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microsoft is free again to ignore ie rivals in europe internet explorer image

What browser choice? Microsoft is free again to ignore Internet Explorer rivals in Europe

Microsoft is no longer obligated to display a web browser choice screen in Internet Explorer on the old continent, as a 2009 EU ruling has just expired.
internet explorer on the rise chrome and firefox lose steam windows 8 ie 11

Internet Explorer enjoys usage upsurge, Chrome and Firefox remain blips on IE’s radar

Internet Explorer's lead over Chrome and Firefox in desktop browser use is getting bigger and bigger, while Safari remains a distant fourth despite growth.
internet explorer chrome and firefox market share for october

While IE and Chrome enjoy more popularity on the desktop, fewer people are warm to Firefox

Curious how popular Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are among desktop PC users? Here's the latest data.
people using chrome desktops lately less everything else internet explorer

More people are using Chrome on desktops lately, and less of everything else

Google's Chrome desktop browser got more popular last month, while its main competitors saw less usage. Learn more here.
microsoft browser loss internet explorer

New Internet Explorer updates plug security holes in Adobe Flash Player, more

Redmond just released a new batch of security patches for Internet Explorer. Learn more here.
google software removal utilty removes malware toolbars pop ups chrome 9 640x0

Google Chrome usage dips below 20 percent on desktops, while Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer gain

Google Chrome got a little less popular in the desktop world last month. You can learn more here.
Internet explorer

Microsoft releases patches for Internet Explorer slowdown bug, how to download

Internet Explorer has come under fire due to issues with extreme slowdowns in performance. Thankfully, Microsoft has patched that problem.
microsoft drop support older versions internet explorer  1

Microsoft planning to drop support for older versions of Internet Explorer

internet explorer microsoft firefox safari apple google chrome

Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all have fewer desktop users, but Chrome gained some

The desktop versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari all saw their user base dip last month. Google Chrome gained in popularity though.
Internet explorer

Internet Explorer continues to dominate desktop browser share

Internet Explorer is the most widely used desktop Web browser, and it's not even close, according to Net Marketshare.
internet explorer on the rise chrome and firefox lose steam windows 8 ie 11

Microsoft bails out XP users with unexpected Internet Explorer zero-day flaw patch

Though it wasn't in the cards initially, Microsoft has decided to patch the zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer for Windows XP users after all.
microsoft warns of serious internet explorer flaw security

Windows XP is permanently vulnerable to the newest Internet Explorer zero-day flaw

malwarebytes anti malware premium to offer long term windows xp support hd

Windows XP users should ditch Internet Explorer, says US Dept. of Homeland Security

CERT doesn't really think you should be using XP at all, but if you have to, they want you to at least switch to a browser other than Internet Explorer.
microsoft drop support older versions internet explorer  1

Block pop up ads with this Internet Explorer browser add on

With this browser add on, you can block most pop ups you come across while using Internet Explorer.
microsoft issues fix for 0 day vulnerability in internet explorer 9 and 10 ie

Microsoft issues fix for 0-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer 9 and 10

A security flaw was discovered in certain versions of IE, but Redmond has already issued a workaround fix.
hackers employ internet explorer hole launch new attacks 4097657289 a96b19c7a1 o

Hackers use Internet Explorer 10 hole to launch attack on US military veterans

An Internet Explorer 10 vulnerability was exploited by hackers this week.
windows 8 1 everything you need to know internet explorer 11

Here are the big changes in Internet Explorer 11

The newest version of Microsoft's browser, Internet Explorer 11, should release with Windows 8.1 in the near future. Here are some new features to expect.
google to stop supporting internet explorer 6 logo

Microsoft: Internet Explorer is more energy efficient than other browsers

According to a Microsoft-sponsored study concerning the power consumption of Web browsers, Internet Explorer consumes less power than Firefox and Chrome.

Microsoft uses Vine video to hint at WebGL support coming to Internet Explorer 11

What's this? According to a new video posted on Vine, Microsoft might finally be getting on the WebGL bandwagon with the release of Internet Explorer 11.
microsoft fined 731 million browser choice

Microsoft fined $731 million for locking European users into Internet Explorer, again

microsofts january security update neglects patch for ie zero day vulnerability ie7

Microsoft’s January security update neglects patch for IE zero-day vulnerability

the state of browser war as we enter 2013 internetexplorer

The state of the browser war as we enter 2013

The face of Internet browsing continues to slowly shift, with Internet Explorer's market share dropping as more people take up Google's Chrome alternative.
cyber attack

Is it time to say goodbye to Java?


Chrome 15 beats out Internet Explorer 8 in global popularity

Internet Explorer

Microsoft to start silent upgrades to Internet Explorer

opera founder von tetzchner leaving company logo

Opera 11.6 launches with speed and HTML5 improvements

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer still losing browser share

the google smartbook is already destined to fail chrome

Google Chrome on track to overtake Firefox in 2011

DigiNotar Google cert access map (FOX-IT)

Dutch government root certificate banned in Chrome, Firefox and IE

Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer usage to plummet below 50 percent by mid-2012

Google Chrome Frame

Google’s Chrome Frame for IE ready for prime time

microsoft about to deliver some security love with 13 patches bsod

Microsoft about to deliver some security love with 13 patches

Internet Explorer

Study of Internet Explorer users’ IQ was likely a hoax

the google smartbook is already destined to fail chrome

Chrome 13 launches with Instant Pages and Print Preview