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On the hunt for your next TV? We’ve got you covered. You’ll find all of our latest reviews below, with top recommendations based on hands-on experience and in-depth reviews. If you’re not quite ready to buy, kick off your research with a collection of insightful and helpful buying tips with no-nonsense explanations of the latest TV tech terms and what they mean for you. Once your new TV lands in your home, come back for helpful setup guides to get the most out of your prized new TV.

The best TVs for 2020

Looking for a fantastic new TV? Our well-tailored list will help you cut through the rough to find a diamond.
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Sony Master Series A9G 4K HDR OLED TV review: The best TV

Sony again proves picture processing can make all the difference with its A9G Master Series OLED TVs. The TV may use LG's panel, but the look is all Sony.

TCL 8-Series mini-LED 4K HDR TV Review: Next-gen LED

It came as a surprise that TCL was the first to bring a mini-LED TV to market, but we're even more bowled over by how well this TV performs.

Sony X950G series 4K HDR Smart LED TV Review

Sony continues to stick to its studio-based roots with the X950G, a beautiful LED/LCD which brings cinematic performance at a relatively approachable price.

LG Nano 9 (SM9000) Series 4K HDR TV review

The LG SM9000 might be a top choice for gamers, but LG's second-best LED TV leaves something to be desired. Here's why you may want to spend your money elsewhere.
lg sm9000 series 4k hdr led tv review sm900 front

LG Z9 88-inch 8K HDR OLED TV review: The future of television

LG's Z9 is the largest OLED TV you can buy. It also happens to be an 8K TV that sells for $30,000. It's not practical, but it is the future.

Samsung Q90R 4K HDR QLED Review: The best LED TV

Samsung’s best 4K LED/LCD TV for 2019 is loaded with features and promises best-in-class picture quality, but should you buy now or wait until next year?

QLED vs. OLED TV: What’s the difference, and why does it matter?

We think OLED is better, but not always. We'll explain when and why you should choose one TV over the other.
qled vs oled tv lg ocular guard

HDR TV: What it is and why your next TV should have it

What is HDR TV? In a nutshell, it’s the best thing to happen to TV since 4K. You need to see it to believe it.
Dolby Vision

How to figure out what size TV you should buy

Here are a few tips for picking the right size TV for any room, including where to find a TV's measurements.
how to connect your computer to a TV

What you need to consider before buying a projector

There's an allure to owning a projector, but figuring out if your home theater can accommodate one can be overwhelming. So should you buy a projector or not? We've put together this explainer to guide you through the process.

How set up your 4K TV

This guide tells you everything you need to set up your new TV, from location to HDMI cables to picture settings. Get the right accessories and make the right tweaks to enjoy your new TV to its full potential by learning what you need.
everything you need to set up your tv

Why you shouldn’t mount your TV above your fireplace

Mounting a TV above your fireplace may seem appealing, but we have concerns. Here why you should avoid it.

What is the Soap Opera Effect and how can you disable it on your TV?

Soap Opera Effect plagues many of today's TV's. Here's what it is, what causes it and how to turn it off.

How to clean your TV screen

You don't need to buy expensive solutions to clean your TV. We'll teach you how to do it with household items.

How to calibrate your TV

You’ve got your new TV out of the box, but now what? Our TV picture adjustment guide takes you through the simple steps to get the best picture from your brand-new TV so you can set it and forget it.

Cut the cord: How to quit cable for online streaming video

Are you quitting cable? Consider joining the streaming revolution. We'll show you exactly how to get started.

Hisense H8E Series (55H8E) review

Budget TVs continue to get more attractive and that includes the latest from Chinese TV maker Hisense. The company’s new H8E offers 4K resolution, HDR, and a slick design for well under $500.

Vizio P-Series (P65-F1) review

Vizio’s P-Series TV line has always been the best among the brand’s long run of budget-friendly TVs, but this year’s model has really stepped up. While the competition is also improving, Vizio’s latest P-Series keeps the brand among the best.

Samsung Q900 85-inch 8K QLED TV hands-on review

Samsung gave us a day to put its Q900 85-inch 8K TV to the test, and we did our level best to poke holes in its performance. In the end, the TV proved it is worthy of its existence, even if 8K content is nowhere to be seen.
samsung q900 series qn85q900raf review q900r 85 inch 8k qled tv 9

TCL 6-series (55R617) Roku TV review

TCL’s 6-Series Roku TV is one of the most anticipated TVs of 2018 due to its promise of high performance for a low price. We explore whether this new set from the up-and-coming manufacturer delivers on lofty expectations.

LG OLED E8 series (OLED65E8PUA) review

LG’s reign as king of OLED TVs continues with the E8 series, an outstanding, premium entry for 2018 which offers upscaled design and enhanced sound quality to justify its premium pricing over the less expensive C8 series OLEDs.

Samsung Q9FN series (QN65Q9FN) review

The Samsung Q9FN QLED TV makes history as the best TV Samsung has ever made and is in contention for our Best TV of 2018 award. You may be surprised that as outstanding as it is is, it isn’t just the picture quality that ears this TV its accolades.

Vizio P-Series (P65-E1) review

Vizio’s P-Series offers impressive features, a sexy design, and picture quality that far outshines the brand’s lower-priced models. Find out if this is the 4K HDR TV worth bringing home.

Vizio E-series (E65-E1) review

Our Vizio E-series review explains just how far budget TVs have come in the last few years. While not without its quirks, the E-series offers a plenty of 4K goodness at a very nice price.

Vizio M-Series (M65-E0) review

In our Vizio M65-EO review we evaluate the latest from the bargain-TV king, which packs impressive 4K resolution, stunning HDR, and unlike last year’s model, a useful remote control.

Sony XBR-A1E Series (XBR65A1E) review

Sony has entered the OLED TV market, presenting LG with its first real competition. Our Sony A1E OLED review reveals an ultra-premium TV with gorgeous design and picture-perfect performance.

Samsung Q9F series (QN65Q9F) review

In our Samsung Q9F/Q9 review, we explain why it takes more than just superb picture quality to earn the title of Best LCD/LED TV of 2017. Hint: Design and ease of use have a lot to do with it.

LG E7 series (OLED65E7P) review

In our LG E7 OLED review, we take a look at what makes this impressive 4K HDR TV special within LG’s OLED line, and how it stands up to other premium 4K TVs like Samsung’s QLED series and Sony’s new A1E OLED.