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Trump Twitter

Twitter takes down a meme tweeted by Trump for copyright infringement

Yet again, Twitter has taken down a meme tweeted by President Donald Trump over copyright issues after a takedown notice was filed by the New York Times.
Trump in front of Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey stylized image

Social media giants finally treat Trump like the rest of us

Twitter’s move to flag President Trump's tweets may have given Big Tech the cover it needed to do what they want to do. Is tech finally taking Trump seriously?
xbox perfect dark fable twitter 360

Xbox exec attempts to explain Perfect Dark, Fable accounts on Twitter

An Xbox executive downplayed Twitter accounts for Perfect Dark and Fable, but fans are hoping that this means new games are in development for the franchises.

Twitter will refine fact-checking labels on tweets linking COVID-19 to 5G

Twitter will fix the fact-checking labels that are applied to tweets that link 5G technology to COVID-19, as they are appearing more often than they should.
new prince of persia twitter account 2008

Locked Twitter account sparks hope for new Prince of Persia game

A Prince of Persia account on Twitter may turn out to be an official one created by Ubisoft, adding to rumors that a new entry in the series is on the way.
digital trends live episode 406 livecams bears bison brooksfallslow ll

COVID-19 myths, Amazon may offer live TV | Digital Trends Live

On this Digital Trends Live we discuss tech stories, including Twitter's DDoSecrets ban, a bill to end unbreakable encryption, and Amazon may add live TV.
Trump Twitter

Twitter hides Trump tweet threatening ‘serious force’ against protesters

Twitter hid a tweet by President Donald Trump about deploying "serious force" against protesters in Washington, D.C. for violating the platform’s policy.
Trump stylized image

Twitter says it won’t fact-check Trump’s latest mail-in voting tweets

Twitter said Monday that it will not flag President Donald Trump's tweet about mail-in voting as misinformation, despite doing so for an earlier tweet.
Trump Twitter

Twitter takes down Trump’s doctored CNN video over copyright issues

Twitter, for the second time, has taken down a video shared by President Trump for infringing copyright. The tweet has also been flagged as manipulated media.
Trump with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stylized image

Twitter flags a video tweeted by President Trump as manipulated media

Twitter has cracked down a doctored video tweeted by President Trump on Thursday, and has slapped a manipulated media label on it though the video remains.
digital trends live episode 402 mav promo keyart 1920x1080 223545768

Digital Trends Live: Chrome security weakness, Ford Mach-E, space balloons

On this episode of Digital Trends Liv,e we break down the top trending stories in tech, including Twitter letting iOS users tweet with their voices and more.
twitter lets ios users record their voices for tweets voice tweet

How to use Twitter’s new voice tweet feature on iOS

The new voice tweet feature allows you to compose a tweet of up to 140 seconds of audio using your voice. People will be able to click and listen to your tweet.
Instagram logo

Report: Instagram set to become a more popular news source than Twitter

The use of Instagram as a news source has reportedly doubled since 2018. The photo-sharing app is especially popular for news for people between ages 18 and 24.
digital trends live episode 397 google wing drone feature 416x260 c

Digital Trends Live: Amazon bans police use of facial recognition, PlayStation 5

On this Digital Trends Liv,e we dive into the top stories in tech, including Amazon's one-year moratorium on police use of facial recognition tech and more.
Twitter logo.

Twitter tests prompt asking you to read an article before retweeting

On Wednesday, Twitter said it will begin testing a new feature that will prompt users to read the articles they plan on sharing before tweeting out the link.
Jack Dorsey

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey makes Juneteenth a company holiday

Juneteenth, which is celebrated as the day when slavery in the U.S. officially ended, will now be an official company holiday at tech giants Twitter and Square.
Hand holding a Twitter phone

Twitter bringing back verification, this time with clearer guidelines

Twitter will soon begin verifying users' accounts again, according to social media secret finder Jane Wong. Details of the new system haven't been announced.
digital trends live episode 394 skysports premier league invitational 4971031

Digital Trends Live: Twitter fact checks 5G conspiracies, “synthetic selfies”

