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surefly hybrid air taxi 2

With a hybrid gas/electric motor, Surefly is like a flying Prius (but way cooler)

Dozens of companies are competing to be the first functioning air taxi firm. And this hybrid quadcopter from Workhorse looks rather promising.
wood skyscraper approved in portland pdx high rise

Tallest all-wood building in the U.S. approved for construction

Wood is becoming an attractive option for developers. A firm in Oregon is set to build the tallest all-wood building in the United States.
stratolaunch dwarves other aircraft strato

Here are 6 jumbo jets that look tiny next to Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch plane

Stratolaunch Systems has unveiled the world's largest aircraft. How does the aircraft measure up to some of the most massive planes on earth?
best compression apparel mudgear socks

Squeeze more out of your workouts with the best compression gear

The right compression gear increases circulation and aids recovery. Here, we've rounded up our favorite offerings, from shirts to shorts.
air scrubbing plant begins operations climeworks

Switzerland’s new ‘air-scrubbing’ plant sucks CO2 out of the atmosphere

This revolutionary air-scrubbing facility in Switzerland is capable of removing tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually.
solar roof cheaper than tesla forward labs

Startup’s solar roof is cheaper, more efficient, and easier to install than Tesla’s solar tiles

Tesla unveiled its economic solar roof last year. However, a startup has announced plans for a cheaper solar roof that is easier to install.
best man vs machine moments kasparov

The 5 most epic real-life battles between man and machine

It was only a matter of time before AI caught up with our intellectual capacity. Here are some of our favorite moments, from Watson to EARL.
wyoming coal miners wind energy greenmountainwindfarm fluvanna 2004

Chinese company will train U.S. coal miners for a future in clean wind energy

This Chinese wind-turbine company hopes to retool a workforce of unemployed coal miners in Wyoming.
robot turtles detect landmines robo turtle

An army of these odd-looking robotic 'turtles' might help rid the world of landmines

Researchers are developing a fleet of robotic turtles that could one day be used to detect landmines in the field.
solar power plant

The world’s largest floating solar power plant just went online in China

China's massive, floating solar power plant is the latest in a series of moves geared toward making the nation less reliant on fossil fuels.
coolest biohacking implants body mods

8 bold biohacks that blur the line between human and machine

Biohacks have become popular in recent years, and these techy modifications are redefining what it means to be human in the 21st century.
elysium space cremation x rocket launch

For a fee, this startup will blast your cremains into space on board a SpaceX rocket

The traditional funeral can rather dull. Thankfully, this startup will soon allow you to send your loved one's ashes into Earth orbit.
worst pinterest fails

Fail like you mean it: Here are the 10 worst Pinterest disasters on the internet

Pinterest is a great place to find DIY projects, though, some of these are easier than others. Here are 10 of our favorite Pinterest fails.
lowes exoskeleton prototype news exosuit 3

Lowe's is testing a bow-like exoskeleton that gives warehouse workers superhuman strength

The hame improvement store, Lowe's. just unveiled its exoskeleton design. The company hopes the device will boost productivity on site.
ocean clean up garbage patch cleanup boylan slat

This ambitious startup plans to start cleaning up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in 2018

Ocean pollution is a major problem for all of our ecosystems. This non-profit hopes to use sea filters to collect this debris next year.
Lunar Mission One

To prepare for the journey to Mars, NASA is sending astronauts on a year-long moon mission

NASA has unveiled their plan to reach Mars by the 2030s. This will happen in two phases including a one-year manned lunar mission.
best transforming homes apartments trans home 3

Why have 1 room when you can have 2? Our favorite transforming homes

In major cities, living space is often at a premium. Here are six of our favorite transforming homes designed to maximize living spaces.
future of food tech helping bees comeback beekeeper ff feat

RoboBees, city sanctuaries, and hot hives could save the world from ‘beepocalypse’

In response to colony collapse disorder, conservationists, engineers, and everyday citizens are using modern technology to help save bees.
Waymo fake city test

Everything you need to know about Waymo’s self-driving car project

Waymo, an autonomous vehicle pioneering firm, has been making plenty of headlines lately. Here's everything you need to know about it.
lg g6 sales news spec comparison

LG G6 vs. LG G5: Are slimmer bezels worth the upgrade?

At Mobile World Conference, LG unveiled the G6. Although the device has received quite a facelift, how does it compare to its predecessor?
best ferrofluid gadgets

Channel your inner Magneto with these 7 captivating ferrofluid gadgets

Activated ferrofluid can be striking. From shifting sculptures to intricate clocks, here are our seven favorite ferrofluid gadgets.
biomimicry examples squid

The best of biomimicry: Here’s 7 brilliant examples of nature-inspired design

Many of our technological innovations have been based on natural design properties. Here are the seven best technologies inspired by the animal kingdom.
best apps you didnt know needed everyday

Master everyday life with 8 apps you didn’t even know you needed

Facebook and Twitter aren't the only apps you need to know. We've rounded up some of the most obscure -- and useful -- apps in existence.
Wicked Lasers FlashTorch Mini review

Wicked Lasers FlashTorch Mini review

ubtech lynx ces 2017 2

The machines ham it up again: We found the best robots at CES 2017

It's seems like every year at CES, the robots always seems to steal the show. This year is no different. Here are five of the coolest robots from CES 2017.
under armour future of recovery sleepwear ces 2017 underarmourfuturereov 01

Sleep like a Super Bowl champion with Tom Brady’s pajamas of the future

Tom Brady has partnered with Under Armour to create a line of pajamas to improve sleep and reduce recovery time from injuries.
digitsole adaptive shoes ces 2017

Digitsole announces plans for the first adaptive cushioning smart sneakers

Digitsole announced its plans to create an "active cushioning" smart sneaker. Is this just vaporware, or could this responsive smart shoe be the real deal?
smartest cities in the world singapore marina

These smart cities are building infrastructures for the 23rd century

As urban populations grow, there becomes an increased need to revamp our infrastructures. These smart cities are building the urban centers of the future.
best doomsday bunkers vivos indi header

Life underground: These doomsday bunkers let inhabitants ride out apocalypse in style

These doomsday bunkers were made for the end of the world as we know it.
best personal breathalyzers bactrack s80

Check yourself before you wreck yourself: Here’s the top 4 portable breathalyzers

A DUI is expensive and highly preventable, especially given the current abundance of great breathalyzers on the market. Here are four of our favorites.
tread on me las vegas streetlights are powered by footsteps and the sun street lights 1

Las Vegas streetlight harness the power of solar energy and your footsteps

Sin City plans to harness the kinetic energy of pedestrian traffic to power a new generation of clean-energy streetlights.
Surface Studio

Can Dell’s best all-in-one challenge Microsoft’s new Surface Studio?

Microsoft unveiled the Surface Studio at a recent press event in New York. But how does the all-in-one stack up against Dell's XPS 27 All-in-One Touch?
vote zipcar lyft uber pins

Tired of Clinton and Trump? How to block political posts on Facebook

Political banter on social media can be quite unsavory to say the least. Here are a few ways to rid your Facebook News Feed of politics this election year.
new dwarf planet uz224 43429408  night sky picture darkness planets and stars

Pluto has a new neighbor: Latest discovery is classified as a dwarf planet

Astronomers discovered a new dwarf planet beyond Pluto. Scientists believe there are still hundreds awaiting discovery.