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radio burst

Scientists detect strange repeating radio burst on the other side of the cosmos

Fast radio bursts have baffled scientists for years. Until recently, we've only seen a FRB repeat once, and now we've observed another.
yellowstone supervolcano nasa plan

NASA has a crazy plan to prevent the Yellowstone supervolcano from exploding

The Yellowstone supervolcano could change life on our planet for centuries. Fortunately, NASA has a plan to prevent such a catastrophe.
How to watch the mayweather-mcgregor fight online

Are you ready to rumble? How to watch the Mayweather-McGregor fight online

We're just hours away from one of the most polarizing boxing matches of all time. Here's how to watch the Mayweather-McGregor fight online.
spacex space suit

SpaceX’s slim new spacesuits look straight out of sci-fi

We've known about Elon Musk's plan to send humans to Mars for quite some time. He unveiled the SpaceX spacesuit for such a mission.
astronaut pee

Good to the last drop? NASA could use astronaut pee to make tools, food

On longer missions, astronauts will need to utilize readily available materials. NASA may use astronaut pee to make plastics and even food.
best solar eclipse apps partial solar eclipse

An astronomer at your fingertips: The 6 best solar eclipse apps

Dozens of apps are popping up in Google Play and iTunes leading up to the eclipse. Here are the six best solar eclipse apps available.
3D printed satellite

Cosmonauts launch 3D-printed satellite from the International Space Station

NASA has been tinkering with 3D printed tools to minimize launch costs. This new 3D printed satellite may change the future of exploration.
best solar eclipse gear

The best solar eclipse gear

On Monday, a total solar eclipse will be viewable from the U.S. for the first time in 38 years. Here's the best solar eclipse gear to bring.
best solar eclipse glasses

Don’t roast your retinas! Here are the best solar eclipse glasses you can still buy

To prevent eye damage while viewing a solar eclipse, you'll need specialized gear. Here, we've picked best solar eclipse glasses available.
solar power

Australia will build a solar power plant to meet the government’s energy needs

More countries are diversifying their power needs with clean initiatives. Australia is building a massive solar power to fuel its government.
cool airbnb, airbnb peru

Satisfy your wanderlust and bucket list with these 8 cool Airbnb rentals from around the globe

There are more than three million Airbnb listings around the globe. Here are eight cool Airbnb rentals you can stay in right now.
cicada drone hurricane research

U.S. Navy wants to deploy CICADA drones to better understand storm systems

Drones are being deployed for many practical uses around the globe. The Navy may use these glider drones for hurricane research.
Amazon's Alexa-powered Echo Show Review Nightstand

Amazon Echo vs. Amazon Echo Show: The Show has a screen but is it worth the upgrade?

Amazon has finally unveiled its screen-enhanced Amazon Echo Show, but how does the new model measure up to the Echo and should you buy it?
chinese sea drones

China deploys a fleet of sophisticated submarine drones in the South China Sea

China has been testing underwater military drones for years. Its latest fleet of sea drones are the most sophisticated models to date.
navy railgun live fire

A decade later, the U.S. Navy railgun is even bigger and badder

The US Navy railgun program has hit many snags over years. However, the latest iteration is more durable and powerful.
coral reefs

Ingenious pipeline could be a much-needed lifeline for dying coral reefs

Coral reefs are highly susceptible to temperature fluctuations. This system could pump cool water to colonies at risk due to climate change.
3d printed tools, space

Tough new 3D printing plastic lets astronauts print spacewalk tools on demand

Made In Space has unveiled a more durable 3D printer plastic. This sturdier material could be used to create spare parts and satellites.
Mining the Moon - Moon Express Lunar Outpost

Billionaire space prospectors are racing to mine the moon, and that’s a good thing

Mining the moon might sound like a crazy idea, but there’s a handful of companies closer to launch than you might think
stanford research google street view cars predict zip code stats maps

10 crazy Street View images that will make you question reality

Google Street View platform has been mapping areas around the globe for more than a decade. Here are 10 funny things on Google Street View.
india rooftop solar powered train

India is building solar powered commuter trains to cut down on carbon emissions

This train will use rooftop solar panels rather than traditional diesel engines to reduce fossil fuel reliance and cut CO2 emissions.
best fidget toys fidget spinner

Can’t stop fidgeting? Here are the 7 best fidget toys to get your fix with

The fidget craze is seemingly here to stay. Lucky for you, we've taken the time to round up seven of the best fidget toys on the planet.
honey bees health rfid

The buzzbox beehive monitor is like a Fitbit for honeybees

The BuzzBox monitors beehive activity and sends these metrics to beekeepers. Could this system curtail colony collapse at the local level?
LifeBeam Vi AI headset

Can an AI running coach really get you off the couch? Somehow, yes

We review the LifeBeam Vi, an AI running coach that gets you up off the couch and pushes you further during your workout.
summer lawn care tips

Turn your grass into blades of glory with these summer lawn care tips and tricks

Maintaining a healthy lawn can be difficult during the warmer months. With this in mind, here are some of our favorite summer lawn care tips.
strangest space missions, weirdest space missions, moon rover nasa space vehicle

Nuking the moon, and 5 more insane space missions that never happened

Scientists have proposed some rather bizarre missions to better understand our cosmos. Here are 6 of the weirdest space missions in history.
best screensavers from the 90s mini magick20150813 4592 h8gpt1

Pixel party like it’s 1999 with the best screen savers from last millennium

In the early days of the internet and home computing, there were few screensaver options. Here are the best screensavers from the '90s.
drone, deforestation, trees, climate change

Seed-bombing drone startup aims to plant one billion trees per year

Deforestation is a major contributor to climate change. This company is looking to reverse this trend with a fleet of seed launching drones.
ip ratings explained

How to give your Galaxy S8 that clean, stock Android look, no rooting required

If you prefer stock Android to TouchWiz, here's how to get the stock Android look on Samsung's Galaxy S8 with no rooting.
michelin visionary concept 3d printer tire woman texture

Airless, 3D-printed concept tires can’t go flat, never need replacement

Traditional tires must be replaced every few years. Michelin's new 3D printed tires will regenerate new tread but when will it be released?
voltaic offgrid solar backpack review systems pack hero1 wm

Voltaic OffGrid Solar backpack (first-gen) review

The Voltaic OffGrid is one of the more attractive solar panel backpacks, and we tested it to see if it lives up to the green hype.
1195288 autosave v1 2 taipei 101

These 7 quake-resistant buildings are designed to withstand the next big shockwave

In areas with frequent seismic activity, earthquake-resistance is a major engineering consideration. Here are 7 earthquake-resistant designs.
seed vault flood forces redesign svalbard global

As climate change warms the world, Norway's doomsday seed vault needs a major redesign

The so-called doomsday vault in Norway has flooded as a result of melting permafrost. The facility is now set for an extensive redesign.
drones carrying defibrillators defib drone

Forget ambulances — Sweden is testing defibrillator-equipped first responder drones

Researchers in Sweden are using a drone equipped with a defibrillator to increase survival rates after a cardiac arrest in rural areas.
cool bicycle gadgets blaze header

Take your bike game to a higher gear with these 8 epic cycling gadgets

There are hundreds of gadgets geared toward the avid cyclist. From a Bluetooth speaker to a smart helmet, here are eight of our favorites.