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What is Reddit? A beginner’s guide to the front page of the internet

Spend enough time on the internet and it's possible you've heard of Reddit. Here's our quick guide to everyone's favorite social platform. Understanding the "front page of the internet" has never been so easy.
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How to add music to Instagram videos

Have you ever taken a beautiful video, only to have it ruined by some jerk in the background yelling curse words? Here's a list of apps you can use to add your own music to Instagram posts as well as your Story.
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How to delete your Twitter account

Getting tired of the 280-character novelty that is Twitter? Deleting a Twitter account is easy, but it takes 30 days to fully complete and there are a few things you need to understand before pressing that deactivate button.

Facebook wants you to use it at work for more than stalking coworkers

Facebook is reportedly planning to launch a work-friendly social networking site that it hopes your boss will actually encourage you to use. It's thought 'Facebook at Work' will compete with services such as LinkedIn, Google Drive, and Microsoft Office.
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