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getty images revamps ios apps adds sharing embedding capabilities istock new app featured

Getty Images revamps iOS apps, adds sharing, embedding capabilities

prizmia gives gopro filmmakers real time effects live view iphones ipads stage32 featured

Prizmia gives GoPro filmmakers real-time effects, live-view on their iPhones, iPads

bizarre sexting case virginia may reconsider sending naked photos pro juventute featured

Bizarre sexting case in Virginia may have you reconsider sending naked photos

In Marriott’s newest flagship, tech is all behind the scenes and in your hand

Giroptic 360cam

Meet the oddball camera that could usher in the age of 360-degree video

cant tell zoom lens telephoto canon website shows look explore lenses 1

Can’t tell a zoom lens from a telephoto? Canon website shows you what to look for

Canon has a website dedicated to helping customers find the right lens for their photographic needs.
sigma announces new dp quattro cut 01 a  1 featured

Is Sigma’s dp2 Quattro worth the $999 price? The company will loan you one to find out

Sigma launched its "Try Before You Buy" program that lets interested customers borrow a new dp2 Quattro for five days.
itseez3d app puts ultra realistic 3d scanning ipad in hands

Itseez3D app turns iPad into ultra-realistic ‘game changing’ 3D scanner

The "game changing" Itseez3D app for iPad uses the new Occipital Structure Sensor to create realistic 3D scans on a mobile device.
flickrs apple tv channel gets overhaul now fresh look features tumblr inline n7ogsbkzhi1qhxx5s

Flickr’s Apple TV channel gets an overhaul, now with a fresh look, more features

Flickr has updated the user experience for its Apple TV channel for an improved viewing, browsing, and search experience.
snapwire revolutionizes stock photo agency requests screenshot

How a small stock photo startup plans to revolutionize the agency model

Snapwire is a new stock photo agency that revolves around mobile photography. Founder Chad Newell tells us how his agency is different.
instagram turns mommy bloggers account posting innocent image child courtney adamo

Instagram turns off mommy blogger’s account for posting innocent image of child

Blogger Courtney Adamo recently had her Instagram account suspended for posting photos of her kids. Her account is now back online thanks to fan support.
future camera companies found healthcare technologies nikon microscope

Future of camera companies could be found in healthcare technologies

As camera sales no longer account for big growth, Nikon plans to spend around $2 billion to build up its medical business.
lytro refocuses revolutionizing photography new illum 3 quarter featured

Lytro gets serious with the $1,599 Illum light-field camera, full specs announced

Lytro, which pioneered light-field photography, has unveiled the Illum, a high-powered camera that takes the technology to the next level.
lightbox wearable 8 megapixel camera shoots stills 1080p videos connects wi fi ca7ch featured

Lightbox live-streaming wearable camera reaches Kickstarter goal in 26 hours

A new startup called CA7CH Motion has created the Lightbox, billed as the "smallest live-streaming wearable camera."
adobe releases huge update creative cloud new hardware mobile apps ink slide

Adobe releases huge update to Creative Cloud, adds new hardware, mobile apps

Touted as the largest update since Creative Suite 6, Adobe Creative Cloud 2014 offers 14 new products. Plus, new mobile apps and hardware.
kanye wests instagram wedding photo required 4 days blames annie leibovitz west cannes lions

Kanye West’s not-so Instagram wedding photo took 4 days to make

Kanye West said the famous wedding photo of him and Kim Kardashian took four days to produce. The reason? Because Annie Leibovitz decided not to shoot it.
adidas new bluetooth soccer ball analyzes kicks help improve game smart featured

Adidas’ new Bluetooth soccer ball analyzes your kicks to help improve your game

If you're looking to improve your skills, the Adidas miCoach Smart Ball, with its integrated sensors and Bluetooth technologies, can make a few suggestions.
panasonic taps brazilian soccer star neymar jr demo wearable 4k camcorder hx100 featured

