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ettie video doorbell measures guests temperature ces 2021

This video doorbell can tell if the person on your doorstep has a fever

The Ettie Video Doorbell measures the temperature of visitors, logs the number of people that have entered, and alerts guests when a space is at capacity.
hearbles hearing loss ces 2021 nuheara oticon olive pro  black and white

Tech for Change: Can new gadgets at CES 2021 solve hearing loss?

At the 2021 CES show, we expect to see a fleet of true wireless earbuds from a variety of companies that aim to help the hard of hearing in groundbreaking ways.
tech for change save the planet ces 2021 chipolo ocean edition

Tech for Change: CES 2021 reveals new devices and tech to fix the planet

CES 2021 exhibits the small changes to the products we use and the tech we rely on to help us to act locally against climate change, even as we think globally.
blood pressure sleep health monitor ces 2021 tatch hand lifestyle

Tech for Change: CES 2021 reveals new ways to stay healthier than ever before

At 2021 CES, we expect new gadgets to improve our understanding of our health, and keep us fit. Here are a few to keep your eyes on.
The AcquaTap from Exaeris

Could the Exaeris AcquaTap solve the world’s water crisis?

There are 37 quadrillion gallons of water in the air around us today. The Exaeris AcquaTap wants to put it to good use.
brainco dexus prosthetic arm

CES award winners: Where are they now?

Before CES 2021, let’s take a look back at the gear we’ve highlighted from the last decade to see when we picked the marvels … and when we’ve missed the magic.
text to speech reader

His granddad lost the ability to read, so he built a DIY text-to-speech rig

Ben Affleck (no, no that one) is an engineer. So when his 100-year old grandfather lost his ability to read, he flexed his engineering muscle to develop a fix.
remilk lab grown dairy milk bottle

No cows required: This startup’s lab-grown milk is identical to the real thing

The dairy industry causes monumental damage to the environment. To change that, this clever Israeli startup has developed a way to make real milk without cows
Rainforest connection Guardian device

Rainforest protection efforts given boost by this ingenious tech

This ingenious technology is playing a vital role in protecting the world's rainforests from illegal deforestation and logging that's damaging the planet.
Nordic Harvest

This robot-tended vertical farm will grow 1,000 metric tons of greens per year

The world of farming is changing. Want proof? Check out this amazing robot-filled vertical farm in Copenhagen, Denmark.
iOS 14 App Library

Apple now requires app developers to disclose data collection and privacy info

App developers now have to disclose their data collection and tracking requirements in the App Store for everyone to see.
MiRo-E biomimetic robot along with therapy dog Tallulah

Your next therapy dog could be a biomimetic robot

A new study shows that spending time with a robotic dog as a companion can bring many of the same benefits as spending time with a real dog.
Gordon Cheng, Professor for Cognitive Systems, wants to dig deeper in understanding how the brain works.

How robotic exoskeletons can help paraplegic patients heal from injuries

When neuroscientists fitted paraplegic patients with exoskeletons to help them walk, they found that the exoskeleton helped their healing.
Monarch Tractor

Electric, self-driving tractor may just be the future of farming as we know it

This autonomous, all-electric tractor promises to be a game-changer for farms. Here's what makes it so special.
one of these women could be the first to step on moon nasa astronauts artemis

One of these women could be the first to step on the moon

NASA's newly unveiled team of Artemis astronauts likely includes the first woman and next man to step on the moon.
flying taxi

Uber sells its flying-taxi business to another flying-taxi business

Uber is abandoning its plan to build a so-called "flying car" as it puts renewed effort into making its ridesharing and meal delivery businesses profitable.
snake antivenom 10451371  venomous green boomslang with mouth open and coiled to strike

No snakes required! Synthetic antivenom could be a lifesaver

A Danish startup called Serpentides is making a new type of antivenom that’s easier to produce, significantly lower in cost, and could be used by anyone.

The ESA wants to clean up space junk with a giant, rocket-powered claw

Remember those arcade grabbing machines, forever immortalized in Toy Story as the godlike entity known as “The Claw”? This is the same -- but way bigger.
google maps new features aim to ease holiday season stress covid layer

Google Maps’ latest features aim to ease holiday season stress

Google is adding new pandemic-related data to Maps aimed at getting you safely through the busy holiday season and beyond.
Deepfake President Donald Trump and former president Barack Obama

How artists and activists are using deepfakes as a force for good

Deepfakes aren't just being used to create porn and misinformation. Nowadays, creators all over the globe are using the tech for prosocial endeavors
3D scanned skull

3D scanning sheds light on newly discovered 2-million-year-old fossilized skull

This week, researchers announced the discovery of an incredibly rare, two-million-year-old skull in South Africa. Here's how 3D scanning tech helped.
hyperloop pod carries first passengers in test trip xp 2 firstpassengers joshsara 7

Watch high-speed hyperloop pod transport first passengers

Virgin Hyperloop has tested its ultrafast transportation system with passengers for the first time. You cant watch a video of it here.
robots could soon make up a quarter of uk army general says gladiator military robot

Robots could soon make up a quarter of U.K. army, top general suggests

The head of the British armed forces has suggested that a quarter of the nation's army could be made up of robots by 2030.
best prime day battery deals 2020 batteries sale amazon

Australia is building one of the world’s largest batteries using Tesla tech

Australia is building one of the world's largest batteries, the Victorian Big Battery Megapack, using Tesla technology.
stretchable recyclable self healing wearable f5 large

Stretchable, self-healing, recyclable device could be the future of wearables

A team of scientists has developed a stretchable, self-healing, recyclable electronic device which could be the future of wearables.
acer jason chen interview pandemic covid gorilla glass antimicrobial corning

Exclusive: From RAM to religion: How Acer is helping the world cope with COVID-19

By bridging faith and innovation, Acer wants to help relieve the anxiety and heartache caused by the COVID-19 pandemic
watch nasa test props of its electric x 57 plane in wind tunnel maxwell

Watch NASA test the propellers of its all-electric X-57 plane in a wind tunnel

NASA recently tested the propeller designs of its experimental, all-electric X-57 Maxwell plane ahead of its first test flight.
facebook ar glasses deaf hearing ar3

Facebook is developing AR glasses to help deaf people hear better

The research lead for Facebook’s Hearing Science lab tells Digital Trends about the exciting possibilities of AR glasses.
crystals space drugs iss

20 years in orbit: A video tour of the past two decades of life on the ISS

The space station celebrates 20 years of continuous human habitation on November 2, 2020. Here's what daily life is like on the orbiting outpost.
open source leg project opensourceleg2

Open-Source Leg: The quest to create a bionic limb that anyone can build

Bionic prosthetics often cost upward of $100,000. But through the power of collaboration, engineers think they can build one for a tenth of that price.
watch americas first ever firefighting robot in action

Watch America’s first firefighting robot in action

A firefighting robot this week became the first of its kind to be deployed in the U.S. And the LAFD's newest recruit has already been put to work.
watch this blue origin rocket on a record breaking mission  new shepard launch

Watch this Blue Origin rocket make a record seventh launch and landing

A rocket from a company set up by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos set a new record on Tuesday.
Blue Origin capsule

Take a tour inside Blue Origin’s crew capsule for space tourists

Blue Origin, the space transportation company set up by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, has offered its first video tour of its crew capsule for space tourists.
blue origin nails another rocket mission ahead of space tourism flights new shepard

How to watch Blue Origin launch and land its reusable rocket on Tuesday

Blue Origin, the suborbital spaceflight company from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, is sending one of its New Shepard boosters skyward for a record seventh time.