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Elon Musk.

Elon Musk asks Twitter users if they want an edit button

Elon Musk has launched a poll on Twitter asking his more than 80 million followers if they’d like to see an edit button on the microblogging service.
Twitter logo.

Twitter lets iOS users turn their video recording into a GIF

Twitter has rolled out an update that allows iOS users to record GIFs from the in-app camera.
A person using a laptop at a table with flowers.

How to clean up your social media accounts

It's time to clean up your social media accounts -- but don't panic. We'll show you how clean up your profiles, posts, timelines, and more in this handy guide.
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Twitter removes tabbed timeline after complaints from users

Twitter rolled back an update that made users switch between a Home feed and Latest tab, with controversy surrounding users being forced to see outdated tweets.
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Twitter now lets you pin DMs, and here’s how to do it

Twitter has rolled out a new feature for iOS, Android, and web that lets you pin as many as six DMs to the top of your inbox.
A lot of white Twitter logos against a blue background.

Twitter rolls out ‘automated’ label to identify ‘good’ bots

Twitter has launched a new feature that lets an operator of an automated account add a special label to their profile to indicate to others that it’s a bot.
A lot of white Twitter logos against a blue background.

Twitter is testing adjustable video playback speeds

Twitter revealed that it’s trialing adjustable playback speeds for video content, as well as for voice tweets posted on its service.
tesla and spacex ceo elon musk stylized image

Elon Musk asked to pay $50K to end Twitter bot that tracks his jet

A teen who built a Twitter bot that provides updates on the movements of Elon Musk’s private jet says he’ll delete the account if the billionaire pays him $50K.
A person using a smartphone.

Social media scammers stole a huge amount of money in 2021

Scammers targeting social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Twitter stole at least $770 million from victims in 2021.
The result of a Wordle game.

Twitter zaps spoilsport bot that ruined Wordle games

An automated Twitter account that posted Wordle spoilers to people who shared their daily results has been kicked off the platform.
A Genshin Impact character hops across ice.

Genshin Impact was the most-tweeted-about game in 2021

Twitter revealed that Japanese users tweet the most about gaming and that E3 was the most-talked-about gaming event last year.
A character looks out over a dead landscape in STALKER 2.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 cancels all NFT plans shortly after doubling down on them

GSC Game World has canceled all of its NFT plans for S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 one hour after doubling down on the tech.
A Twitter logo graphic.

Twitter Super Follows are now available to Android users

Twitter's Super Follows subscription service was launched for iOS users in September. Now, the feature has been extended to Android users.
Jack Dorsey, co-founder and former CEO of Twitter

Jack Dorsey resigns as CEO of Twitter, hands reins to CTO Parag Agrawal

It looks like Twitter’s founder, Jack Dorsey, is leaving the chief executive's office once again — but this time it's by choice. 
A lot of white Twitter logos against a blue background.

Twitter taps big retailer for launch of new livestream shopping feature

Twitter has partnered with Walmart for the launch of its livestream shopping platform designed to compete with similar ones from Facebook, TikTok, and others.
A Twitter logo graphic.

Twitter update will help keep tweets from disappearing while they are being read

Twitter has introduced changes that would prevent auto refreshes and allow users to control when they see tweets.
A lot of white Twitter logos against a blue background.

Twitter just fixed one of its most annoying problems

Twitter has finally fixed an annoying problem with the web version of its service that seemed to make tweets suddenly disappear.
Twitter logo.

Twitter Blue launches in the U.S. with ad-free news and improved customization

Twitter today announced an expansion of its Twitter Blue subscription service to the U.S. alongside an expansion of its feature set.
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Twitter Spaces is now accessible to people without accounts

Twitter Spaces audio access is now available to even those users without a Twitter account. Here's how to use it.
The Twitter app on the Sony XPeria 5 II.

Twitter for iOS now lets you dig up people’s tweets more easily

Twitter has added a new search shortcut on Twitter for iOS, enabling support for searching user profiles.
An Instagram preview showing on Twitter.

Instagram link previews have finally returned to Twitter

Instagram links on Twitter are showing preview images again. The feature disappeared from Twitter nine years ago, forcing users to click through to Instagram.
A Twitter logo graphic.

Twitter finally enables tabbed option to toggle between home and latest tweets

Twitter's latest update enables users to see their home and latest tweets in different tabs instead of toggling.
Twitter now allows you to remove anyone from your list of followers on the web.

Twitter finally allows you to soft block annoying followers

Twitter is testing a way to make it easier for you to be the curator of your own follower list by being able to soft block the most annoying people.
girls laughing at phone.

The internet had a field day dunking on Facebook while it’s down

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are all down, leaving the whole internet with no choice but to post their dunks on Twitter. Here are the best ones.
A Twitter logo graphic.

Twitter is facing its own outages as Facebook users flock to other sites

As everyone realized that Facebook's various services were down, the groundswell of movement to Twitter seems to have caused problems there.
Twitter's new test for automated accounts.

Twitter wants to make it easier to spot ‘good’ bot accounts

Twitter has launched a test feature that allows automated accounts to identify as such, giving users more information about the precise nature of the account.
Twitter symbol photo. Credits: Twitter official.

Twitter wants to give your photos and videos ‘more room to shine’

Twitter this week revealed it's testing a new design that increases the size of images, videos, and GIFs on your timeline.
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Major Twitter hack in 2020 results in another arrest

Police in Spain have arrested a British man in connection with a major Twitter hack last year that targeted high-profile accounts as part of a Bitcoin scam.
Raz staring into the camera in Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2 features an ‘invincibility toggle’ to reduce difficulty

Psychonauts 2 will have an invincibility mode that will allow games to complete the game regardless of difficulty.
Twitter symbol photo. Credits: Twitter official.

Twitter mulls ‘trusted friends’ feature for targeted tweets

Twitter is considering a new "trusted friends" feature that would offer a simpler way to share tweets with a particular group of people.
A lot of white Twitter logos against a blue background.

Twitter for web returns after major outage on Wednesday

Twitter for web suffered major issues around the world for several hours on Wednesday evening, preventing users from seeing tweets and other content.

How a well-timed hashtag made Juneteenth an official holiday for millions

The movement to make Juneteenth a federally recognized holiday in the U.S. is gaining steam -- and it's mostly thanks to a well-timed social media campaign.
ai religion bot gpt 2 art 4

Read the eerily beautiful ‘synthetic scripture’ of an A.I. that thinks it’s God

Travis DeShazo fed an A.I. algorithm all of the world's major religious texts, and then trained it to spit out biblical-sounding synthetic scripture.
A lot of white Twitter logos against a blue background.

Twitter confirms cost of Twitter Blue subscription service

Twitter's new subscription service, Twitter Blue, is showing on its App Store page for iPhone. It offers various features, though doesn't appear to reduce ads.