Apple Store

Apple patents hint at improved Apple Store and unboxing experiences

It looks like Apple is working on ways to improve the Apple Store and product unboxing experiences. The company has been awarded a few patents, largely for tech that can be used in product packaging to ensure products stay charged.

Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts is leaving after five years in the job

Apple's retail boss is leaving the company in April after five years in the job. Angela Ahrendts, who joined Apple from Burberry, will be replaced by Deirdre O'Brien, who's been at the tech company for 30 years.

Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 now available on the Apple Store

The Beddit Sleep Monitor 3.5 is now available on the Apple Store for $150. The sensor strip, which is only 2 millimeters thin, automatically tracks a wide array of sleep data when placed under the user's sheets.

Apple opens new online store with discounts for veterans and active military

Apple has launched a dedicated online store for former and current members of the armed forces, as well as their immediate families. Those shopping at the store can enjoy a 10 percent discount on most of the company's products.

Apple aims to get kids into coding with free classes at its stores worldwide

Apple is back with its free coding classes for students. They start in December at all Apple Stores, with lessons introducing Swift, the programming language used by app developers around the world, and others linked to robotics.

Snatch-and-run Apple Store robbery ring busted in California

Apple's home state of California is cracking down on robbers who enter the tech giant's stores and snatch as many devices as possible before running off, with cops recently arresting 17 suspects in a special operation.

Apple Store Kyoto: Step inside the new retail space in Japan’s ancient capital

Yes there was hootin', yes there was hollerin', and yes there was high-fiving'. Apple opened its first store in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto on Saturday, August 25, and Digital Trends was there to cover it.

Apple Store shoppers in California tackle suspects, thwart robbery

Three robbers entered an Apple Store near Los Angeles last weekend and started grabbing iPhones, tablets, and computers from the display tables. But before they could escape, several shoppers managed to tackle them to the ground.

A few seconds cost an Apple store $27,000 worth of stolen merchandise

It took just seconds for a team of four thieves to make off with $27,000 worth of Apple products over the weekend. In an oddly effortless crime, the team of bandits ripped out electronics and made a run for it.

Hammer-wielding gang on mopeds raids Apple’s flagship London store

Apple's flagship London store was raided in the early hours of Monday by as many as 10 thieves. After smashing into the store, the gang grabbed iPhones, iPads, and smartwatches before fleeing.

Chicago’s new Apple Store will have a giant Macbook on its roof

If the latest photos and videos are to be believed, the new Apple Store currently being constructed on the Chicago River is topped not with a cherry, but with a Macbook. How's that for marketing?

Apple revamping retail stores with bigger focus on workshops and classes

Apple is preparing to make some changes to its biggest Apple Store locations, with a new series of educational workshops set to debut at the end of May, and a new look for the Genius Bar.
Smart Home

This is what it looks like when the Apple Store’s architects build a house

Located in a suburb of Silicon Valley, this BCJ (the Apple Store's architects)-designed home is a 21st century interpretation of a ranch house, and it recently took home a 2017 AIA Housing Award.
Emerging Tech

Apple Stores will soon have drones flying around inside them

Apple Stores are going to be a lot noisier from this week after the company inked a deal to be the sole seller of the new Hover Camera Passport "selfie drone" from ZeroZero Robotics.

Apple's store opening in Miami promises 'something special' for attendees

If you're in Downtown Miami, Nanjing, or Schildergasse on March 25, considering heading down to the opening of the brand new Apple stores, as the Cupertino company is promising something special for everyone.

Steve Jobs hated the idea of the Genius Bar, according to Apple Store creator

According to a recent interview with Apple Store creator Ron Johnson, Apple founder Steve Jobs originally hated the idea of the Genius Bar. Why? Jobs said he had never met someone who knows technology and how to connect with people.

Apple offered millions for a WWII German bunker but city officials said no

Apple reportedly had retail designs on a World War II-era bunker in Stuttgart, Germany, but city officials rejected the company's offer. It's not the first time the company has encountered resistance to a new Apple Store.

Time to grab a bargain? Refurbished Apple Watch models start at only $230

The first refurbished Apple Watch models have started to appear in Apple's special online store, and both Series 1 and Series 2 versions are available. Prices start at $230, so it may be the right time to grab a bargain.