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A.I. cameras could help stomp out wildfires before they become disastrous

This summer marks one year since California’s deadliest and most destructive wildfire season ever. Could cutting-edge technology help avoid future incidents? One startup thinks so.
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IBM’s Wimbledon-watching A.I. is poised to revolutionize sports broadcasts

IBM has developed a smart A.I. with an appreciation for what makes a great tennis match like the recent epic at Wimbledon. Here's how IBM developed it -- and why tools like it are the future of sport broadcasting.
Digital Trends Live

Digital Trends Live: Google and Amazon call truce, IBM foldable watch, and more

On this episode of DT Live, we discuss the biggest tech stories of the day, including a Google and Amazon video service truce, an IBM foldable watch, Waymo’s robo-taxi perks, Amazon wants to be your home internet provider, and more.

Forget the Galaxy Fold, we want IBM’s unbelievable folding smartwatch

Folding smartphones haven’t even properly arrived and they've already been surpassed in desirability by a folding smartwatch from IBM that goes from having a single small screen to a mini tablet on your wrist. It’s unlike anything…
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What’s that liquid? IBM’s flavor-identifying ‘e-tongue’ will tell you

IBM Research has developed an A.I.-assisted e-tongue, capable of identifying different liquids based on their taste alone -- whether it's bottled water, industrial products, or even bodily fluids.
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MIT and IBM’s new A.I. image-editing tool lets you paint with neurons

Imagine Photoshop for the deep fake generation. Researchers at IBM and MIT have created an amazing demo showing how cutting-edge A.I. is going to power future image-editing tools.
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The promise and pitfalls of using robots to care for the elderly

There's something dystopian about the idea of a future in which robots care for the elderly. But a number of new projects suggest a world of caregiving robots may be just what the doctor ordered.
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How IBM’s cutting-edge A.I. put a losing soccer team on a winning streak

IBM recently applied the amazing artificial intelligence of its Watson computer to make a team of winners out of a losing U.K. soccer team. Here's what it did with its analytics tech.

Many pioneers in computing were women of color. Here are 5 you should recognize

The pioneers in the history of computer science include women of color, who brought forth stunning technological innovations that we still benefit from today. We look at the stories of five of these women.

IBM’s Q System One is the rock star quantum computing needs

Quantum computing is intriguing. It's also confusing, distant, and unfathomable, which means people often skip right by the topic. IBM's Q System One may not be a scientific breakthrough, but it finally gives everyone a reason to stop and…

IBM offers a peek at the future of quantum computing with the Q System One

IBM continues to invest in quantum computing for commercial applications with the unveiling of the fully integrated Q System One at CES 2019. An industry first, the Q System One is a completely integrated quantum computer.
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IBM’s new A.I. warns diabetes patients of dangerous blood sugar levels

IBM has teamed up with medical device maker Medtronic to develop an A.I. app that will warn people with diabetes if they risk 'going low' on their blood sugar levels. Here's how it works.
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IBM’s wearable tech monitors your health by checking your hand strength

IBM has developed a first of its kind fingernail sensor prototype, designed to measure your grip strength throughout the day. Here's how it could potentially save your life some day.
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Smell like Skynet: IBM creates an A.I. that will design the perfect perfume

IBM's research division has teamed up with a master fragrance maker to create an A.I. that is capable of developing new perfumes, courtesy of IBM’s impressive machine learning technology.
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IBM’s drone concept knows when you want a coffee, and flies it to you

A recently granted patent from IBM describes the use of artificial intelligence to learn a person's behavior and understand their body language to determine if a cup of coffee is desired. A drone will then deliver it.
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IBM’s Holodeck-style classroom tech makes language-learning apps look primitive

With A.I. and 360-degree screens, IBM Research and New York’s Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have teamed up to create the most high-tech and immersive way to learn a new language yet.
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Check out these cheesy TV ads for tech stuff from yesteryear

In stark contrast to today's marketing campaigns, ads for tech gear just a few decades ago were as basic as the products they proffered. We've found some of the best ads from yesteryear — many as cheesy as a fully loaded pizza.

The ‘world’s tiniest computer’ is smaller than a grain of rice. Much smaller.

Not to be outdone by the "world smallest computer" IBM revealed in March, a team at the University of Michigan is calling IBM's bluff with an even smaller computer that's "dwarfed by a grain of rice," measuring 0.33mm on each side.