Panasonic taps Brazilian soccer star Neymar to demo wearable 4K camcorder

To demo what its HX-A100 4K camcorder can do, Panasonic enlisted the fancy footwork of Brazilian soccer star Neymar.
google street view adds world cup stadiums brazil maps featured

Google adds 12 World Cup stadiums to Street View and Maps

Just in time for the start of the World Cup tournament in Brazil, Google has added Street View imagery and indoor maps of the 12 host stadiums.
photojojo engineering prints make halftone art photos walls featured

Photojojo Engineering Prints make halftone art out of photos for your walls

Photojojo has launched a new service that creates halftone art out of your photos. These engineering prints add a creative flair for your walls.
Nikon Coolpix AW120 front

Nikon Coolpix AW120 review

samsung give new nx30 mirrorless cameras june 4 ditch dslrs dslr

Samsung to give new NX30 mirrorless cameras on June 4 to those who ditch their DSLRs

On June 4, 2014, Samsung will hold an event in New York City's Times Square, where DSLR users can trade in their cameras for a new mirrorless NX30.
lomography satiate impatient analog film lovers new instant camera lomoinstant glamor shot

Lomography to satiate impatient analog film lovers with new instant camera

Lomography, the purveyor of all things related to analog photography, steps further into instant film with its new Lomo'Instant camera.

GPS, drones, microwaves and other everyday technologies born on the battlefield

100 years leica auction marks renown camera makers anniversary rare items m edition featured

‘100 Years of Leica’ auction marks renown camera maker’s anniversary with rare items

This year, Leica celebrates its 100-year anniversary. To commemorate, the WestLicht auction house in Austria recently sold off 100 highly rare Leica items.
vivian maier chicago nanny turned seminal american photographer also filmmaker finding 8mm film featured

Vivian Maier, Chicago nanny turned seminal American photographer, was also a filmmaker

Vivian Maier has been hailed as one of the great American photographers of the 20th century, but Maier also shot 8mm film of Chicago street scenes.
NIKON S9700 front closed

Nikon Coolpix S9700 review

filmmaker uses 50 nokia lumia 1020 smartphones capture nyc street scenes frozen time arc of wonder 3

Filmmaker uses 50 Nokia phones to capture NYC street scenes frozen in time

Microsoft and Nokia collaborated with filmmaker Paul Trillo on a unique video project using 50 Lumia 1020 smartphones mounted on a custom rig.
kansas photographer turns violent storms beautiful time lapse cinematography stephen locke climax supercell featured

Kansas photographer turns violent storms into beautiful time-lapse cinematography

Photographer Stephen Locke puts a cinematic approach into the time-lapse videos of storms that he captures.
otto raspberry pi camera insists hack can awesome new things 2

Otto is the Raspberry Pi camera that insists you hack it, so it can do awesome new things

Otto is a Raspberry Pi-based camera that can be customized. The camera has a crank that lets you create animated GIFs.
bentley shoots promo video 300k mulsanne using iphones cost fraction iphone featured

Bentley shoots promo video for $300K Mulsanne using iPhones that cost a fraction

Bentley created a short film that highlights the design and technology features of its $300,000 Mulsanne, shot entirely with iPhones.
metropolitan museum art puts 400000 high res images free download met oasc monet featured

Download 400,000 high-res images from Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has made 400,000 images from its collection available for use in the public domain.
formation supercell stunning mother nature cgi produce storm cell thumb

This formation of a supercell is so stunning, only Mother Nature or CGI could produce it

A group of storm chasers captured footage of the formation of a supercell thunderstorm that looks so stunning, you'd think it was created using CGI.
adidas gives sneakerheads ability customize shoes using instagram photos custom sneakers

Adidas lets sneakerheads customize a pair of shoes using Instagram photos

Adidas will soon let you create your own kicks by printing your favorite Instagram photo onto a pair of ZX Flux sneakers.