This 4G LTE smartphone is only $60 bucks

LG Watch Urbane LTE

LG’s Urbane LTE is the coolest standalone smartwatch in town, but it’s super expensive

2015 Audi S3 Sportback dashboard

Good news, gadget lovers! Audi is expanding its U.S. 4G LTE options

Audi will now offer AT&T 4G LTE in the Q3 crossover, and owners will be able to add any car to a Mobile Share Plan.