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Exclusive: Google reveals 2,000-person diversity and inclusion product team

Google has built a 2,000-person strong team of what it calls Inclusion Champions over the last three years to help test out prototypes of new devices and services to ensure that everything the company releases is built from the ground up to address people of all shapes, sizes, and colors.
Lg Indoor Garden

LG not only wants to keep your leafy greens fresh, but help you grow them too

Indoor gardens may feel like an idea past its prime, but LG thinks our increasing desire to eat healthier might sell this modern take. The garden would attach to and complement your existing LG refrigerator, and have enough space to grow two dozen plants at once, feeding a family of four.
A mannequin with a creep mask holds a drone demonstrating flexible lithium-ion batteries at CES 2020 Unveiled

At CES 2020, technology is still the hero

Is technology a hero or a villain? Technology seems like public enemy No. 1 on the streets, but in Las Vegas for CES 2020, entrepreneurs still believe technology has the capacity to improve life, and maybe even fix some of the problems it has caused. Count us among the optimists.

How HP made the new Elite Dragonfly one of the most sustainable laptops ever

As part of its ongoing sustainability efforts, HP is introducing a new laptop that's unlike any other, as it's made of 80% recycled materials. From the speakers, the keyboard, and more, this is a laptop that will make you love the earth. 
Twitter icon

Twitter stops some images from animating to protect those with epilepsy

The Epilepsy Foundation’s Twitter account was recently bombarded with flashing images designed to trigger a seizure among those with the condition. Twitter this week announced a change to its handling of Animated PNG files aimed at reducing the chances of a similar kind of incident happening again.
ibm new battery technology heavy metal 49214099772 6c9cf817a2 k

IBM’s new battery may outperform lithium-ion, and it doesn’t use conflict minerals

The heavy metals used to make modern batteries are an environmental and humanitarian nightmare. IBM is busy developing a novel battery technology which could eliminate the need for such materials altogether in battery production. And it has some impressive performance boosts, too.
jbl reflect eternal solar wireless headphones indiegogo

JBL’s solar-powered headphones could eliminate the need for recharging

If you've ever worried about how long your wireless headphones will last on a charge, or worried about the toll all of that recharging is taking on the planet, JBL's Reflect Eternal Headphones might be what you're looking for. With a solar-collecting headband, JBL claims you might never need to plug-in again.
apple siri whispering

Siri helped save a teenager after his vehicle crashed into icy river

Apple's digital assistant Siri helped save 18-year old Gael Salcedo, who found himself in a freezing river after losing control of his Jeep. The teenager could not locate his phone after the accident so he asked Siri to call 911, sending firefighters to the scene to carry out the rescue.
robots taser weeds small robot company

These robots taser weeds to death so farmers don’t need chemical herbicides

A new agricultural robotics startup called the Small Robot Company has come up with a trio of robots that hunt weeds down, kill them with mini blasts of lightning, and then plant crops in their place. Here's what the company has developed -- and what its future plans are.
comcast xfinity stream app vr goggles visually impaired nueyes e2 low vision electronic magnifier yard 1

The visually impaired can now watch Comcast TV channels on VR goggles

For years, if you were legally blind and wanted to watch TV, your choices were slim. Most people resorted to described video soundtracks as a way to "hear" what was going on. Comcast has joined up with NuEyes to offer a second option: Watching live and on-demand TV on VR goggles for those with visual impairments.
ford sourcing coffee chaff from mcdonalds to make car parts and mcdonald s collaboration

McDonald’s is sending Ford its garbage in the name of sustainability

Ford isn't breaking into the waste disposal business; its researchers found an innovative way to replace plastic with a natural byproduct of the coffee-roasting process. McDonald's will start sending Ford a significant amount of coffee waste, which will be used to make headlight housings for the Ranger.
jollylook cardboard instant camera now shipping dm 7

The cardboard, all-mechanical Jollylook camera is a great gift for photographers

After a successful crowdfunding campaign two years ago, the Jollylook instant camera is now shipping. As a toy camera or a novelty, it makes a great gift for the photographer on your list. It shoots widely available Instax Mini film, produces a print in a just a couple of minutes, and costs just $69.
Light Phone 2

Light Phone 2 review: Not the cure for smartphone addiction

Is your smartphone use out of control? Looking for a break? The Light Phone 2 is a basic phone that promises exactly that. Its 4G connectivity means you can place calls and send texts, and you can also set an alarm. More tools like ridesharing apps are on the way, but all of this comes at a high price.
cecilia bitz sea ice polar bear unsplash

Dr. Cecilia Bitz tracks sea ice as it disappears at unprecedented levels

Dr. Cecilia Bitz is an atmospheric scientist who studies sea ice. She's watched it melt and retreat in the Arctic Ocean and knows the trend is harmful for the planet. Melting ice is part of a climate change feedback loop that's causing big problems for polar bears, Native Alaskans, and others.
how ai can address climate crisis visualizing change street feat

Here’s an A.I. preview of what climate change will do to your neighborhood

green gaming report us gamers global warming climate change

Gamers in the U.S. create as much carbon dioxide as 5 million cars, study says

A new study puts the spotlight on gaming's power consumption, and it's not good news. It finds that gaming energy use in the United States puts out carbon dioxide equal to 5 million cars, more than all freezers nationwide.
ocean energy wave buoy oceanenergy

This monstrous, 826-ton wave buoy turns rough seas into renewable energy

Ocean Energy has spent the better part of the past decade perfecting a wave power generator that’s not only tough enough to survive the seas, but also capable of capturing huge amounts of energy from them. The result? A hulking, 826-ton marvel of modern engineering known as the OE Buoy.
schwinn monroe 250 review schwinnmonroe250disc ry 4