On this Digital Trends Live, we discuss the top tech stories, including Twitter’s 5G conspiracy fact-checking, a Beats by Dr. Dre review, and much more.
digital trends live episode 393 xinhua

Digital Trends Live: Twitter downloads explode, lidar detects Mayan ruins

On this Digital Trends Live, we discuss the top tech stories, including an explosion in Twitter downloads, Facebook's decision to label state media, and more.
Trump Twitter

Twitter pulls down Trump campaign’s George Floyd videos over copyright issues

Twitter has removed two tribute videos posted by president Trump's reelection campaign handles, Team Trump and Trump War Room for copyright infringement.
twitter misinformation bots regulation twitterbot illustration 200603

Twitter’s misinformation problem will never disappear as long as bots exist

Despite making some high-profile moves to curb misinformation in recent weeks, Twitter still hosts millions of malicious bots that influence online conversation
digital trends live episode 391 dvmbvdrv4aaikgc

Digital Trends Live: Twitter bots, Amazon’s June event, Sega’s micro Game Gear

On this Digital Trends Live, we discuss the top tech stories of the day, including the surge in bot activity on Twitter, Amazon’s June sales event, and more.
Trump Twitter

Sen. Ron Wyden: Trump wants to force Twitter to ‘play host to his lying’

Sen. Ron Wyden sees Trump's order as an attempt to recast Section 230 as a troublesome loophole, rather than the pillar of online freedom that it has become.
WhatsApp messaging app

Tweet previews aren’t showing up in WhatsApp messages

Tweets previews, which before had been a standard feature, are no longer showing on messaging app WhatsApp. App owner Facebook blamed a glitch in Twitter's API.
elon musk stylized image

Elon Musk is taking a Twitter break, but why is a mystery

The SpaceX and Tesla CEO announced he was taking a break from Twitter in a short tweet posted on Monday, but didn't say when he would return to the platform.
twitter hides matt gaetz tweet for glorifying violence antifa protests house judiciary committee holds second hearing in trum

Twitter hides Republican lawmaker’s tweet for ‘glorifying violence’

Twitter has restricted the viewing of a tweet by a Republican lawmaker for "glorifying violence." Similar action was taken last week against President Trump.
Twitter Fact Check

It’s time for social media platforms to grow up

Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms need to take responsibility for the quality of their content, digital media investor Peter C. Horan writes.
smart home defense against hackers photo of person typing on computer keyboard 735911

Trump’s executive order could be a disaster for thwarting misinformation

President Donald Trump's executive order to regulate social media companies could be a disaster, scaring platforms from trying to crack down on misinformation.
Donald Trump speaking in front of a bank of American flags.

Trump’s executive order would hamstring U.S. innovation

Right now, America’s tech companies lead the world in digital innovation. But this won't last if Section 230 protections are weakened or removed.
Trump tweet on a smartphone screen

Twitter hides Trump, White House tweets on Minnesota for ‘glorifying violence’

Twitter hid and issued a public interest notice on a Trump tweet about the Minnesota protests for violating its “glorification of violence” policy.
twitter suspends british journalists account over criticism of nbc

Twitter now lets you schedule tweets via its web app. Here’s how to do it

Third-party scheduling tools already exist for Twitter, but now the firm has launched the feature for its web app. Tweeting while asleep has never been easier.
President Trump Issues Executive Order Against Social Media Companies

Trump signs executive order targeting social media companies

President Trump signed an executive order making social media platforms liable for content posted on their sites by removing the protections of Section 230.
donald trump facebook libra cryptocurrency banking charter president holds news conference in rose garden on census and citze

Tech advocates say Trump’s executive order could ruin the internet

If President Trump's executive order on removing Section 230 were to be enforced, we would have a very different version of social media as we know it today.
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg speaking on a panel at the Paley Center for Media

Zuckerberg: Facebook wouldn’t have fact-checked Trump

Amid President Donald Trump's feud with Twitter over fact-checking messages on his tweets, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has weighed in — on Trump's side.