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xfyro aria true wireless earbuds

Crowdfunded xFyro Aria true wireless earbuds claim eight hours of playback time

True wireless earbuds have a lot of advantages, but battery life generally isn't one of them. The xFyro Aria true wireless earbuds, now on Indiegogo, claim up to eight hours of play time, which would be the most playback time on a single charge we've seen in this type of headphone yet.
yamaha rx s602 slimline av receiver

Yamaha’s RX-S602 packs MusicCast Surround wireless tech into a slim package

Earlier this year, Yamaha debuted MusicCast Surround, a technology that let you wireless connect your surround speakers, meaning no complicated cable runs. Now the company is packing that technology into a smaller package with the introduction of the RX-S602 Slimline A/V receiver.
audeze debuts lcd2 closed back headphones

Audeze’s LCD2 Closed-Back bring isolation and privacy to its popular headphones

Audeze’s LCD2, released in 2009, quickly gained popularity and recognition as one of the best sets of headphones you could buy. Now the company has released another twist on that format in the LCD2 Closed-Back, which keep the sound of the LCD2 while adding a new level of isolation and privacy.
roku tv wireless speakers pricing availability

Roku TV Wireless Speakers make Roku TVs an even smarter choice

If you’re looking for simplicity, a Roku TV is great, as you get a TV with all the functionality of Roku’s streaming boxes built right into it. The company wants to make things even easier for you with its Roku TV Wireless Speakers, which pair wirelessly and make setup a snap.

AT&T wants to make HBO more like Netflix, and it could be a disaster

After acquiring HBO parent company Time Warner, AT&T is pushing HBO to become more like Netflix. For those who remember HBO from its initial glory days, this could mean the end of an era, and for all of Netflix’s success, this plan might not be great for everyone else either.

Deezer’s lossless audio for Google Home has finally arrived in the U.S.

A little less than a year ago, music streaming service Deezer brought lossless audio streaming to the Google Home and other Google Assistant-powered devices, but only now has the service brought this feature to music lovers in the United States, as well as Canada, Italy, and Australia.

Your TV just got even more hands-free: Google Assistant comes to Dish

If you’ve ever wondered why you’re still using a remote to control your TV instead of just thinking about what you want to watch, we just got one step closer as Dish is rolling out Google Assistant to its hardware, letting you control your entire TV experience with just your voice.
how to watch the nba finals online playstation vue lifestyle

Your PlayStation Vue subscription is about to go up by $5 per month

If you’re a PlayStation Vue subscriber and felt smug when Sling TV and DirecTV Now recently announced price increases, the other shoe is about to drop, as like those streaming services, Vue’s monthly subscription fees are going up by $5, no matter which package you subscribe to.
best streaming TV service

DirecTV Now is the latest live TV streaming service to jack up its monthly fees

In 2018, both Sling TV and YouTube TV have raised prices by $5 per month, and now it seems DirecTV Now is following suit, upping the monthly subscription fee on all of its plans by $5 just days after parent company AT&T unveiled its low-priced WatchTV live TV streaming service.
samsung frame 2018 tv 1

Samsung’s updated Frame TV brings an artist’s touch to your living room

First introduced last year, Samsung’s Frame TV functions as a standard TV when your using it and transforms into a literal work of art when you’re not. Now the company has released a new model, and the library of available art to display has grown to more than 800 pieces.

AT&T’s ultra-affordable new WatchTV streaming service is now available

Earlier this month, AT&T unveiled its new WatchTV streaming service, which it is making available for free to customers of select wireless plans. Today, the service launched on Android, iOS and a few other devices, and if you don’t need a ton of channels, the service looks like a great deal.
A person using Sling TV on a tablet.

Sling TV gets pricier, adds completely free content to lure back quitters

For years, Sling TV has been one of the most affordable options for cord cutters, even while competitors like Philo have been introduced with slightly lower prices. That just changed, as the company announced its Sling Orange plan will increase in price from $20 to $25 per month.
brainwavz b200 3d printed in ears

Brainwavz B200 are a more affordable take on the company’s 3D-printed earbuds

Earlier this year, Brainwavz introduced its B400, a set of earbuds that made use of 3D printing technology to bring great sound quality and a solid feature set in a package that cost just $200. The company’s B200 provide many of the same features at an even lower price point.
oculus tv now on go

Oculus TV arrives, letting you watch a big screen TV without taking up any space

If you’re the proud new owner of an Oculus Go and want to see everything you can do with it, you’ve now got another thing you can use it for with the arrival of Oculus TV, which will let you watch Netflix, Hulu, MLB Live games and a whole lot more on a virtual big screen TV.
catalyst case apple airpods airpod headphone feat

Catalyst Case protects your AirPods from anything you can throw at them

If you absolutely love your Apple AirPods and are looking for a way to make sure they last as long as possible, the Catalyst case may be just the thing for you, with a rugged construction that is both drop-proof from a height up to 4 feet and waterproof to a depth of 3 feet.
Samsung 2018 Q9F

HDR10+ is coming to more TVs, could be serious competition for Dolby Vision

HDR10+, the high dynamic range standard backed by Samsung, Panasonic, 20th Century Fox, and Amazon, will be available to other TV manufacturers starting this month, meaning serious competition for Dolby Vision, which is currently the reigning king of high dynamic range technology.
jvc ha et90bt fully wireless headphones launch earbuds

JVC says its new true wireless earbuds will stay put, even during a workout

Finding earbuds that will stay in your ears during a run or a vigorous workout isn’t an easy task, and it gets even tougher with true wireless models, but JVC says its new HA-ET90BT fully wireless headphones can stand up to all the motion you can throw at them without falling out.
house of marley uprise bluetooth wireless in ears