Schwinn Monroe 250 review: Making me a fan

Schwinn has been a household name for as long as anyone can remember, but it's not one often associated with electric bikes. The Monroe 250 looks to change that, providing ample range and excellent rideability while making compromises that may not matter to the everyday commuter.
specialized turbo como 4 review 15

Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 Review: Comfortably quick

Specialized's Turbo Como 4.0 is a quick and comfortable ride that's perfect for your commute. It's more agile, and much faster, than you'd expect a commuter bike to be. It lacks the tech wizardry you might want from an ebike, but Specialized's 45 years of experience building bikes is obvious here.
Prometeo being attached to a firefighter's arm

IBM contest winners answer call by developing lifesaving tech for firefighters

Could smart sensor technology help make firefighters’ jobs a bit less dangerous? That’s the hope of Prometeo, a Spanish team that was announced as the winners of IBM’s Call for Code 2019 competition. Here's what the team has developed -- and how it promises to help.
Mara Z

The Mara X and Mara Z smartphones are built almost entirely in Rwanda

Rwanda's Mara Group, the first smartphone manufacturer in Africa, has built a new smartphone assembly plant in which it almost entirely builds two new smartphones: The Mara X and Mara Z phones. Both devices are relatively inexpensive, and offer decently powerful performance for the price point.
Face ID scanning a face.

How facial recognition is helping astronomers reveal the secrets of dark matter

Could the same A.I. technology that is used to unlock people’s smartphones also help unlock the potential secrets of the universe? It sounds crazy, but that’s exactly what researchers from ETH Zurich in Switzerland are working to achieve. Here's what they have developed.
world food programme building blocks iris scanning blockchain foodfight cold hubs

Earth has a food waste problem. Can giant, solar-powered refrigerators help?

There’s a problem with food waste in developing countries that can’t be fixed by buying a fridge. Farmer Nnaemeka C. Ikegwuonu created ColdHubs, solar-powered rooms that extend the shelf life of produce. With the potential to reduce food waste worldwide, places in Africa are already reaping the benefits.
world food programme building blocks iris scanning blockchain foodfight

Thanks to iris scanning, refugees can get the food they need at a glance

For humanitarian organizations trying to deliver aid to refugees, the lack of identification can be a quagmire. The United Nations' World Food Programme has deployed a technological solution, using iris scanning and Blockchain to help refugees get food quickly and easily.
world food programme building blocks iris scanning blockchain foodfight drone harvest

Waiting in the wings: How drones are revolutionizing the battle against hunger

How do you use drones to save lives following a disaster? The World Food Programme, the food-assistance branch of the United Nations, is doing its bit to use drone technology to help humanity. Here are some of the ways that it is using unmanned aerial vehicles right now.
world food programme building blocks iris scanning blockchain foodfight game for grains

Fighting world hunger with a trivia game? It’s not as crazy as it sounds

Freerice is a quiz game from the United Nations' World Food Programme. It lets players donate the equivalent of 10 grains of rice for every correct answer. The recently revamped version of the game featurre a variety of categories, including languages, math, literature, and more.
world food programme building blocks iris scanning blockchain foodfight virtual grocery

This virtual grocery store puts real food on the table for refugees

The World Food Programme has been experimenting to find new ways that technology can be used to help refugees and other vulnerable families find the best, most affordable food. The Dalili app has been rolled out successfully in Lebanon, and it's enabling new interactions between stores and customers.
world food programme building blocks iris scanning blockchain foodfight hydroponics

No soil? No problem. H2Grow can cultivate crops practically anywhere

Through tailor-made hydroponic systems, H2Grow aims to solve hunger in arid regions and help vulnerable communities become more self-reliant by securing food resources. H2Grow, a project from the United Nations World Food Programme, is helping crops flourish in unexpected places.
ubco 2x2 review mwn 1

Ubco 2×2 review: Mountain goat

The Ubco 2x2 is a unique electric moped that combines high quality parts, off-road suspension, and lightweight design. The result is an approach, easy-to-ride electric steed that can handle both pavement and off-road terrain with ease. But is it worth its high MSRP?
team rubicon partners with microsoft tech for social impact rubble

Team Rubicon revolutionizes disaster response. Microsoft wants to help

Coordinating a network of more than 100,000 volunteers is no easy feat -- Team Rubicon would know. Thankfully, as the disaster response non-profit grows and the toll of Hurricane Dorian continues to grow, Microsoft has a custom solution to make it all manageable.
social media isnt just for youngsters anymore new research finds senior citizen internet

LifePod believes smart home tech can help facilitate the challenges of eldercare

Boston-based startup LifePod is digging deep into the eldercare market, partnering up with the American Heart Association for a heart failure study to help seniors take better care for themselves and monitor their own health via smart home technology.
plyy accessible gaming controller 20190906 134121

The Plyy is a fully customizable accessible gaming controller for everyone

There are many people who want to play console games but can't due to problems using traditional controllers. German brand Plyon wants to change that, creating a prototype of a fully customizable gaming controller. Digital Trends spoke with head of design Alexander Römmelt about the project.
fairphone 3 launch news evolution

The Fairphone 3 places ethics and the planet over specs and greed

The new Fairphone 3 is a smartphone sold not on the specification, but on the sustainable materials inside, ethical production methods and supply chain, and how it can be recycled and reused when you’re finished with it. The mid-range phone is designed to last longer than others too.
optic nerve stimulation implant 1920x1080 1

Scientists develop implant to restore sight by stimulating the optic nerve

Blindness is difficult to treat, in part because it can be caused by so many different issues in the eye, the brain, or the optic nerve which connects the two. Now, scientists have developed a technology to directly stimulate the optic nerve, which could be used to restore people's sight in the future.