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Facebook logo appears with a hooded figure over a cracked blue background.

This new malware is targeting Facebook accounts – make sure yours is safe

Ducktail malware started as a threat to only Facebook Business accounts, but now everyone is in danger. Here's what you need to know to protect your account.
Nvidia GeForce RTX 4080 graphics card is shown flying over green perspective lines.

How much will Nvidia’s RTX 4080 12GB unlaunch cost partners?

When Nvidia 'unlaunched' the GeForce RTX 4080 12GB, its AIB partners were already prepping and getting packaging printed for the release, a huge expense.
This is the view from within a Meta Quest Pro when using a physical keyboard.

No, the Quest Pro can’t really replace your laptop — at least, not yet

Meta's Quest Pro is a standalone VR headset made for productivity -- and it is very good. But it isn't advanced enough to completely replace your laptop.
Meta gave an example of what you can see when wearing a Quest Pro.

How long does the Quest Pro battery really last? Here’s Meta’s answer

There seems to be confusion about how long the Quest Pro's battery lasts, with reports ranging from one to five hours, so we asked Meta, and here's the answer.
Render of an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card.

Nvidia has a good idea to help you buy a new GPU

The Nvidia RTX 4090 Founders Edition might be the easiest-to-order new GPU ever if you're part of a select group that gets priority access.
Microsoft Security logo appears in the corner of a scene with IT workers at computers

Microsoft just gave you a great way to fight Windows brute-force attacks

Windows is about to become more secure with a recent update from Microsoft that should block a large number of brute-force hacking attempts.
The CommonSpirit Health’s logo appears over the silhouette of a hacker.

As ransomware hits this U.S. hospital, lives could be at risk

One of the nation’s largest hospital chains is suffering from a ransomware attack taking computer records offline for nine days, while patients wait.
Meta Quest Pro is held by Mark Zuckerberg.

The Quest Pro officially lands, ready to power the office of the metaverse

Meta Quest Pro is a VR headset meant for professionals packing big upgrades compared to previous model. But is it enough to inspire you to work in VR?
heres whats coming in windows 10 build 11099 hello

Can’t get the Windows 11 22H2 update? There could be a good reason why

If you notice one of your computers got the Windows 11 22H2 update and the other didn't, it might be because Microsoft is protecting you from a sign-in problem.
Meta CTO Brian Bosworth wears a prototype VR headset similar to the leaked Quest Pro.

How to watch Meta’s Quest Pro launch today (and what to expect)

Here's how to watch Meta Connect today, an exciting event that will show off Meta's new Quest Pro VR headset and give a look at future AR and metaverse plans.
Meta's simulation of the view from a next generation VR headset.

Why I’m ready to work in VR and embrace the office of the metaverse

Meta's Quest Pro headset launches tomorrow, and here's why I'm already ready to spend more time in VR and enjoy a paradigm shift in computing.
Meta shows Quest Pro's color passthrough camera.

Meta accidentally shows Quest Pro‘s impressive color passthrough camera

Meta just leaked screenshots of the Quest Pro ahead of the Meta Connect event, revealing a greatly improved view from the color passthrough camera.
Mountain DisplayPad and MacroPad are shown with a Mountain Everest Max keyboard

New Mountain keyboard accessory adds a display to each key

Mountain's new keypads can streamline your workflow with fully programmable RGB mechanical keys and an infinite number of virtual display keys.
Google Chrome logo appears over photo of laptop with chart of vulnerabilities.

Google Chrome tops this list of most vulnerable browsers

Google Chrome suffered more vulnerabilities than any other browser in 2022 -- and it wasn't even close -- while a little-known browser had zero.
Intel head of Graphics Raja Koduri explains Arc driver troubles

Arc GPU drivers are getting better, but Intel says it’s challenging

Ahead of the Arc Alchemist 770 and 750 launches, Intel's head of graphics shared some insights into how challenging it is to make GPU drivers.
Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro in Lemongrass color rests on a shelf.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro adds Wi-Fi 6E but loses compatibility

Google's new Nest Wi-Fi Pro supports the new 6GHz frequency band which is up to two times faster but there are compatibility concerns with this new router.
Tesla's 2022 Optimus robot prototype is seen in front of the company logo.

