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A Twitter logo graphic.

A new Twitter feature could separate the lurkers from the super-users

Twitter is working on a feature that tells everyone how frequently you tweet. It seems to be both helpful and embarrassing. It depends on how often you tweet.
A person's hands holding a smartphone as they browse Twitter on it.

Twitter is building two new ways to handle tweet replies

According to screenshots posted by Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is apparently working on two features that could change how people manage tweet replies.
A lot of white Twitter logos against a blue background.

Elon and Jack hit Twitter to talk about a Twitter feature

Prospective Twitter owner Elon Musk and Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey had a little chat about a particular Twitter feature on Wednesday night.
Twitter app store listing on a mobile device.

How to download an archive of your tweets

Downloading the archive of your tweets actually isn't all that difficult, and we can show you how to request and download it via your PC.
tesla and spacex ceo elon musk stylized image

Elon Musk plans to quintuple Twitter revenue by 2028

Prospective Twitter owner Elon Musk believes he can quintuple the company’s revenue by 2028 via various means that include a new subscription tier called "X."
elon musk stylized image

Elon Musk to take Twitter CEO role for the first few months

Elon Musk may be the next Twitter CEO, but only for a few months. And he's now secured over $7 billion more in funding, making his acquisition more likely.
Wordle example featuring various S words.

Here are the Wordle solutions that stumped us the most

Twitter released data showing what Wordle solutions stumped the most players on the platform.
The Twitter app on the Sony XPeria 5 II.

Twitter Article, a long-form blogging feature, is in the works

Twitter is apparently working on a new long-form post feature called Twitter Article. And so far, the work in progress looks pretty promising.
elon musk stylized image

Curious about Twitter’s future? So is the U.K. parliament

The U.K. parliament has invited Elon Musk to speak about his proposed changes to Twitter now that he's acquiring it. Those changes involve free speech and bots.
Elon Musk stands looking to his right.

Elon Musk reveals who might have to pay to use Twitter

As prospective Twitter owner Elon Musk prepares to take the microblogging service in a new direction, users are keen to know what he plans to do with it.
A Twitter icon on a blue background on a smartphone's screen, all on a white background.

Twitter Circle will soon let you send semiprivate tweets

Twitter is taking a page out of Meet the Parents and testing Twitter Circle, a new feature that allows users to select up to 150 people to see their tweets.
tesla and spacex ceo elon musk stylized image

Elon Musk shares stance on Twitter authentication, anonymity

Elon Musk wants to "defeat the spam bots." But recently he's also indicated that anonymous users will still have a place on his newly acquired social media app.
The Twitter app on the Sony XPeria 5 II.

4 new Twitter features Elon Musk has hinted at adding

We still don't know what a Twitter run by Musk will look like. But the Tesla CEO has dropped a few hints on what he wants to see. Let's take a closer look.
Twitter app store listing on a mobile device.

How to delete your Twitter account

Getting tired of doomscrolling on Twitter? Deleting a Twitter account only takes a few steps to start, but it takes 30 days for your account to fully delete.
A series of social media app icons on a colorful smartphone screen.

The best alternatives to Twitter

If you're leaving Twitter but need another outlet for your hot takes, memes, and videos, then go take a look at our list of the best alternatives to Twitter.
A Twitter icon on a blue background on a smartphone's screen, all on a white background.

Mass Twitter deactivations accompanied by jump in new accounts

After Elon Musk bought Twitter, the bird app saw both mass deactivations and account creations. And these manifested in pretty dramatic follower count changes.
Jack Dorsey sits in front of a Twitter logo.

Elon Musk’s Twitter acquisition just got a noteworthy endorsement

Not long after Twitter accepted Elon Musk's bid yesterday, co-founder and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted his support of the deal. Here's what he said.
The edit Tweet button shown in the Twitter app on a phone.

Twitter bans product changes this week to stop employees from ‘going rogue’

Elon Musk bought Twitter, which means the real work of the transition to his ownership begins now. And it just started with a temporary ban on product changes.
Elon Musk at Tesla Cyber Rodeo.

‘Man-baby’ or ‘singular solution’: Twitter reacts to Musk buyout

Elon Musk's whirlwind acquisition of Twitter and decision to take the company private have drawn contrasting opinions from experts from both sides of the aisle.
OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G showing a tweet.

Twitter is at risk of losing what makes it special: You

It's all change at Twitter, but a lack of trust in the new owner's intentions makes me worry the platform is about to lose what makes it special.
Elon Musk smirks while pointing.

Elon Musk just bought Twitter for $44 billion

Twitter has officially accepted Musk's bid to acquire Twitter and take it private.

Twitter is testing closed captioning button for videos

Twitter is testing out the closed captioning button on videos posted to the platform, giving users the option to toggle them on or off.
Twitter app store listing on a mobile device.

Twitter is working on a new feature straight out of AIM

Twitter is apparently working on a new status feature, according to a screenshot tweeted by Jane Manchun Wong. But so far, it looks dated and not very useful.
elon musk stylized image

Elon Musk takes another big step toward buying Twitter

In the latest SEC filing, Musk confirms that he has secured $46.5 billion in funding for his Twitter takeover bid. We look at where the funding will come from.
vine cofounder wants to create follow up app

Apparently, Jack Dorsey regrets killing Vine. We miss it too

Co-founder and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responded to a tweet about Vine, and apparently said that he regretted shuttering the short-video sharing app.
The edit Tweet button shown in the Twitter app on a phone.

A first look at Twitter’s in-progress edit button

Screenshots of an in-progress Twitter edit button show what the much-requested feature may look like. It's still early though, as the feature doesn't work yet.
The Twitter app on the Sony XPeria 5 II.

6 Twitter features I want no matter who’s in charge

Will Elon Musk successfully buy Twitter? Who knows. But no matter who takes charge of the beloved bird app, there are some improvements I want them to make..
Elon Musk holding two thumbs up.

Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter for huge amount of money

Elon Musk has offered to buy Twitter for $43 billion. The Tesla and SpaceX boss confirmed the move in a tweet on Thursday.
Elon Musk.

Elon Musk hit with lawsuit over controversial Twitter stake

A Twitter investor has launched a class action lawsuit accusing Elon Musk of costing shareholders money following the billionaire's purchase of Twitter stock.
Elon Musk Awarded With Axel Springer Award 2020 In Berlin

Elon Musk will not join Twitter board after all

Elon Musk has decided not to take a seat on Twitter's board, the company's CEO said on Sunday, adding that 'this is for the best.'
Elon Musk.

Elon Musk suggests turning Twitter HQ into a homeless shelter

New Twitter shareholder Elon Musk has suggested turning Twitter's HQ into a homeless shelter, with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos backing the idea.
Elon Musk Awarded With Axel Springer Award 2020 In Berlin

Elon Musk’s Twitter power play doesn’t mean what you think

Since joining Twitter's board of directors and becoming the firm's biggest shareholder, Elon Musk is promising changes are to come. But are they?
OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G showing a tweet.

Yes, soon you really will be able to edit your tweets

It’s official, Twitter is finally adding the elusive edit button. The most requested feature will become a reality in a matter of months.
Elon Musk.

Same cesspool, different stench — welcome to Elon’s Twitter

It's doubtful that Elon Musk being on Twitter's board will turn the platform into less of a virtual hellscape.