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Boosted graces us with 4 skateboards, including its cheapest model yet

Boosted, the company known for its brightly wheeled eboards recently expanded its product offerings in a serious way. There are four new boards in two different forms, including one that is more affordable.
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Exway’s smart X1 skateboard will help riders of all levels beat the traffic

Meet the Exway X1, described as the most intelligent skateboard to hit the pavement. This lightweight and easy-to-handle board may be just what you need to avoid traffic on weekdays, and relieve some stress on weekends.
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Huger Tech’s new line of electric skateboards won’t break the bank

Your passion for skateboards shouldn't be poking a hole in your bank account. Luckily, Huger Tech has launched a new Indiegogo campaign for it latest line of premium electric boards.
Emerging Tech

Artificial intelligence is the secret weapon of the XTND electric skateboard

Promising to redefine urban transportation, the XTND AI skateboard will learn how you ride and make adjustments to help improve performance and battery efficiency, keeping you on the road longer.

Introducing the Mullet, a concave skateboard deck crafted from recycled aircraft aluminum

Known for its unique skateboards that are crafted from recycled aircraft aluminum, Aluminati this week expanded its lineup with the Mullet, the company's first concave deck with a longer style.

This is Lou — an electric skateboard that lets you travel at 20 miles per hour

Hoverboard-maker SoFlow is expanding its emobility product catalog with the award-winning Lou skateboard. With speeds up to 20 miles per hour, it's the company's lightest and fastest electric skateboard.

Electric skateboard hits 25 mph and charges itself when you brake

Whether for the daily commute or a quick trip to the store, electric skateboards are receiving increased attention from folks looking for a different kind of ride. So say hello to the IvoryBoard.
Emerging Tech

Watch a modified motorized skateboard shred on solid ice

German electric skateboard company Mellow Boards has come up with a way to make a cool idea even cooler: by adding few dozen carbide metal studs to allow its skateboards to travel on ice. Seriously.

Got a second-generation Boosted board? You should stop riding it right now

Dodgy lithium-ion batteries are in the news again. This time it concerns the second-generation Boosted board, with several recent overheating incidents prompting the company to warn riders to stop using the device until it's worked out…
Emerging Tech

KickStick is a skateboarding wizard staff that works like a motorized oar

KickStick is the coolest motorized wizard staff for skateboarding that we've ever seen. Or, if we're totally honest, the only one we've ever seen. Although that doesn't make it any less cool.
Emerging Tech

Give your skateboard a boost by hooking it up to a battery-operated drill

You already have a skateboard. If you want to give it a boost, add electric drive with a battery-powered drill. It might look odd, but you're the one having fun. Check out the step-by-step video instructions.
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Bring skateboarding into the 21st century with Syrmo

Meet Syrmo, a smart pad that skateboarders can fit to the truck of their skateboard to track their every movement and record each and every trick they perform.
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Skateboard that will stop a .22 comes with a stash spot

Most see-through boards around are mostly just made of junk plastic. Jelly Skateboards on the other hand, makes its clear decks from polycarbonate used for engineering-grade bulletproof glass and fighter-jet cockpits.

Behold! The Microsoft Surface skateboard

During its Surface press conference today, Microsoft showed off the most capable tablet ever made. The new Surface is actually a skateboard.
Emerging Tech

The Stair Rover – a skateboard that deals effortlessly with steps

They're the bane of every boarder – steps. Every time skateboarders come up against them, they either have to take a giant leap or hop off and walk. But not anymore. A new board by a London-based designer offers another way....
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Design team creates electric skateboard controlled by brain waves

While Kinect-powered gadgets seem to be a hot trend over the past six months, an Austin, Texas company has pushed beyond the Kinect and tapped into the human brain.
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The Board of Awesomeness is indeed awesome, but also a bit scary

App development team Chaotic Moon showed off a fun engineering project at CES 2012. Called the Board of Awesomeness, it's an electric longboard controlled by Microsoft Kinect.