What is Tesla Optimus? Your pressing questions, answered

Tesla's Optimus is making headlines, but is this new device from the leading manufacturer of electric cars really a humanoid robot?
An early, tethered version of the Optimus prototype could deliver a box to a desk.

Tesla just shocked everyone with its Optimus robot prototype

Tesla gave an impressive robotics demonstration, proving that the Optimus robot is a serious effort that might change the way work is done in the future.
Lenovo leaked a gaming Chromebook.

Lenovo leaks the world’s first gaming Chromebook — but there’s a catch

Lenovo leaked information about an upcoming gaming Chromebook via its product specification website and it's an interesting laptop with a catch.
Meta's Quest 2 can track your hands allowing you to manipulate virtual objects.

Exciting Meta Quest 3 details leak in full CAD renders

Meta Quest 3 leaks suggest it will be a low-cost VR headset with some exciting upgrades that rival the much more expensive Quest Pro that coming soon.
Adobe Photoshop Elements can add animation to pictures.

Adobe adds AI magic to Photoshop and Premiere Elements

Here's how Adobe supercharged its budget-priced Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements with AI magic for quick and easy photo and video editing.
Windows shows a malware warning on a Dell laptop.

Nullmixer is a nasty, new Windows malware dropper

Nullmixer gives you a new reason to avoid downloading cracked software and questionable Windows apps, threatening dozens of malware infections.
MNT Pocket Reform is a complete laptop in 7 inches.

MNT Pocket Reform is a complete Linux laptop in 7 inches

MNT Pocket Reform is an open hardware and software laptop with a modular design and robust specs that fits in a 7-inch clamshell.
Meta Reality Labs showed full-body avatars.

Watch Meta demonstrate full-body VR tracking with just a Quest headset

Meta recently revealed a big breakthrough in full-body avatars with moving legs and the only a Quest VR headset used for tracking.
Here's a closeup of the Obsbot Tiny 4K resolution webcam.

Obsbot Tiny 4K review: a well-designed and AI-enhanced webcam

The Obsbot Tiny 4K is a high-resolution webcam with a unique design that retains great 4K quality even while panning and tilting to track your face as you move.
Pico 4 VR headset includes fitness tracking.

Pico 4 VR headset is here to take on the Meta Quest 2

Pico just announced its latest VR headset, the Pico 4, and it brings some big upgrades like color pass-through and pancake lenses.
Omniverse Replicator applications.

How GeForce Now is powering Nvidia’s metaverse

Nvidia GeForce Now's performance-boosting technology that lets you play the hottest games on nearly any computer will soon help you build the metaverse.
AMD Radeon RX 6900 graphics card hovers over an AMD red and black background.

AMD says its next GPU will have more than just blazing speed

AMD has always had a focus on better performance per watt and its next GPU aims to take that to new levels, providing cooler, quieter gaming.
Google Nest Wifi sits on a black stand.

Google’s Nest Wifi Pro leaks weeks ahead of Pixel event

A Google Nest Wifi Pro appeared briefly on an online retailer's website at a higher price, but it might be worth the added expense.
Google Sheets is open in the Safari browser on a MacBook Air.

How to sort your data in Google Sheets

There are several ways to sort data in Google Sheets, and a few tips can help you get the most useful information and prevent mixing up data.
Mark Zukerberg is wearing a next generation VR headset.

Quest Pro: Everything we know about Meta’s next big VR headset

Here's everything we know, including rumors and leaks about Meta's Quest Pro, the VR leader's next-gen headset that was teased as Project Cambria in 2021.
lenovo legion laptops

If you own a Lenovo PC, you need to update it immediately

Lenovo recently issues a security update to hundreds of laptop, desktop, and server models to address six BIOS vulnerabilities.
The MacBook Air on a table in front of a window.

Update your Mac now to patch this crucial security flaw

Apple just fixed its eighth zero-day flaw, approaching a new record number of actively exploited vulnerabilities in 2022 that affect Macs, iPhones, and iPads.
Google Pixelbook Go keyboard

The Pixelbook dream may finally be gone for good

A recent report claims Google is canceling the Pixelbook and moving its product team to other projects.