Gigabyte targets graphics pros, PC gamers with Pantone-certified laptop

Gigabyte introduced the Aero 15 laptop sporting a Pantone-certified screen, making it an ideal solution for graphic artists and ad designers. But don't let the certification fool you: The Aero 15 makes for a great PC gaming laptop too.

AOC releases 4K UHD display suited to gamers and creative professionals alike

AOC has introduced a number of monitors over the last several months, and it doesn't appear to be slowing down. Its latest model is the U3277PWQU, and it looks to be focused on providing a premium, high-resolution experience.
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Roku revamps entire line, adds 4K HDR models, stick-on form factor, $30 Express

Roku updates nearly its entire fleet of devices with 4K, HDR and a new $30 entry level set-top box for budget-conscious buyers.

Samsung promises the upcoming CF791 monitor will out-curve the competition

In a video outlining Samsung’s monitor lineup for late 2016, the Korean electronics giant has shown off the latest in monitor technology: deep curves. The CF791 is, according to Samsung, the curviest monitor in the world. It apparently…

This 4K time-lapse of Grand Teton required nearly a month to create

This 4K time-lapse film captures Grand Teton National Park during both day and night, and required nearly a month to create. For the filmmakers, it's the eighth national park they've featured in a series they're creating.

A high-refresh-rate Asus 27-inch UHD prototype panel was spotted at Computex 2016

During Computex last week, Asus showcased a 27-inch UHD monitor running a high refresh rate. It joined two other similarly sized panels at the show including the ROG Swift PG279Q and the ROG Swift PG27AQ, the latter of which sports a UHD…

Japan Display crams over 33 million pixels into 17-inch display

Get ready, the next generation of ridiculously high-definition, small form factor displays are on the way. Japan display has created the world's first 8K 17.3 inch monitor, meaning it won't be that long until we all need new graphics cards.
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Stargaze in glorious UHD with NASA’s upcoming 4K network

What better way to celebrate the absurdly sharp resolution on your brand new TV then by tuning into NASA's new network, which will bring space to sofa-dwellers starting November 1, 2015
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DirecTV announces 4K Genie Mini, bringing UHD video to secondary TVs

Pushing forward to support ultra high definition televisions outside of the living room, DirecTV's new 4K Genie Mini will let consumers watch UHD video on a secondary television in the home.
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Fox’s first four UHD titles will include HDR mastering

Launching with recent films such as Kingsman: The Secret Service and The Maze Runner, Fox is jumping out early to announce support for the Ultra HD format before other studios get into the mix.
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The name is pure marketing, but Samsung’s SUHD is really a step up. Here’s why

We take a close look at Samsung's SUHD TV, specifically, the flagship JS9500, to get a better understanding of why UHD isn't just four times the resolution of 1080p anymore.

Whether you want it or not, a 4K UHD resolution screen could be fitted to your next phone

Screen manufacturer Sharp is apparently waiting to put a 5.5 smartphone display with a 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution -- making 806ppi -- into production during 2016, meaning 4K UHD phones are headed our way next year.