Rock out and help plant a tree with House of Marley’s Uprise wireless in-ears

Following up on its previous eco-conscious audio products, House of Marley has released its new Uprise Bluetooth wireless in-ears. Not only do these provide you with up to eight hours of music, but they’re made with recycled materials and even come in fully recyclable packaging.
lg sk soundbars pk speakers pricing availability sk10y soundbar

LG’s new soundbars and speakers fit into nearly every budget

Earlier this year, LG announced new models of its soundbars as well as new portable speakers alongside its Google Assistant-powered ThinQ smart speaker. Now the company has announced pricing and availability for the new soundbars and speakers, with models that fit into any budget.
aedle vk x wireless headphones

Get Aëdle’s first wireless headphones at a deep discount for a limited time

French audio company Aëdle has been making higher-end headphones and other gear like wallets for a while now, but one thing it hasn't done is delve into wireless headphones. That changes today as the company launched its new VK-X wireless headphones through a limited-time Indiegogo campaign.
Plex live TV Android Apple TV

Plex adds the grid-style guide for live TV that users have been pining for

Plex might be known mainly as media streaming software, but it can also function as a DVR and even pause and rewind live TV. Now that feature is going to feel even more like traditional TV, as Plex is finally adding the grid-style guide that its users have been asking for.

Dish’s devices just got easier to control with new Alexa voice commands

Dish began introducing Alexa integration in April 2017 and quickly rolled it out to a wide range of devices. Now that integration is making your Dish hardware even easier to use thanks to a handful of new commands that make navigation the interface and controlling your DVR entirely hands-free.
amazon fire tv review 3rd generation 2017 060

Have you tinkered with your Fire TV? You could be at risk for malware infection

If you've messed with some special settings on your Amazon Fire TV device, mainly those meant to be used by developers, you could be either be at risk for Android malware or you could even be infected already. But don't worry too much; there are a few easy ways to make sure you're safe.
facebook live stream mls soccer

The best TVs for watching the 2018 World Cup

If you’re ready to go for the 2018 World Cup but don’t think your old HD TV will be enough to watch every match in all its glory, fear not. We’ve put together a list of five TVs that will let you watch the games in the best possible quality, no matter what your budget might be.
onkyo tx nr787 network av receiver

Onkyo receivers make themselves at home with new ‘Works with Sonos’ integration

If you’ve got a newer Onkyo, Integra, or Pioneer Elite A/V receiver, it’s about to get even smarter, as a new firmware update issued by Onkyo brings “Works with Sonos” certification to the receivers, meaning they’ll be able to work with the company’s popular wireless multiroom audio systems.
v moda crossfade 2 wireless codex edition

V-Moda upgrades its Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones with improved audio quality

V-Moda’s Crossfade 2 Wireless headphones offered up great-sounding audio, but an unfortunate lack of AptX in some models meant you still needed a wired connection for the best sound. The Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition fixes that while also bringing a few other upgrades.
LG HU80KA 4K UHD projector

LG finally priced its quirky 4K projector that looks like a hamper

The LG CineBeam 4K Laser Projector offers up a 150-inch picture that also happens to be the company's brightest yet, complete with HDR support and multiple ways to set it up in your living room, and it's now available for the same price you might pay for a TV half the size.
pioneer nex receivers wireless carplay android auto avic w6400nex ui

Pioneer’s newest in-dash receivers take CarPlay or Android Auto fully wireless

With even using your phone at all while in the driver’s seat being illegal in some states, options like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are becoming increasingly popular. Pioneer’s new NEX in-dash receivers make things even easier by letting you connect without even taking your phone out of your pocket.
walmart back to college sale best streaming devices roku ultra

Google Play Movies & TV gets new features and a fresh coat of paint on Roku

If you have a Roku streaming box or Roku-powered TV and you’re invested in the Google ecosystem, the Google Movies & TV channel is probably one of your favorites. Now the app is getting even better with an updated user interface and new features for finding movies and TV shows to watch.
scosche boombottle mm rugged bluetooth speaker

Pop some brews and blast some tunes with Scosche’s new BoomBottle MM speaker

Bluetooth speakers are a dime a dozen these days, but that doesn’t mean they’re all the same. Scosche’s new BoomBottle MM is a twist on the standard Bluetooth speaker format that combines a rugged, waterproof build with handy features you never knew you needed in a speaker.
airtv wireless ota channel streaming 1

The new AirTV wirelessly beams broadcast channels to your streaming device

Unlike the AirTV player, which pulls double-duty as a streaming player and suffers for it, the AirTV is a stand-alone device that takes over-the-air channels and streams them to many different streaming platforms over Wi-Fi, making it a much more flexible option for most people.
marantz nr1609 nr1509 slim av receivers

Marantz’s new sleek and slim A/V receivers keep Alexa in the loop

If you’re looking for a feature-packed A/V receiver that isn’t going to take up a ton of space, Marantz’s slim A/V receivers are a great option. Now they’ve gotten even better, with two new models that keep the form and function of previous models while adding Amazon Alexa-powered voice control.
lg 77 inch transparent rollable oled sid 2018 display flexible and

LG unveiled a translucent, rollable OLED so big you could use it as a blanket

LG showing off futuristic new display technologies like transparent OLED or rollable OLED is nothing new, but the company’s massive new 77-inch transparent rollable OLED shows that these impressive technologies might come to your living room sooner than you might think.

Chromecast users can now skip intros on Netflix to binge on shows faster

Are you getting sick of seeing the same intro over and over again when you're in the middle of a serious Netflix binge session on your Chromecast? Wait no more, as Chromecast users can now skip show intros, letting them get to the next crucial plot point faster than ever before.